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“I’m white” Dr Phil #8

My daughter thinks that she is a white person. (You sure about that??) “I know that I’m white.” (:O K _ H A N D:) Mom claims her daughter’s a racist… I’m not fat, which is an african-american thing… AGAINST HER OWN RACE!?!(lol) Being black is so gross and ugly. You are saying disgusting things- (damn right thicc boi) God made one perfect person: it’s me. (oh no it’s a zealot) *FTM Transition* That was supposed to be a little better pitch. (don’t worry) It’s Dr. Phil time! Oh YEAH! *c l a ps like a kid* He’s back! We got a F R E S H one for you guys. This one just came out a few days ago and OH BOY, it’s juicy! Oh my god… Oh my GOD. (*animesque sfx) You know, haven’t we already seen this before? A young girl saying that she’s something she’s not? I k n e w I w a s a b l a c k g i r l In this whole time, I K N E W I T!?! I knew I was a black girl. So i JUs- I keep saying it! I keep telling you guys… (get ready for it) 2018 should have never happened! It’s Just – Getting – Worse o k ? I hate to see this sort of discrimination.. Everyone knows that only white people can hate their own race, and no one else. OKAY!?! How DARE she appropriate our culture like that!?! D I S G U S T I N G So let’s see, you know, is this actually real or is this fake? [idk] Let’s watch the video to find out and see more, what she has to say on Dr.Phil. Phil time! (Phil Nye the Bald Guy) It’s Phil time. SMASH like if you enjoyed Phil time. *69mil will be ours* I know a lot of people take issue with my B E L I E F S . I’m white (NOT CLICKBAIT, EMOTIONAL VIDEO, 3AM, GONE SEXUAL) We’re not even five seconds in. I don’t see how anyone can have any problem with that statement, honestly. This is D I S C R I M I N A T I O N These people are discriminating. Let’s keep watching. I’m a Caucasian™️ because Everything about me is different from an African-American. (laughs again) I can’t! How do these people breed? I don’t understand. It’s a virus. (vaccinate your kids) (You can’t cure it, sorry.) My hair isn’t nappy (isn’t that another word for a diaper though? k) (Oh, your hair doesn’t like nappy in toddler speech. Okay.) It doesn’t require weave. My nose is not giant like (this D) like african americans. (Denial, denniaaall, you’reee in denniaaalll!) (pewds) O h n o .(Did you know that a kid is doing the subtitles? huh) Welcome to the squad [Squad fam lol] the “I have a big nose, but I’m in denial squad”. (This post was made by big nose in denial gang) M Y N O S E I S N O T G I A N T !?! *BREATHES IN DENIAL* (Who keeps reversing these, by the way?) It’s okay.. Okay? We learned to deal with it, one step at a time. Except that we don’t. And we never learned. My ears. I don’t have black people ears, because they’re really giant (like this D) (I’m with micropenis.) *Pewds having a stroke* Da-a-whatisa-whata-whata-whatahell-wat-ta-who-who-te-hell-are-you Most african-americans speak G h e t t o, but when it comes to black people, I think they’re all ugly, and I have nothing in common with them. (she’s not proud) (Definetly not, other subtitler guy.) I’m different from African Americans because I’m white. My figure is just like Kim Kardashian (What a bold claim) and she’s a wonderful role model. (yes Kim, role model me) Okay, now you’ve just become outrageous! *Pewds laughs* Now you’ve taken this step one too far. Kim Kardashian is NOT a fantastic role model! (Thanks for the obvious, Pewdiepie-senpai) Everyone knows that, point proven! You have no other arguments, L A D Y. I act and I think like a white person instead of a black person I believe that I’m completely and U H M U T T E R L Y better then them. Like, we’re on t w o different levels. Like, U H Well, now she’s speaking like a true white person. *Pewds laughs* Wait, wait a minute. What I meant was listen what I meant was that she thinks she’s better than everyone else That’s what I meant. Just to be clear today My lawyers telling me that I’m gonna have to edit that one out. (heck) When I think about African Americans I feel like asking them what is wrong with them? *LOOOOOL!* *Pewds laughs* I’m just gonna go on a limb here and say that That’s how everyone sees you as well Okay, so we get it. She’s black I mean *Pewds has a seizure* White. Caucasian. Caucasian . So what does she have? What evidence does she have to back up these claims? Okay, because I don’t know about you, but I’m not 100% convinced, not yet. At least. You know, I’m I have an open mind I’m a progressive mind. What can I say? Let’s see what she has to say. I suppose it’s race. I tell her she’s just ignorant There’s nothing wrong with my views or beliefs because I have freedom of speech and everything I’m saying is true Do you know I am right? (no u r left) Because of freedom of speech god d*mmit 🙂 And Everything that everything I say is true. That’s right. What