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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Murr Serves Up Insults to Londoners | truTV

Joe, I think you think
Murr’s choking on a chip. [ Coughs ] No! I wasn’t choking!
I wasn’t choking, man. Joe: You looked like
you were choking on a chip. I’m nervous.
I’m on high alert now. Start going off about how
you lost everyone to choking. I’ve lost many people to
choking, so I’m on high alert. “My brother choked.” My brother choked. -“My cousin choked.”
-My cousin choked. “My arti-choked.” My arti-choked.
I get it. [ Laughter ] This guy in the hoodie
looks like a cult leader. Murr —
“Excuse me, sir. Are you Rammstein,
leader of the Hill People?” Question for you. Are you Rammstein,
leader of the Hill People? You look just like him. Holy [bleep]
It’s Rammstein. Right? [ Laughter ] I just asked him that. Leader of the hill people
with the beard and everything. I just asked him that. You have a twin. Oh, no.
Oh, you’re not. I got you. Get him to admit he’s Rammstein
by getting a free meal. I didn’t realize that you were here, Rammstein. Your order’s free.
You eat here for free. You’re Rammstein though, right? “We didn’t mean to charge you.
We didn’t mean to insult you.” Start getting scared
that you insulted him. We didn’t mean to insult you
by taking your money. I just didn’t recognize you
at first. We’re all cool.
It’s all good? It’s good.
It’s good. It’s good. Our humblest apologies. [ Chuckles ] [ Laughter ] ‘Stein up in the house
right here at Toff’s. “Is this one of your wives?” Is this — Is this
one of your wives? Because if it is,
your money’s no good here. [ Laughs ] Thank you, sir. Be right out. Wow. Rammstein. [ Laughter ] When Rammstein’s order
comes out, it is a ritual. [ Both vocalizing ] Yes.
The Hill Person joins. [ All vocalizing ] Thank you.
Appreciate it, guys. [ Laughter ]

83 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Murr Serves Up Insults to Londoners | truTV

  1. Are you kidding me! I love these guys and muswell hill is 5 minutes from mine, I wonder if they are still recording there ?

  2. OMG when was this recorded and was on TV?! Cause I lived on Muswelll Hill when the vid was published!! I lived right up the road!

  3. Does anyone know if Sal visited somewhere called Nottingham when they were in the UK? I swear I seen him.. he was the split double of Sal, he was in a weird trainer/shoe shop , which makes sense as Sal has a thing for sneaker collecting …hmmmm 🤔

  4. Hey hang on a second. The guy whom they called Ramstein, is he the guy who plays the receptionist in the hotel in that dating show, 'First dates'?

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