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If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: 5G | The Daily Show

What is the deal with 5G? And why are the U.S. and China
going to war over it? Well, we’ll try
and break it down for you in our ongoing segment, “If You Don’t Know,
Now You know.” -♪ ♪
-(cheering, applause) So, what exactly is
the big deal about 5G? Because you might think it’s
just 4G but a little bit faster. But it’s actually a lot faster. So fast, in fact,
that it could change the world. NEWSMAN: The new world
of 5G technology promises to transform our lives,
connecting millions of devices and enabling everything
from driverless cars to smart homes. Up to 20 times faster
than the 4G most of us use now, 5G’s lightning-fast technology
will accelerate and interconnect everything. To download a two-hour film
on 3G would take about 26 hours. On 4G, you’d
be waiting six minutes. And on 5G, you’ll
be ready to watch your film in just over
three and a half seconds. Damn. You could download
an entire movie in three seconds. That’s gonna be fast. I mean,
we’ll still spend 45 minutes trying to decide
which movie to download… but once we’ve decided, we’ll need to go to bed
’cause we’re tired, but tomorrow,
three seconds, my friends! And 5G isn’t just
about download speeds. It’s a game changer
for everything. Like, with 5G,
you can have cities where everything communicates. Like, doctors
can perform surgeries from the other side
of the world. Can you imagine a world
where your videos never buffer? Right? Your calls never drop? That would be amazing. Except I guess
now you could never fake a call dropping with 5G. Yeah, ’cause
that excuse is gone. You’d be like, “Uh, uh,
I’m los… I’m losing… you’re breaking up.”
Be like, “Mother (bleep), you’re not breaking up!
We got 5G!” Be like,
“Yeah, yeah, you’re right. -Carry on, Grandma.”
-(laughter) Yes, my grandma
is Samuel L. Jackson. -(laughter)
-So… so, look, there’s no denying,
the technology is great. But… why do China and the U.S.
care so much about who makes it? Well, it’s the same reason
they care about anything: the Benjamins, baby. NEWSMAN: When the U.S. won the
4G race earlier this decade, it provided
a nearly $100 billion boost to gross domestic product. And the stakes of the 5G race
are even higher. If the U.S. wins,
it would create an estimated three million jobs and add approximately
$500 billion to GDP. That’s right,
if America wins the 5G race, that could bring millions
of jobs and $500 billion to the country’s GDP. $500 billion. You know how hard it is
to get $500 billion? Like, you’d have to marry and
divorce Jeff Bezos five times. -(laughter) -And I mean
after the fourth time, he’d probably catch on–
he’d be like, “I think you don’t love me.”
“What? Me, Jeff?” And the fight about 5G
isn’t just about money and downloading Avengers
like that. No, it’s also about power. Because if you control 5G,
you have access to everything people are doing online,
which is everything. And right now,
the best 5G technology is made by a Chinese company
called Huawei. And because the Chinese company is Chinese… many governments don’t trust
how secure it’s gonna be. NEWSMAN: Huawei may be
best known to most people for making phones,
but it’s also a leading player in building the infrastructure
for all our communications. Critics fear that
allowing it to build 5G could enable
the Chinese state to spy on or even switch off
the flow of data we will all depend on. Imagine that. If Huawei becomes the leading
5G provider in the world, then China can spy
on everyone, which is terrible, because that’s what America
wants to do. Yeah. And I know you’re judging. “Well, if America wants to do
it, then how do they judge…?” That’s not the point, all right. You want to do it first. It’s like when you cut someone
off in traffic and then someone else cuts
in front of you, you’re like, “Hey, asshole,
that was my move!” But those are the stakes:
job, money and power. And I’m not gonna try
and bore you with all the technical details, but while America is developing
its own 5G, China’s 5G is so far ahead. Like, they’re basically
gonna set the trends. It’s like how back in the day
there used to be a fight between DVD
and laser disk. Yeah. And if you’re wondering,
“What the hell is laser disk?” Exactly, yeah. That’s America’s 5G. So this is a race many people are already saying
America has lost. Luckily– and I can’t believe
I’m saying this– America is lucky that you have
a maniac on your team who’s willing to play dirty. President Trump has signed
an executive order banning U.S. companies
from using telecom equipment deemed to be
a national security threat. And that’s a direct shot
at China and its tech giant Huawei. TV REPORTER: As the U.S. clamp
down on the company causes a major domino effect, the
U.K.’s biggest mobile network pulling Huawei
from its 5G launch, while three of Japan’s
mobile operators have stopped taking orders,
or delayed the summer release of a new Huawei phone. Donald J. Mother-effing-Trump. This guy could see America
wasn’t gonna win, so he just got a crowbar and pulled a Tonya Harding
on China’s 5G. Just went in straight there. Yeah, the man might not know
what 5G is, but he does know how to mess up
other people’s shit. Just in there. Bam! (cheers and applause) And I’m gonna be honest
with you. I don’t actually blame
Donald Trump, because I don’t know how else
America can win this race. Because even if America
does manage to cripple Huawei and China, it’s not like America
will suddenly have great 5G. All right, you won’t just have
5G overnight. Unless… America just pretends
that it does. TV REPORTER: AT&T is putting
a fake 5G logo on iPhones and iPads now. The company confirming
to PC Magazine the the new icon is gonna
show up when users download Apple’s latest beta version
of iOS 12.2. But it’s not really 5G. AT&T just changed the name for its 4G LTE Advanced network
to 5GE. The “e” stands for evolution. (laughter) Okay, guys, that… That’s really sad. AT&T is just gonna lie
and put another sticker– Like, it’s like
you have a Smart car, and then you just tape
Lamborghini on the side of it. “Check it out, man,
I’m driving a Lambo now. Zero to 60
in four minutes flat.” But… Seeing as it’s a race
that might be lost, AT&T might be on
to something here. Because this is considered
the new space race. So maybe America
can win this race the same way it won
the last one: Just fake it, baby.