else do you got libtards? You got nothing on me You got nothing. Everything I say is true. No u Okay, time to sit in the studio with my man My lord, dr Phil™️ Bless his soul and let’s see what she has to say about herself Now would like to clarify the fact that I am nowhere near delusional. I’m actually very capable and a very intelligent person. So – I love this show (everyone does) I-I truly loved them so much as you’re seeing these kid. She’s 16. Oh my god. No *pewds think that she’s a 69 year old* What is with these kids? How did this keep happening? I don’t believe this is real. I really don’t believe this is real. Being delusional and being intelligent are not mutually exclusive. Well, I feel like if you’re being delusional then you’ve got to be some type of *not okay*. And I’m not that! (roasts 101) Hey, you can’t say that word! *Pewds laugh* *orgasms* 2018: Pewdiepie telling people what they can’t say. *Pewds laugh* Well.. I have two things to say about that. What did he say? What did that guy say? Someone who’s a like a mime, mimic person? You tell me what he said. (champagne) *repeat* Well, I have two things to say about that. Ass licker? No. *repeat again* I have two things to say about that. No, wait. I have two (four) things to say about that. Using that word, uh.. is very derogatory. So I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t use that word. Yeah, well, okay, well I understand only because I’m a very respectful person, and if you wish that I don’t use that word then I most definitely won’t use it. Okay, appreciate that. Okay, no problem! *pewds laugh* When you say that- That’s the script for my next apology video right there. My god, that was beautiful! *pewds laugh* If only I knew, if only I knew things would be different. Things could be so different.. *pewds laugh* This gets better and better, I love this. Okay, so we get it, but how do you know? Okay, how do you know that you are Caucasian™️? ‘Cause everyone else is not convinced, yet at least. Like I said: open mind, ready to be blown! You believe yourself to be Caucasian™️ tell me why you believe that to be true. Well, I know I’m a Caucasian™️ because when I wake up in the morning, I just have such a great life and that my hair is so perfect. (and that’s how you know you’re a Caucasian™️) Because I wake up in the morning, I just have such a great life guys. Smash like if you think society is real. Smash like if you believe in society! and I’m not fat also, which is also a really African-American thing. *crowd noises* So like I’m just nowhere near like them and plus they’re so thug and crimin- She’s just throwing out these things, right? *Pewds trying to English* She’s just keep going all that saying all these crazy things. I’m not buying it. I am not convinced. Okay.. um.. (speechless Phil) *crowd laughs* G: Yeah. Pewds: Damn, Dr. Phil just hit her with that K OoOh audience hit her with the E y e r o l l DAMN that WaS EpIC I don’t just think I’m white, I know that I’m white. and- *Dr. Phil gets cut off* There’s no doubt in my mind. You said- *go away come again another day* Even though I have told you, that your father was not your father (OOFT) (WOAH THERE SLOW DOWN) and that you are actually African-American. You might be lying. I don’t trust anything that anyone else says. I know that I’m white. Wait I’m so confused. Wait, what? Did she lie about who her father, was and that’s how this happened? Is this possible that this is real after all and I look like a giant buffoon? Oh…Oh…Oh, guys…I just realized I have to end this video now.. (k bye) (Goodbye, Pewdiepie-senpai!) Smash like if you enjoyed (or not) and I am SO sorry about everything that I was saying, Uh.. I’m just going to… *Outro Plays* (woah the video is over 😮 ??) (Get ready for it…) JuSt KiDdInG! I’m back, everybody! (Came from nowhere) Alright. (wow, bamboozled again) If you ask me, my sixteen year old daughter has a very out of control identity crisis- I don’t know uh- she truly believes she’s white. I.. O H *pewds laugh like a maniac* Top notch editing there! Dr. Phil editing team bro, a round of applause! 👏👏👏 (Windows 7 Does Not Exist) They really hit her with that D E S A T U R A T I O N, didn’t they. She truly believes she’s white. Jesus Christ, what is this.. (ur mum) My daughter is a racist against her own race. Welcome to White People, everybody! *👏* *Pewds attempt at dancing* *👏* I don’t know. Alright, so let’s hear what the brother has to say. They always bring in, you know, the family and all that. So let’s get it! My sister’s treasure is that she feels like she’s white. (lol) My sister isn’t white. My sister is African-American.