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I’m Done With League of Legends

I’m done making League of Legends videos. I’m sorry to my fans that only watch my League videos. But please, go watch my other videos. I put so much work into them, And they are honestly way better. I came to this decision when I was playing on ranked for my new video, where I was going to get diamond. *DING* Somehow we actually won this match. And then, I was two points shy of a series, when I encountered this player: This Malphite would just run down everybody’s lane and feed kills until he was zero and nine. Uh, we also had a Bard mid– We also had that going. And it was at this time that I called this Malphite: A fucking worthless braindead scumfuck bastard pile of trash mental dickface that should be gunned down in the street like the degenerate he is. *Sound effect* Now there is so much wrong with this. First, why am I being banned for talking shit in a video game? I can understand being banned for cheating, or going AFK a bunch of times, or picking Orianna AD Carry, or feeding on purpose. But talking shit to some guy that is a total dumbass? What is this, fucking pussy-ass baby preschool time? Talking shit is probably one of the only fun parts of this boring ass game. I might as well just play the bots if you want people to act like robots, Riot. *Silent Hill – Tears of .. begins playing*
I wonder if they understand that the root of toxicity is the game. It’s just not fun, and it pisses people off. Let me be serious here: League of Legends doesn’t work as a competitve game or a fun party game to play with your friends. As of today, I have more than eight thousand matches played on this game. So I have some legitimate grounds to review the game. Laning Phase: The other guy sits under his turret and farms creeps for twenty minutes. Then the rest of the game is both teams walking around the map, accomplishing nothing, Until some dumbass gets caught. That’s every match in a nutshell. The death timers are too short. The bounty system punishes you for doing good The turrets are fucking annoying. The rank system doesn’t work at all. Most of this is just the game constantly inhibiting how good you can actually do. In any great competitve video game, there are so many techniques and opportunites for a great player to just whoop some ass. In League, you don’t really have those options. And because this game wants to cater to the biggest audience possible to make the most money. Like Call of Duty, it’s just gonna stay that way. Forever. And that’s what I feel like I’m doing with my League videos. Even though my appreciation for this game is waning all the time and I wanna hit you guys with all these different kinds of videos. I’ve stuck with it Because I know my fans wanna see me play League Now, I know some of you are out there like: “But Dunkey, what about the Pro Players?” Now, please understand this, Pro League of Legends Has absolutely nothing to do with real League of Legends The Pros are in matches were all 10 guys are amazing at the game In real League of Legends: There’s gonna be 3 decent guys, and 7 retards At its best, League is just something to play in the background while you talk to your friends but a lot of the time it’s either: Too frustrating or monotonous If my friends actually get into it and try to win, they’ll just get mad at each other and start yelling and get into a argument Um, but most of the time, people just keep Alt-Tabbing outta the game and pay very little attention to the actual game, y’know It just isn’t engaging and then the match stretches into the 40-50 minute mark and nobody cares at all at that point the matches just go on for way too long, everytime. *Sad Music in the Background*
So I’m not enjoying the game, nobody I’m playing with is enjoying it but I still really want to finish this video up for you guys, cause you know once I get all the footage assembled and I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do for the video, that’s when I have my fun, making it come to life you know, doing the editing, putting in the voiceover that’s the payoff for me, that’s the enjoyable part And I’ve been consistently putting out League videos. Since I started out on YouTube So i emailed Riot. I said “Hey can you guys unban me so i can finish this video up” Now keep in mind during my whole career of being the top guy promoting their game for four years. Riot has done almost nothing to help me out or promote me. And I emailed them for this first and only favor. And they respond to me “nope you’re toxic” And this is when I realised That this company doesn’t appreciate me at all Or anything I stand for *Ending – Mother 2 begins in the background*
I think multiplayer games should reward the time and practice You put into them And you should be able to call the people scumfuck bastards And connect with your friends and have fun playing with them. And League of Legends offers none of these things So I’m done with it. I’m done playing League of Legends I’ll continue to play videogames and make videos because it’s my passion. I love to make you guys laugh. I wanna keep making better videos . And I wanna represent games that I truly enjoy And League has lost my respect And it’s lost that magic that used to make so fun for me And it’s lost its soul *Ending Theme – Super Mario World begins playing* Oh this looks really interesting Mhm, mhm. Yeah yea yeah yeah I have now mastered Riven. I’m trying to remember the song I made for Akali And No! Not a sexy song. Thinks he’s winning. Thinks he’s real good. And then i go BADABOOM! BADA… *explosion sound* And this guy doesn’t like to bring any quints No masteries, no moves. I am not here to learn you how to play Xin Zhao. We are you Chinese father
*laughter* Oh he put something- I am going to see you grandpa. *laughter* *inaudible slowed speech* I need Papa John’s. I need one… “This is not Papa Johns.” I need four pizzas I need QUAD pizzas. [Pizza Butt]: This is not Papa John’s!
[Dunkey]: Papa John I need you!!! There is a girl in League of Legends and she makes more money than all of us! Wow! She is a graphic designer that works for School of Rock! Woahhh! What’s wrong with his leg? I think it’s back leg broke off *laughter* Hey Shrek go over there. Shrek: Wah! Woo-shu, woo-shu! WALL-E: WALL-E! It’s level 3 here. Ugh, they found us! It was a sting operation. It was a trap! We’ve been set up! Gay mouse in position. IT’LL BE YEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR- *Inhales* -EARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR [Thanks Dunkey for all the laughs over the years]

