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Impractical Jokers – Cracking Under Pressure (Punishment) | truTV

Happy day.
Q is today’s big loser. And what a monumental day
it is. You’re going to go into
this building right now, buddy, and attempt to shatter
a world record. -Time is of the essence.
-Yeah. Here you go.
Just go right now. Don’t ask questions! Who here likes turtles? Raise
your hand if you like turtles. -Yeah, yeah.
-So here’s two of our producers. So you guys all see
these eggs today? -Yes.
-Yes. There’s 144 turtle eggs that are supposed
to hatch today. Sal: So they’re being told
that Q is a scientist who’s going to come out
and help little baby turtles out of all these eggs. Murr: What we’re telling Q is that he’s here
to smash these eggs over his head
as fast as possible. -Yeah.
-You see the problem. Yeah. Hey, bud. Do you have any semblance of what you’re thinking
about today? I have no — I have zero clue
as to what this is. It’s fun, buddy. I’m sure — for you. Are you guys ready
to meet the doctor? All: Yes! Q, you’re going to go out there,
say, “You guys ready? Here we go”, and attempt
to break the most eggs over your head
in one minute. [ Laughter ] And Q, remember.
You’re being timed. Speed is of the essence. -How’s it going?
-Hi! -Alright.
-Here we go. -You excited?
-Three, two, one… Go! [ Children gasp ] [ Child screams ] Go! Go! Oh, my God. -No! [ Laughter ] Oh, no. Oh, no! Look at the girl. Obviously, these are
store-bought eggs. [ Children shouting ] Almost there!
Almost there! Go, go, go! This is going as planned. 4, 3, 2, 1! -Okay, that’s it.
-Yay! Huh? How did I do? -Okay, Q.
-Yeah? Now turn around
and give this presentation. Joe: Let’s get started
with this presentation. Alright, “I’m so happy everyone
is here to watch these…” Alright. “I’m so happy everyone
is here to watch these…” [ Laughter ] Oh, my God! Look at his face. You have egg on your face. [ Laughter ] Where are the turtles? [ Laughter ] [ Child crying ] [Bleep] you guys.
[Bleep] you guys. We just cost some
therapy bills, boys. No, we’re gonna tell
the kids eventually. -Turtles! Turtles!
-Alright! [ Children chanting “Turtles!” ] Turtles! Turtles! Oh, God. No amount of chanting
will bring these turtles back to life. Turtles. “Turtles hatched
in captivity are 100% safe
from natural predators.” [ Laughter ] “And each turtle lays
up to 1,000 eggs. So, if we have
144 turtles here…” “We can have 144,000 turtles
in the future.” [ Children screaming ] It’s mayhem. Oh, no, Q. “This is my turtle, Myrtle”. That’s Myrtle. “Let’s name these baby turtles”. This is dark, man. This is really dark. “Go for it, kids!
Just grab one!” [ Laughter ] No, here’s one.
Here you go. Joe: Be careful.
Don’t break it. Actually, I don’t
trust you with it. Let me hold it. Alright, actually,
let me hold it. Q, drop that egg. These are very delicate. [ Laughter ] We said drop it,
not throw it to the ground. [ Children chanting
indistinctly ] [ Laughter ] Well, we cracked
that punishment. [ Chuckles ] [ Chuckles ] Boy: Boo! [ Laughter ]

100 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers – Cracking Under Pressure (Punishment) | truTV

  1. What a waste of food. There are people out there starving, and homeless, and we are cracking eggs over our heads for fun.

    We used to kill to eat; now we kill to entertain. Some of these kids don't know it's a game. They will grow up thinking it's ok to be cruel.

  2. Your punishment is to set the record for cracking eggs on your head in front of kids.
    They do stuff like this all the time. The Jokers must get suspicious sometimes that something else is up. They're not that naive.

  3. How does anyone believe those are turtle eggs?? They’re OBVIOUSLY chicken eggs. Haha DUHHH 😜🤪🤪 💡 🤔

  4. Should have said, “We’ll, in the wild mist turtles 🐢 get eaten as a baby so we are simulating that.

  5. I like the joke .but apart from that this is literally what turtles face in the reef, they are smashed by human activity like tourism

  6. Even at that age, i would question why the eggs don’t have the turtles, but instead have the insides of a normal store egg

  7. Q should’ve known something else was happening after hearing what they told him I mean what is this Season 1?!?!

  8. It’s still pretty damn sad knowing they are chicken eggs and could’ve hatched chicks. We’re just so conditioned to think store bought doesn’t mean we didn’t steal it from mistreated hens. That chickens just make products. Someone did get hurt here

  9. Guys i love ur videos.. but u have wasted too many eggs in this could help some poor people by giving these eggs instead

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