(buuurnnn 🔥🔥) But how do you know that? Did you forget about freedom of speech? ‘scuse me Are we not gonna talk about freedom of speech all of a sudden? Black people are gang, gang members. I want nothing to do with them. They’re criminal and they’re thugs. I am a very intelligent and non👏 delusional 👏 person :ok_hand: *yeehaw music plays* Black people are gang! A g a n g m u h Don’t quote me on that, I’m quoting her! (quote him on that) (Yes, other subtitler guy, right on it.) I’m quoting her. I’m quoting her. I’m quoting her. *starts quoting him on this* African-Americans are uhm.. disgusting and thuggish and ugly and.. All these negative things- and gang, and gang. Don’t forget that. 👏 Do you feel that way about your brother? I would never want them to actually be on the same level as African-Americans- But your mother’s African-American *Windows XP Shutdown Sound* Pewds: Ok so let’s get into the issue, I want to know how did this happen, okay? How do you end up like this? And you allowed your children to believe that he was their biological father. Yes, I did. -Why? Because he was the only father figure that I had for my children. Pewds: Oh. When (Pewds: Oh!) he passed. Oh, oh.. Oh, so it is like that. Okay, okay, alright guys. T h i s i s N O T e p i c . You decided to tell them the truth. Yes, I wanted them to understand that they were African-American. In fact, as opposed to thinking they- Well, you didn’t do a good job at that, did you? *hEhE* That clearly did not work out, okay? It seems like only a gaggle of um.. African-Americans.. And they were really gross! (DISGUSTANG) So of course, the producers at Dr. Phil’s thought.. “Let’s take her to white people neighborhoods!” Great idea. Thank you. VERY cool! *inaudible screechy sound* It looks like a Gucci design! Everything!! And they have a chanel, I think I’m gonna die. Hello to my fellow Caucasian people, they were so beautiful! *i’ve given up on everything* HoW Do YoU Do FeLlOw CaUcAsIaNs!?! My fellow Caucasians, how do you do? What a lovely wEaThEr!?! Walking up to strangers randomly, Jesus Christ. So that’s probably the reason why I most likely would fit in here the most, cause y’know, I also am a Caucasian person and this is where I bElOnG! Okay, we get it. You’re WHITE. Okay, we get it. Almost all black people have diabetes. (WHAT) All of them are fat. None of them are like- Dr. Phil the Snowflake Melter: I have diabetes. Really? Oh I feel so bad for you, are you ok? Yeah I’m good alright. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Wait, so Dr. Phil is black then. Oh my GoD!!??!! *pewds falling in love with Dr. Phil* I LOVE HIM!!! And you can hear by the reaction in the crowd, some of them are African Americans cause I can hear the fact it’s getting real loud in here. You need some help big time. *heckin roasted* aHoOh Okay, so she thinks she’s Caucasian. Okay. She thinks she’s Caucasian. Why? Because her dad growing up was white. And she was lied about that being her father. It’s a sad story, right? It’s not something you make fun of. Unless… unLESS… I’m interested in doing this story because I think it’s a teachable moment, and not for sensationalistic shock value because of some of the outrageous things that she says,,, so I don’t think she’s doing them to get attention I think she’s doing because this is how she actually feels and believes. Mother: Yes. Dr Phil: Would you agree? *curb your enthusiasm piano music plays* Hey! Look at that everybody. Oh, it was fake all along! That’s right. Looks like I’m not such a bad person after all! ??? We all know. No, she’s not mentally ill! She’s not mentally ill! This girl just wants to be like the catch me outside girl! (cash me ousside how bout dat) She wants to be like Tracey Barbie. She wants to be like all these kids who Dr. Phil makes famous for stupid shit. (gasp) Well, wEll, wELL, you know what? I’m not complaining. *Pewds laughs* The more dumb kids the better, I say. It’s entertaining. Regardless, thank you. Very cool. And what is real? HmM?… Who am I to say that she is a not-Caucasian? The Caucasian group of which I’m a member, (you have to take a test to recieve a membership) Uh.. You are not welcome. *audience claps* Let me tell you! (HOLY SH*T HECKING ROASTED MY DAD DR PHIL DID IT AGAIN) Oh wow. Wow. Wow. (hating herself atm) This is so weird. You have Dr. Phil saying to an African-American “You’re not welcome” WHAT IS HAPPENING!?! Okay. Hope you guys enjoyed this video sMaCk. What do you guys think? Is she Caucasian or not? Leave a comment down below and remember to subscribe! Hopefully T-series hasn’t beat me yet. (Let me check. Nope, not yet.) We’re trying to beat T-series to 69 million subscribers. (nice) If we can make that happen, that would be an epic gamer moment. Thank you guys for watching this video, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Bye! *outro* [don’t forget to punch that like button!]
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  1. So wait if all black people have diabetes and are fat than that must mean THE MAN HIMSELF IS JUST STEVE HARVEY BUT COVERED IN WHITE PAINT HOLY F**

