Laughter is the Best Medicine

IF YOU LAUGH ➡ YOU’LL GO TO JAIL… SOON ! 😱 X laughing = amount of years in jail😈

a few moments later you want this or you want these three
which one you want Oh did you I’m sanna and you’re watching Disney
Channel yes good you came Oh you understand that you got 90% above
all the stuff and outstanding I am so proud of you you are doing amazing in
school you’re totally killing it love you man dad and the rule say it no pomegranates come
on now pomegranates no pomegranates I don’t want them anywhere near here say
the rule again I was reading some things about this house and apparently there
five bedrooms and we had to share the fucking Attic exactly thanks a lot mom
and dad fucking scares you’re gonna take my hand look bitch that we use it a lot of times and then we get a Glade candle that
smells like the tree I don’t know what happened to you but I just want to take
another look at you oh okay oh hell no great go oh say hi to mama can you say hi to my
friends no but we can take a picture oh sorry that alright yep
thank you well that’s January February March April May June Jason Derulo my
whole life came crashing yes
I know

57 thoughts on “IF YOU LAUGH ➡ YOU’LL GO TO JAIL… SOON ! 😱 X laughing = amount of years in jail😈

  1. 5:59 why her scream sounds like Homer Simpson

    The more you watch it the funnier it gets 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Might as well watch this. My neighbors were have a campfire party and my sister starts screaming that I’m raping her so ima probably go to jail anyways. Cya there

  3. 7:32 I think I turned into the teacher because Everytime I think about pomagranates I just want to throw up because one time I ate a half of one and then for some reason my stomach just turned and I gagged a lot and I almost cried

  4. I’m on probation and have been missing my reports so I’m getting locked up soon I have never tried NOT to laugh so hard in my life

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