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‘I’m Laughing to Keep from Crying’ | Wife Swap Official Sneak Peek

Nina and Terrell
have written a manual
as a guide to the running
of their homes.
I’m just not trying
to touch anything, um, at this point. “Welcome to our home.” Oh. I see two dads. ( grunts ) The other household may be
in for a shock. “I’m Nina Goss,
and my husband is Matt. He’s a man you will either
absolutely love or despise.” I wonder how they feel
about someone that’s gay, being as religious
as they are. “The two little ones
can be overwhelming sometimes.” Eight’s a little bit more. “Buckle up,
because with eight kids, cleaning is not a daily chore.
It’s an hourly chore.” I think that ship has sailed. “Even though we have a nanny
a few days a week, it is a lot of work,
so get ready.” I just assumed that
they would be more involved
with their children. I have a job,
I don’t have a nanny, and I have eight kids,
so good luck at my house. ( yips ) ( dog whimpers ) This dog literally
just, like– it ****
all over the floor. ( dog yips ) “We usually eat our dinner
pretty late after the kids
are already put to bed.” That makes me sad, because
they’re so big on family time, but they eat separate
from the kids. And jumped back on the couch. – ( laughs ) Oh, hell no.
– ( growling ) I’m laughing
to keep from crying, honestly, because I don’t know
what is happening.It’s now time for Nina
and Terrell
to meet their new families.– How’s it going?
– Oh. – Hi.
– How’s it going? Terrell.
Nice to meet you guys. – Hi!
– Hi! Very nice to meet you.
Jarius. I’m Nina. – This is Ashton.
– Hi, Ashton. – ( crying )
– Oh, my goodness. – And are you Ariah?
– Yes, say, “I am Ariah.” – And I’m Selena or Lena.
– Hi. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. Matt:Everything me,uh, he is, at least outwardly,
opposite. And Matt. – Matt.
– Got ya. I know y’all think two
are a lot. I have eight. You can’t have Lena. Do you like strangers? – Would you let me see you?
– No. Probably not. Lena, even though
she’s the nanny, I feel like she sees herself
more as a mother role to them,because she guards
those babies.
So I feel like I’m gonna have
some problems with her. ( kids babbling ) – Thank you.
– Huh? – So have you met
our fur babies?
– Yeah. – This is Deuce.
– No, he’s not. – He’s the daddy.
– Yes. – Okay.
– No. He’s not the oldest. ( dog growls ) – ( barking )
– I love you! So, um– So, yeah,
my husband and I, um, had, um, two kids. Okay. Jarius:We pride ourselves
on being very clean,
’cause I love to be organized – and love to keep
everything clean.
– Yeah. But I feel like this is, um, like, too scared
to touch some stuff. You walk into someone’s house
and you think it’s too clean?That just makes me feel likeshe’s not really a clean person. I wanna pinch those
babies’ cheeks so bad. ( all laugh ) – I’m like,
“Don’t touch their cheeks.”
– I’m horrible about kissing and touching. Coming over and having
someone touch your kids
is a big no-no. Nina:So I’m not allowed
to touch these kids.
I’m not sure why,but he definitely seems
to have a problem with that.I have eight of them at home
and I’m a nurse,
so I don’t know
why I’m such a threatto him and his kids.

99 thoughts on “‘I’m Laughing to Keep from Crying’ | Wife Swap Official Sneak Peek

  1. I'm not sorry, a guy is not a wife

    They should have been like NOPE

    I don't have a problem with the gay guy, but honestly

    You don't want the white? Lady touching your children

    Well guess what I wouldn't want your husband near my children

    Honestly she was way more accepting than him

    Because i would have called the whole show off

  2. Lol white versus black for real. The white family is a hot ass mess 8 kids or not your house is disgusting af lol and the black gay couple has a nice clean home

  3. I’d rather be in the clean family than the dirty family. And I’m all for having kids. Kids are a blessing, but at the same time I feel like you can’t give eight kids the individual attention each one of them needs.

  4. Wow what a hostility to walk in through. No matter what ones religion is when someone is in your house you should respect and welcome then.

  5. Can’t wait to watch this episode! Y’all, don’t let an edited down trailer (which is designed to get hype and draw in viewers) be the basis of your judgement on either family.

  6. The woman was soooooooooo nice what's with the weird treatment guys? I get it you don't want her to touch your kids but it's not what you say it's how you say it

  7. Reading through these comments, I’m pretty dismayed. In a world where people scream “don’t judge me by my skin color” and “don’t judge me by my sexual orientation” (I point these 2 things out because it’s obviously what the producers are vying for), it’s shocking the number of comments and replies that jump straight to the assumptions based on skin color and sexual orientation.

    Side note, yes I do know one of these families rather well. But everyone needs to chill out and remember that controversy creates money, and money is what it takes to make a show. The JOB of the producers is to make the editors cut the promotional clips to be as dramatic and catchy as possible. I know this for a fact because I have produced and edited videos myself. Think about the last movie that you saw, did the trailer show the boring driving or chilling scene or that dramatic action scene? It showed the action scene because it gets your blood pumping and you want to see more!

  8. For the ignorant people talking about the fact that Jaruis ( gay dad ) was iffy about the ( new mom ) touching his kids , is like a stranger walking up to you’re kids saying hi and just pinching their cheeks or touching their hands ? Idk about anybody else but I would be physically smacking somebody across the face for touching my child without me at least getting to know you first

  9. Terrell ooh God, i feel for you man, that house is so filthy! And you didn't want the kid to touch you? Hahahahhaha, dead here.