100 thoughts on “I’m Done With League of Legends

  1. I understand and respect dunkey's decision to quit league, but some of his justifications dont make sense. Telling someone, who ruined a match in a videogame, to be "gunned down in the street" is way more then just trash talk. And he's clearly said other things of a similar nature before, explaining why it was a permaban. Not saying he shouldn't have quit league, but he did that to himself. I'd be upset if riot DID unban him after emailing them. Every player agrees to the same TOS and rules, and no one should be given any special treatment regardless of what they do. Maybe dunkey knew this but just wanted to help justify to his fans why he quit league so they dont get as mad, and hopefully were more understanding. Still love you dunk.

  2. i was on twitter just now and some fuckwit popular employee posted a fucking tik tok being random xd. seriously fuck this game

  3. Im glad too that Riot Banned me. I was first mad about this too. The reason they gave me is because they stated that I used a third programmed party software to cheat the game. WTF man I never never ever cheated… I feel bad, depressed, and sad because League was one of the game I enjoy too. I started playing this game from the years 2008. I got to meet all great people and also community. Since then this game's community has changed. More toxic people, getting flamed for no reason, etc..

  4. It's so funny that you quit the same season as I did. I think there was (could still be) something seriously wrong with the ranking progression in that game.

    I haven't played in a couple years, but some games I have played since that have better ranking systems are:

    Gears of War 4
    Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    World of Warcraft (arenas)
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    When the whole point of your game is to be competitive (there's only one map/game type that really matters) it doesn't make sense that your ranking system is so busted. Overwatch is almost as bad but at least those matches are short and there is variety.

  5. Man fuck league of legends I quit that shit two weeks ago best fucking decision I have ever made now I play other fun games like a real gamer should and not just one game that causes the player to be more stressful and angry than to have fun I played this shit game for four years and I got more suffering than enjoyment and before you say or I his iron or I am bad that's why you quit I was gold when I quit

  6. The more I played league of legends the more I hated it, even after 4 years every point you made is still relevant thank you for helping me 🙂 I only play when we have a 5 man and can dick around in draft pic!

  7. Man, I'm so glad I discovered Dunkey's later content before I found this video. He comes across as an absolute baby in this. He's pissed because he was banned for helping make League of Legends an awful community (I gave up on the game after a month because of guys like him), and he retaliates with this ridiculous video explaining all of the issues with the game that he was perfectly content to play up until he got banned (and if he hadn't gotten banned, he would have continued to play). I love his content, but I hope that he's matured as a person since making this.

  8. 8/29/2019 the game is dying the only people who keep it a little bit alive are YouTubers and Streamers. On top of that, they are trying to make the game pay to win they started with eternals u can imagine the rest.