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  5. China passed a law passed in 2017 requiring companies to cooperate with Chinese intelligence agencies in gathering intelligence and essentially doing there bidding of course they deny it but there’s no doubt the Chinese military has more power then The ceos of said Chinese companies like Huawei for example … Especially HUAWEI !!

  6. "Well, I heard……5G is like paying tech companies to diminish your quality of life and capacity." So, while I am no Trump fan, this does not make me sad.

  7. So so true.
    Isn't it ?
    When you deal with master of cheats n lies and lies n cheats
    what else can you get ?
    and worse,
    Those who believe them are

  8. Samsung, LG, Huawei and one plus released their 5G phones and 5G support is extremely limited and usually only works at very high skyscrapers reliably, I recommend u watch Mr Mobile's video explaining what 5G is as he explains it in layman's terms

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  16. I don't know who u r, Trevor, all I know it was Jussie Smollett' s case that brought me to ur crazy good YT channel
    😘. I love the news, the entertainment, the jokes on US, on Trump, and to top it off, ur candid baby face mesmerizing ur audience. Sorry, as English is not my native language. Bye bye

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  18. The best acknowledgement done by a Westerner (American) on many important issues and twisted into a comedic episode is just flawless. My faith in humanity has definitely been restored. Thank goodness there are people out there who know the ugly truth about America.
    "Gotta love the little guy" ( Here I mean America and It's intended Sarcasm ).Line taken from G.I Joes 2.
    Nonetheless, I don't intend to spread or portray it as a hate message because I love America and the people. But I am not overly fond of the American Govt. initiatives and agressive policies and actions because I know sensible and well informed Americans criticize their goverment.
    Lets be clear that criticism the country's government is not to be associated with hatred towards the country which is foolish.
    I hope better times come, when people from around the world start to accept the differences among us and learn to live with them.

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    Me:*watching the video on my HUAWEI phone *

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