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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Joe Throats a Chicken Tender | truTV

Welcome to Señor Frogs. Do you have a reservation? -No. -Oh, you don’t. “Mm,
it’s a little tight.” It’s a little tight
right now. Have them call the restaurant
to make a reservation. Do you have your cellphone? Just dial this number ’cause then I can put you in the system. This is so stupid. [ Laughter ] [ Telephone ringing ] Thanks for calling Señor Frogs. This is Joe.
How may I help you? “What, are you nuts?
We’re packed.” A table for two. Um, are you [bleep] nuts? We’re packed. [ Laughter ] Table for two? Come on this way. -[ Laughs ]
-Look at them. [ Laughter ] Hi, ladies.
Welcome. Send them
to the sitting area, but I want you to just kiss
the seat before they use it. You can just have a seat right here, and we’ll wait real quick. Let me just —
Hold on one second. Let me just… Q: Just give a quick kiss. [ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] Okay, you can put yours right there. You put yours right there. And, you, you come over here.
You put yours right there. [ Woman laughs ] [ Laughter ] Hello, how are you?
What’s your name? Tia?
-“Sorry. My voice is sore.” I’m sorry.
My voice is a little sore. “I one-throated
a chicken tender.” No, I one-throated
a chicken tender,
and it really got me. Q: What does that even mean? He just swallowed it whole
without chewing. Like a pelican?
[ Gulps ] Joe:
Just have a seat real quick. [ Coughs ] [ Coughs ] [ Coughing ] [ Grunts ] [ Coughing continues ] [ Laughter ] Hi, welcome to Señor Frogs. [ Laughter ] Oh, God.

100 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Joe Throats a Chicken Tender | truTV

  1. has anyone noticed how Joe has an odd way to faint ? he falls down like he is in some kind of fashion show, he tilts his hip to the side and falls down…lol

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  3. The "Hi, Welcome to Senor Frog's" was funny enough on its own, but Sal, Murr, and Q all falling on each other was just the cherry on top lmao

  4. Joe u keep killing it I swear. I just want to watch u the most cuz u know how to act. Keep the gud job

  5. How did no one in this comment section lose it at that Christmas instrumental playing in the background while Joe kissed those seats LOL

  6. Joe is like always the one on this show that does anything he's told and wins but some of things he doesn't but he's my favorite

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