  9. I will most likely stop playing soon as well, since school is starting, plus Riot totally fucked up the Rank System. It's so easy to climb if you're in Gold you will most likely play with people whose skill level is actually Silver or maybe even Bronze. I looked at my teammates last season rank once and 3 of them were Silver and 1 Bronze. This was a Gold 1 game. They somehow made it possible for a fucking Bronze player to get to Gold 1 in one season. Good job Riot. Whenever someone said they were Hardstuck because of their team, I used to tell them it's their fault. Unfortunately now I have to agree with them. Riot is just a stupid money-hungry company. They're literally becoming EA.

  10. The fuck you say man league of legends is the best game ever no fortnite no pubg just league please back to league of legends

  11. Riot said no to unbanning you because they are Jealous of how cool you are. 100% FACT. They are bullying you. It’s disgusting and disappointing. I know it’s just a game and banning is like a blessing in disguise cause league is bad for ones mental health, but still it’s retarded. If doublelift was banned they would unban him cause his Korean and we all know it. They are treating you like a black guy just because you rapped once or twice. I know this psychological bullshit game people play and it’s ridiculous.

  12. When we first played league, when we lost, we thought “oh I’m just not good enough at the game to have won”. Then after playing a thousand times your like “oh, we lost cause I’m not playing the OP champ” and riot has gotten rid of so many OP champs and now you either win or lose depending on which aside pick Master Yi Or Yasuo. Every champ used to be broken now only 2. Fuck this game.

  13. The LCS players pick the same champs regardless of the team. You saw one LCS game, you say them all. Not exciting, boring and historically has always put me to sleep. Fuck asmr, watch a LCS video, out like a light.

  14. I have mixed feelings about shit talking. Sometimes it feels justified but most of the time, you're the one being a cunt when you shit talk. I feel like shit talkers need to get their asses handed to 'em so they can pull their head out of it most of the time, so I don't know if I agree with Dunkey. He seemed justified in that moment but that's rare, when someone truly should be censured for fucking the game up

  15. Maybe people should stop being babies and understand that talking shit is part of video games. If you don’t want to hear it, mute the chat 🤷🏼‍♂️ people shout worse on Xbox yet they don’t get banned. So please don’t play if you’re a snowflake who can’t take someone calling you a piece of fuck who should die

  16. my cousin died cuz they banned him for beeing toxic T_T the truth is he wasn't talking to anyone he was talking to me by chat :c and he suicided cuz league of legends was all he's life

  17. Dunkey singlehandedly carries baby Riot into the limelight, Riot didnt give a shit about him.
    Now to overcorrect their mistake they bend over backwards to please annoying little shits like Nightblue. Nice priorities ya got there ye pack of scumfuck bastards Riot.

  18. i played wow a long time and lol just left me in shock. i was aware of the low standards in hyped video games, but this was just insane. this is prolly highly biased, but i felt that people were getting worse or more frustrated the higher i climbed in LoL. on my way to diamond, i experienced the worst players ever. how is that possible? i kept asking myself on what elo the game would become playable.

  19. I see a lotta people are here after quitting league. I played for four seasons and quit for similar reasons so I feel ya. I reccomend giving Starcraft 2 a try if you haven't; it's free now. No teammates to fuck you over, both cheese strats and macro play are very well balanced, short quenes and no champ select, and little to no toxicity because APM is a resource and typing slows you down.

    And if SC2 isn't fast enough, arena shooters are there for you.

  20. People like to pretend that dunkey wasn't at fault at all. But actual reality is that he was being as toxic maybe even more than a feeder.

  21. Remember when people thought this was a controversial video? Or that viewers were threatening to unsubscribe and even said Dunkey was finished? He was a niche channel at best then, even within the gaming category. Now he's one of the top non-viral youtubers, regardless of category, and even quite influential to gaming in general. Players, streamers, and even developers reference his quotes and content. Every new video he makes is so widely viewed it makes it into "greatest hits". Over half of Knack mentions on the whole internet are Dunk jokes. If he had not quit, he might still be a niche channel only LoL players watched.

