Laughter is the Best Medicine

IMPACT Storytelling | Act On Your Ideas and Don't Fear Others Laughing At Your Ideas

what's up machine your coach motivator your impact storyteller do you feel people laughing at your ideas maybe you have an idea create a t-shirt but you feel people will laugh at you maybe you want to write a book but you feel people will laugh at you and because you are so afraid of people laughter you don't even act on your ideas and if that's you I want to encourage you to act on your ideas and do not fear the laughter of others the truth is people will laugh at ideas because most people don't have the courage of putting something out there into the world they don't know what it's like to make yourself that vulnerable as a matter of fact about two and a half years ago when I came up with those ghetto shirts when I had on a prototype I was walking around Denton Texas with the shirt on and I was standing on the corner waiting on the light to change and then this red car drives up these two ladies are sitting in the car one of them looks at me she puts at me and she tells her friend a shoulder they just laughing they are rolling at my shirt and as I'm standing at the light being laughs that I think to myself how daddy laughs at my idea how dare they laugh people having a dream I had my own t-shirt how dare they laugh at me because I have the courage to put my ideas out here but then I realized at that moment those are individuals who have never put ideas into the world you see there wasn't a dreamer like me they didn't understand the impact that I was trying to have but I decided to keep taking actions on that idea I created those shirts and do you know because people bought those church because people sponsor those shirts I was able to use most of the money from those shirts to teach 200 guys in a juvenile detention center life skills job skills communication skills hi their control their emotions so they can help hope when they get out and have a better life and it's all because I decide to act on my idea and stead of fearing people laughing at my idea and that's men you all out there you're worried about the laughter others you were right people laugh let your idea let me keep it real you will have people that will laugh at you you will have people to make fun of you but you have to keep going forward to idea take action on your idea because you never know who your idea will impact I would encourage you put your ideas into the world smile with your idea be aggressive with your idea because when you make up your mind that you're going to take action on your idea and not worry about the laughter of others then you have the impact in this world that you desire peace

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