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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Jalapeño Milk | truTV

Jalapeño Milk. [ Laughter ] You know, you ever just have
a sip of milk and be like, “Damn, I wish this had
some jalapeño in it”? [ Laughter ] Anybody ever wanted
to spice up their boring old bowl
of fruit cereal? No. [ Laughter ] I’m just thinking
what cereal would complement
Jalapeño Milk. Well, we’re actually — Maybe, like, another cereal
we’re developing is, um… Tacos. Like, Cheerios, but, like, Tac-O’s. [ Laughter ] This is “farm to table.” We feed jalapeños to the cows. Does it — The jalapeños,
’cause they’re — No, the cows — Well, we get cows
from Mexico, so they’re used to it. -They’re used to it?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. [ Laughter ] It comes in three
different levels of fiery. It’s mild, medium, and “Burn your damn mouth.” [ Laughter ] Sal: Look at his face! Thoughts? I don’t think milk is made
to be spicy. It just seems like an odd thing. Well, let me ask you
a question — Do you like milk? -Yes. -Do you like spicy food? -I do. Well,
I’ve already sold one. Boom. [ Laughter ] All right, well,
why don’t we take a vote. Do you think that if Jalapeño Milk was on the market you would purchase it? I would purchase it. -Ohh!
-Oh! -One.
-One. Q: Jalapeño milk is

100 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Jalapeño Milk | truTV

  1. Here is how i would have sold the jalapeño milk.
    You know how they say its better to drink milk when you have something spicy rather than water?
    Instead of saying its a spicy flavored milk, just try to sell it as a special kind of milk to help reduce the burning in your mouth. Bam, you've got customers lmao.

  2. In India we drink spiced milk but not with jalapeno. We use pepper, turmeric, basil, some almonds, ginger. It's burns your throat but it's really good for digestion.

  3. The way to sell that is using it in recipes. Would be awesome for making mashed potatoes, omelettes, Mac and Cheese, alfredo sauce, and so on.

  4. Why is nobody commenting on why Q's face looks so jaundiced?! He looks like a cross between a banana peel and an orange.

  5. I could see this actually doing well if it was advertised as an ingredient for cooking spicy dishes… But milk nullifies spiciness so there's that lol.

  6. q shoulda said it would be nice to mix with your omelettes and stuff, now that sounds like an amazing idea

  7. Sometimes I add a splash of milk to refried beans if they're too dry, so this would actually work for me.

  8. he’s a dumbass he shoulda just said “you know when you eat something spicy what do you drink to cook your mouth? milk, this milk has more cooling properties added to calm down the effect of spicy food”

  9. Guy: "It doesn't bother the cows?"
    Q: "No, we get the cows from Mexico"
    Guy: "Oh so they're use to it?"
    Q: "Yeah they're use to it"

  10. In business class we talked about how white people don't tend to buy spicy foods but like creamy things like milk and yogurt. Mixing spicy flavorings with milk would probably be a nightmare for some people…

  11. He shoulda said that if you ever eat jalapeños and u just want to take a drink of milk then u don’t even gotta worry about it cuz u got some jalapeño milk right here

  12. I recently started working from home doing this to make some extra money. All you need is a bachelor’s degree!

  13. Fun fact: cows dont have the gene to feel capsaicin. Generally speaking animals with upper and lower teeth which would destroy the seed feel the pain of capsaicin. Others such as cows, goats, deer, and birds would actually spread the seed and help the plant, thus not developing the gene.

  14. I would buy jalapeño milk.. that would make a bomb homemade queso dip.. a little flour and butter mixed with jalapeño milk and some cheese and some tortillas to dip 😂😂

  15. Really isn't that crazy of an idea. In many sauces you can have both dairy products and hot spices. Would probably be a very interesting taste since milk takes away some of the burn from peppers.

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