  2. I haven't watched pewds very long but I realized that you can stop the video anywhere and turn it into a meme. I'm actually dieing.

  3. God made many perfect people, those people are the people that are reading this.

    The one mistake god made was little miss separated baby teeth over here

  4. I guess u will be shocked to find there're many people like her in Hong Kong. When somebody ask Hong Kong ppl : r u Chinese? They will answer : No. we r Hong Konger for for avoiding they're Chinese from Hong Kong.
    However , even a American Chinese answered: Yes, im, American Chinese.

    2, Many Hong Kong ppl said C-word ( something like N-word to The Chinese race) to other Chinese ppl( including other Hong Kong ppl) for proving they're not Chinese.

  5. If she was so respectful and intelligent she would not have said Retard on national television. She needs to check the DSM for the true diagnostic material regarding delusions.

  6. girl: everything about me is different from an african american

    Her skin is black and shes saying thats EVERYTHING about her is different from an african american

  7. I think transracial is an actual thing, now. Why does everybody get mad about this girl? She is rejecting the stereotypes of being black and taking on the stereotypes of being white (and that is very stereotypical of white people). Let her. We're letting people do and say more harmful things than that

  8. If this shit is real and she really believes she's white, then I ask God with a heavy heart: WHY DID YOU PUT ME IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD WITH THESE PEOPLE?! I would rather live in 13th Europe with the plague. I just found on the internet that she would join the KKK, supported President Trump, and called Beyonce a "talentless bitch." Of course, I found that on the article about her sister saying it's all a hoax. But seriously, I supported President Trump, and I wouldn't want her anywhere near a Republican/Conservative rally. But she was right about Beyonce. I guess she's got one redeeming quality.

  9. And I want to be a black person, because Trump is white and he is an ass and that means all white men asses and Kim Kadashian is superficial which mean all white women are superficial (THIS is ironi). If we should use her argumentation for being white the other way around. Sorry to say it but no matter the colour, we are equally stupid and ugly or pretty and clever.

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    "I'm white" Dr Phil #8

    body. “Ask one over for dinner,“ Fang said, joining us.” “I guess there are never enough books.” “People don't realize how a man's whole life can be changed by one

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