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Ike Barinholtz’s Family Has a Good Sense of Humor

A remarkable actor Ike Barinholtz is known
most of all due to such sitcoms as American Dad, Family Guy, Weeds and of course, Mindy
Project. Ike wasn’t the best student either at school
or later in the university, where he studied political sciences. After moving to LA, he decided to pursue acting
career and never regretted this decision, as it greatly paid him off. Before becoming one of the most gifted actors,
he worked in a marketing service company and as a waiter in a restaurant. Today, he is a sought-after performer, a caring
son, a loving husband and a wonderful dad to two daughters. In one of the interviews, Ike mentioned that
his parents are very liberal people with exceptional sense of humor. The movie star’s father Alan was an actor
in his own right. Apart from that he worked as an attorney and
a producer. The mother Peggy has always been supportive
of her two sons. She is very proud of each of them and she
is that same mother anyone could ask for. The celebrity has a younger brother named
Jon. Like Ike, he is also into the entertainment
industry, being a comedian and a film performer. Since 2009 and up till present moment Barinholtz
has been married to Erica Hanson. The couple had been dating for 9 years before
finally tying the knot. Both prefer to stay away from the limelight,
so there isn’t much to say about this union, except their two kids. The first daughter Forster was delivered in
2013 making both Ike and Erica experience a wonderful feeling of parenthood. Three years later, they have welcomed Payton
that became an amazing addition to the family.

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