  10. I would have felt uncomfortable to dog popping on the floor and jumped right in the furniture thats do nysty. Jaruis was right dont touch my kids to unsanitary. Omg.

  11. Terrell run! After that dog squatted in the floor I would have wrapped that up because I do not know WHO( know it wouldn’t be ME) would be cleaning that sh$& up🙄🤬. Why Nancy thinks she can touch those babies?? She crazy af

  12. see this really is a problem, why do ppl care what you look like or who you love and how you express love for one another or whatever, WHY can't ALL people just be happy for being able to experience someone else's life. why do ppl have to judge at all. U can't say it's their religion bc no religion says be mean to thy neighbor who is different from you?! embrace the moment that u got to share with another. We are all living breathing creatures who ALL deserve love, and I love meeting new ppl and learning their ways or how they cook or what can this new person teach me? this is the mentality we ALL should have. We all could learn so much from one another gesh.

  13. I definitely can't wait until the show air. In my opinion which is just my opinion I think that yes he can make that decision that no one can touch his child but just as well as he made that decision I'm hoping that's he is understanding when she makes her changes. And for Terrell damn right I'm with you dont touch anything we dont want booboo hands lol

  14. That lady and her family are disgusting it’s no such thing as “too clean” if she’s really a nurse she should know that Which bothers me even more because working in the medical field requires constantly sanitize and wash your hands.

  15. Let……. When I saw that s hit in the floor.. I jumped up from the toilet seat and nearly died.. 😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭😭. I watched it 3 times.. I was in tears.
    The nerve of the dog.. I need to die for a few min..
    Full episode please Lord..May need to go On Demand

    They are a beautiful couple with those 2 little girls.

  16. I think some of yall are reaching a bit. The show is called wife swap not spouse swap so the guy is taken back to see another guy lol

  17. To everyone so quick to bash and judge my sister and her family… It's T.V. things are edited to get you to watch it. They are far from racist or being homophobic. They don't see someone by color or their sexual preference. It saddens me that all of you jugde them and don't know the real them. It's easy to bash and put someone down that you don't know just by appearance. They are good people and help anyone anyway they can. Just know that there is two side of every story. See the full episode before you make nasty comments. Know facts before you state them.

  18. They all way pick the worst example to put besides the gay couple to show them in a better light that pushing your agenda that's how to works .

  19. That man must be homophobic because he was looking at that guy sorry dont know his name like he had a disease 🤨 stop being do judgemental its 2019 get over yourself.

  20. It's not the fact she is a threat it's the simple fact of, white ppl just being honest feel as if they can just come up and touch our kids with know issue. Like no I do not know where your hands have been and you should not feel so comfortable to just come touch anyone kids. Because as soon as you feel the urge to even lift that I will tell you do not touch my child. P👏🏾B👏🏾P👏🏾

  21. So damn judgemental. I hate religious people like that. So much for loving all of god's children and not judging. They preach so much about not judging but are the biggest hypocrites….it makes me that angry how ignorant these people are.

  22. I feel like if you're not going to participate on the show "DONT" sign up for it! It's a waste of their time and mines! Clearly the guy has a prob with being homosexual and was clearly picking a FIGHT with that poor woman. She was sweet and came in "open minded." I have watched this show for years and have seen wives w/ babies who they just turn right over to the other wife! He needs to grow up and get out of the homosexual lifestyle bc CLEARLY he has the problem w/it!

  23. I just watched this episode and I loved it. He was guarding his babies from germs 🦠 is understood. I loved both families. Everyone has different views in life and no one should judge. We all live different lives. So what they were two gay men raising two babies? To me Nina was very strong in her beliefs.

  24. Oh my god, there it is, there it is sweety, when someone asks you how they knew homophobes it’s that smile grimace she makes when she sees that there are gays,,,thanks paramount

  25. Oh honey, she’s judging them bc they aren’t popping out 100 humans….she’s judging them right from the get go like she wants to have a problem!!! 😂😂😂

  26. alot of yall complain about why they would put a gay family with a straight religious one, this allows them to experience new things, they both can learn and hopefully helped them change their perspective

  27. Honestly I can not stand a dirty home. Like walking in my house with shoes on is a no. My fiancé and I take our shoes off in the garage and when we get home from work we take our uniforms off immediately and take a shower. That’s just how we do things so clearly others are different. I understand the Goss family has 8 kids but all 8 can help keep the house clean at least. The whole touching babies thing is really a respect factor. You can’t just go around touching people kids just because you’re a nurse. There was just a lot of differences between the families

  28. Parts of the Bible were left out to avoid confusion and to make sure there is a clear unified belief, a group of men made these decisions , of course they are going to make the man believed to be superior, makes not a lick of sense MY GOD loves everyone and looks at everyone as equal

  29. Dude yo dog just sprayed ass juice everywhere 🤮🤢 I know you’re lying!! I woulda done bounced out.

  30. Funny that he's so in closet that he immediately had to say that he is my polar opposite. BECAUSE I'M NOT GAY!! See how religion ruins people and country's

  31. Girl he don't want you to touch his children is because you think his house is too clean so that says to him you're not

  32. Most black folks don't let dogs on couches. And no stranger should kiss on your baby nor touch their sensitive faces. Hugging yes. Kissing? No ma'am.

  33. Is it just me or am I crazy to agree with the father about not liking other people you DON'T know just touching your kids. Sure this is a scheduled thing and he knows that she is coming but he dont know her

  34. "She takes on the mother role" um no she dont cuz she's the nanny. You dont hire a baby sitter and say they're the parent now

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