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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Jingle Bell Godzilla | truTV

-Yeah, there he goes! -Nice, moonwalking it out. Look, there we go. -Ah!
-Yeah! [ Laughter ] Murr:
Here’s what we want you to, bud. Sneak up to somebody,
take your pants off, and put them in their cart. No need to be angry
about it. [ Laughter ] [ Bells jingle ] Murr: He’s moving in — loudly. Joe: You sound like
a “Jingle Bell” Godzilla coming at her. She’s gone. She is so gone. Q: Are you even making an effort? No! No! Oh, my God. Are you kidding me?! Are you kidding me
right now? Oh, my God. I can’t wait
to see you do this. Don’t — Ow! [ Laughs ] Look what you did to me! I’m bored.
Nothing’s happening. Look what you did
to my lip! How much more indignity can I take?! All right, Sal. Take your pants off and put ’em in somebody’s cart. What about this guy? -Oh!
-There you go, there you go! Murr: There you go!
Go! Go, Sal! -Go, go, go, go, go!
-Here we go. Murr:
[ Laughs ] Come on. [ Laughs ] Shh, shh, shh! Shh! Look at how weird this is! Oh, my God. -You’re making so much noise! -Too much noise. Get the belt in.
Get the belt in, too! Bonus points for the shoes,
bonus points for the shoes! [ Laughter ] Q: Wait. Look down, look down! Look down! I can’t believe
he got away with it. He’s gonna take
a picture of Sal. He’s taking a picture! [ Laughs ] Murr: Look at this! Oh, my God. Check this out. [ Laughs ] Hey, hey. [ Laughter ] Hey, you know, I’m just shopping. But I will take
my pants and clothes back. [ Laughter ] -Ha!
And that’s a win. -Wow, buddy! Wow. -That’s a win.

97 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Jingle Bell Godzilla | truTV

  1. for a punishment you should take a vest and glue a whole bunch of lollipops on and go around and ask people to suck me

  2. as a "social experiment" this is definitly awesome, the reaction of this guy specially… i really love your tv show, i always watch it…… hugs from Santiago de Chile 🙂
    jokers please never die !!!

  3. I'm reporting this to the national society for human relations, this is a direct violation of coworker sexual harassment.

  4. enough is enough you guys are very rude with murr. i always saw his punishment is always worst as compare to you guys. just because he is not saying anything does not mean that you guys do whatever you want to do with him. murr is really nice and sweet guy as compare to you guys…..

  5. I know they make fun of Murr for the sake of comedy in the show, but really sometimes it gets too much. He gets the worst punishments, and still gets teased and belittled for what he does. I do hope they would stop or at least tone it down. :/ He might say he’s okay but everyone has their breaking points.

  6. I just want to know how that guy didnt notice him sooner i notice when someone is 15 feet away from me at the store especually if they are making noise

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