  22. Riot's policy of no negativity in their games (2019). You can't even tell a jerk that he's being a jerk for constantly provoking you in-game! Someone's being an asshole to you? Oh okay, you take it lying down like a little bitch and simply hit the mute button. Never mind that he tilted you for a good 15 minutes before that. God forbid you try to defend or stand up for yourself trying to tell that ignorant chipmunk just how much of a mongoloid he's been while you were being patient throughout. You will get punished for doing so. Simply because you're spending time arguing with him and being 'negative' instead of playing the game. Okayyy! As if the game wasn't already over before that.

    This wasn't the case when we had the player judicial system back in S1-4. Its simply ridiculous to punish the person being provoked as well. I can perfectly understand why the OP gave on continuing to make content with this game. Riot's policy of removing toxicity is understandable but you're trying to get rid of players being provoked by actual toxic players, labeling them as being negative is like a whole new level of a bad joke. Its like an anti-virus that not only deleted the corrupt file but all the rest of the windows files in the same folder as well. Atleast that is a program, what is your excuse for lacking basic insight, Riot?

  23. It's terrible how influential people like this Donkey right here condone horrible behaviour.
    You don't know who's on the other side of that connection and why they behaved like that. I get name-calling, to an extent, but wishing death upon someone in a game played by easily influenced teens is NOT okay. No matter what.
    It sucks that Riot has to bend the knee to idiots like this tool. Yes this is baby-preschool-time or whatever, because actual children watch these videos and play these games. I cannot believe this guy is too dumb to realise it, and even went through the entire process of making this video without coming to this realisation.

    Please don't play any game where you are able to interact with people, if this is how you still behave, Donkey.

  24. If YouTube didn't put timestamps for when videos were uploaded and you had no idea who this guy was, you'd swear this was a new video.

  25. This video just happened to come out exactly 4 years to the date before I saw it. Remember, just because a video doesn't get views right away doesn't mean it won't some time in the future.

  26. i officialy quit league recently too after playing it since launch when i was doing ranked and encountered a guy that said "i stay 3 min, good luck 2v3" right at the start of the match after having been dead silent in character select, he then proceeded to feed the enemies kills and on the exact 3 minutes in timestamp he quit just so we would be stuck and unable to remake. i reported the guy and sent a ticket to support using their PRE BUILT IN TICKET TOPIC OF "I feel the report system in league of legends does nothing." and asked them for ANY kind of confirmation that this guy would be banned, to paraphrase the resulting conversation went along the lines of this.

    mod1: we wont tell you anything about other peoples bans because privacy policy
    me: so what im just supposed to asume he wont get punished at all? in that case il just quit this fucking game.
    mod1: oh no problem THAT i can help you with! would you prefer for your account to be temporarily disabled or permanently deleted?
    me: really? you are eager to get rid of me but wont say anything about intentional game griefers bans?
    mod2 (that for some reason decided to take over): dont you talk shit about my college he did procedure compleatly right of providing you as much help as possible. we wont give you anything special just because you threaten to quit. (as if i was asking for free skins or something)

    honestly just fuck the people that run this game

  27. So this like happening to Dom and TFblade right now and riot still punishing those who talks shit and still wanted to win than those who doesn't talk but really wants your team to lose. Very nice riot, very nice.

  28. Thumbs up if you hate league of legends, and after you stop playing this shit, you saved your life and you never regret that decision!!!

  29. One guy who reported dunkey for being pissed off inadvertently destroyed the entire League of Legends community. Bravo to him for allowing dunkey to move on to green pastures.

  30. Yeah I gave up when I got perma banned 8 weeks ago for 'harassing and being toxic' there was no abusive content or racism/ homophobia I just hope riot gets their head out of their asses

  31. I love the corporate white nights who defend riot to the death, when Riot doesnt give 2 fucks with all that money theyre counting.

  32. ik this video is old but i miss the days in season 2 where your jg xin zhao is talking shit in all chat about why kassadin is a no skill champ and the enemy team starts to get involved. Now its just children

  33. I love dunkey, but he was being toxic, he shouldve been banned lol. mind you, Ive played a tiny bit of league and didnt really like it at all

  34. i watched your video 6 days after it was released and now after 4 years i say thank you dunkey for helping me make up my mind about this frustrating game

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