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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Joe Can’t Swim | truTV

All right, Joe. Turn to your left. Now walk straight. Walk to
your right and say, “Hey.” Hey, hey. Sal: I thought I told you
to stay off my turf! I thought I told you
to stay off my turf! Yeah, you. Yeah, you. Yeah, you. -You, you.
-Now take the glasses off. Oh, no. No, you can go swim. You can enjoy.
No, go ahead, buddy. Murr: Walk straight.
There you go. Straight a little bit more,
a little bit more. Take a step forward.
There you go. You feel the towel?
There you go, buddy. Just dry your face
with it, real quick. Go ahead.
Dry your face. [ Laughter ] Now take the sunglasses off. Take them off. Oh, my God!
That’syourtowel. I thought this was — I thought this was mine. [ Laughter ] You idiots. -Walk straight.
-This way? Yep, yep. You’ll feel
there’s a fence coming. Don’t walk into it. I put
a shirt out there for you. Go to the right. No, a little bit more.
There. That’s it. -That’s your shirt.
-Whose shirt is this? Well, it’s yours now.
Put it on. These better
not be fake boobs. All right, buddy. [ Laughter ] All right, now make a right.
Hard right. There you go. Go straight. Keep going. Keep going a little bit. Stop. Stop. Stop. Point up a little bit. -Hey.
-Hey. You’ve been sitting
on your ass all day. You’ve been sitting
on your ass all day. I’m about to make you
earn your money. I’m about to make you
earn your money. Run into the water
as fast as you can. [ Laughter ] Start yelling, “Help.”
Start yelling, “Help.” Help! Help! Help! Murr: Turn around.
180 degrees. Sal: Wave your hands
over your head. Now start yelling, “What’s your problem, dude?!” What’s your problem, dude? -Earn your money.
-Earn that money! Earn that money! All right, now take off your
glasses. Read your shirt. [ Laughter ] [ Ding! ]

61 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Joe Can’t Swim | truTV

  1. Impractical Jokers have helped me over come depression, thank you guys 💓.
    PS Tru Tv is only relevant because of Impractical Jokers 😅

  2. I love impractical jokers. Though the blind sunglasses challenges in my opinion are pretty bad. I wished they didn't do them at all as it's only funny for the joker once he reveals, but most times they would surely know they're making an ass of themselves.

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  5. I know that what Q says at the very end is not strictly part of the video, but I just like it. If it were to turn out that there were things I didn't like about Q, not being funny would not be one of them.

  6. Lifeguards always get to deal with crazies. It is not safe to pretend to drown, so no one should ever pretend to do that. Drowning is a serious manner. The guys are very funny, though.

  7. The West is so retarded it lets its women show their flesh to total strangers. That's what prostitutes do, and prostitutes get money out of it, but these "ladies" do it for nothing.
    The west is extremely corrupt. Of course, so is everywhere there are people who are selfish.

  8. Isn't the girl at 0:57 the one that sal asked if she needed mouth to mouth? She's blurred now but when it was sal's bit she wasn't lol

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