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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – I Hate Your Quads

Sal, hide behind that mirror. Okay. Ready, Sal, ready? Not yet. And… Throw your arms out. Sal:
Hey! I’m the tailor! [ Laughter ] Hi. Q: Ah, he scared
the [bleep] out of him. Put your arm through his legs to shake his hand. How’re you doing?
I’m Sal. Uh…nice to meet you. [ Laughter ] Sal, say “I hate your quads.” Ah,
I hate your quads. I hate your quads. Yeah, I hate them. [ Laughter ] They’re great quads. Yeah. “My quads?
Womp, womp.” “My quads?
Womp, womp.” “Your quads?
Va-va boom.” Your quads?
va-va boom. [ Laughter ] Pleasure to meet you bud,
how’s everything? Sal, lighten the mood
a little bit by singing softly in his ear while you
take his measurements. ♪ Quadray likes his look ♪ ♪ Snug like a bug in a rug ♪ [ Laughter ] ♪ ‘Cause I’m the tailor ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’m the tailor ♪ [ Laughter ] Joe: “You must like banquets, ’cause there’s
a lot of ball room here.” You — You, uh… You must like banquets, ’cause there’s
a lot of ball room in here. [ Laughter ] Thank you. [ Ding! ] Q: Here we go, here we go! Sir, how are you?
James. Nice to meet you. Q: Murr, I don’t care
how you do it, you find a way to spank this guy
this guy professionally. Mm-hmm-hmm! God. The — The problem
with the… [ Laughter ] [ Sighs ] These pants are pretty snug, okay? You don’t see it up here,
but where you really see it — You’re really gonna see it,
you know… right there. [ Laughter ] Joe: A nice spank. He did it. All right,
you did it, buddy. Okay, so I’m gonna do two inches off the back here. Ahh! I just remembered. “I-I just, uh —
I just remembered. I forgot to call back
my filthy, hot mother.” [ Sighs ] [ Laughter ] I forgot to call back
my filthy, hot mother. She’s gonna be pissed. What about the buttons? It feels good here.
Does it feel too tight? No, it feels good. Murr, stick your head
through his legs and talk up to him. [ Scoffs ] Uh…let me see. Why don’t you spread ’em
a little bit? Let me take a look. [ Laughter ] Is this for an event
coming up, or… Talk about anything,
but tailoring now. I went bicycling on
the West Side Highway
the other day — It’s so nice, man, so nice. I started looking at property
in Brooklyn. You know, it’s expensive as hell, but that Park Slope’s
lovely. Murr: It looks good, bud.
It looks great on you. Joe:
“I’ll tell you one thing”… I’ll tell you one thing… …”As soon as I get home, I’m blogging
about these ankles.” I’ll tell you one thing —
As soon as I get home, I’m blogging about
your ankles. Don’t move.
Stand there, Murr. [ Laughter ] Good job Murr.

100 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – I Hate Your Quads

  1. Is it just me or does the new imagine Dragons song Thunder sound like Sal's soft singing to the second guy. "I'm the Tailor". #impracticaljokers

  2. Wait a minute man… The black guy at 1:00 is one of the same guys from other videos like the one where Joe sniffs his ice cream. Hmm I'm starting to think this show is staged too

  3. "Hey I'm the tailor!", the arms popping out, the look of terror on the blokes face… comedy gold!! I'm actually crying with laughter

  4. Murr must have a lot of experience with tailors as you can see he is the only man so sharp dressed 80% of the times in the episodes till now.

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