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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Odd Ball Bowling | truTV

You know, Joe and I were on the bowling team
together in high school. Want to go out there
and take their lunch money? Hey, man. [ Laughter ] Here we go. Oh, wow.
These look like bowlers
These look like bowlers These look like bowlers with no patience for men
like Murray and Joe. See if they
want appletinis.
want appletinis. want appletinis. So, do you guys
want a round of appletinis?
want a round of appletinis? want a round of appletinis? [ Laughter ] Murr, when his ball
comes back out, grab it first
and smell it. [ Laughter ] [ Sniffs ] What’s that? Sorry. I was just smelling
that one. Sorry about that. “Just to see
what it smells like.” To see
what it smells like.
what it smells like. what it smells like. Yeah. [ Both laugh ] When Murray goes,
trash-talk him, but, like,
crazy inappropriate. You suck.
Gutter ball. Gutter ball.
You suck. Your mother’s a [bleep] whore. [ Laughter ] Works every time. [ Both laugh ] Celebrate like crazy.
Murr, back him up.
Murr, back him up. Murr, back him up. Both: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! [ Both laugh ] You saw that nine?! -Yeah! Yeah!
-You saw that nine?! -Yeah!
-You saw that nine! Yeah! [ Laughs ] Sit down on the lane
and massage each other’s feet. [ Both laugh ] Yeah, exactly
what you’re thinking is what I want you to do. -Ohh.
-Oh. [ Both laugh ] A double —
a double massage. [ Both laugh ] It’s a double foot massage. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Joe: You really got to work
on the 7-10 split. Murr: Yeah. Sal: [ Laughing ] These guys are
getting so uncomfortable, man! Have you guys
seen the waitress?
seen the waitress? seen the waitress? We’re still waiting
on our appletinis. [ Both laugh ] [ Ding! ]

95 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Odd Ball Bowling | truTV

  1. I like that they don't show the reveal. If it was real I feel like that would be a good part of the show to share…or perhaps it not very interesting.

  2. Guys! One of you make a reservation at a restaurant , let's say for Brian, you get seated. And thats when the "real" Brian comes in and states he is the real one. An argument ensues and the one thought to be the real one wins

  3. Porque carajos no lo ponen en español me encanta este show es el unico que veo este show y no lo ponen en español

  4. Finallyy I've fоund hd Imppractical Jokers moоooviee here =>

  5. Тhis is the niсeеeeist moviе i еver sее!!! I аdvisе еvеrybodу tо wаtсh it 🙂

  6. Imprаcticcаl Jоoоokеrs hd mоvie herе =>

  7. The notes are so annoying, stop shoving crap in my face. They're not funny, the Jokers are so stop making jokes at their expense cause they're way cooler than you, stickynote geek.

  8. Wаtch Impppрracticаl Jokеrs оnline in hd quаlitу hеrе =>

  9. Omg I laughed so much at this. These guys are so funny. The white guys that were talking to them were cute. Especially the one in the orange basketball shorts with the orange ball. Loll

  10. The bowling alley they were at was Melody Lanes, which was right in my neighborhood. Unfortunately they shut down a couple years back 🙁

  11. OK I have to admit, on that one, I tried so hard to laugh quietly that I just ended up badly snort laughing and blew a bubble out my nose! Very inconspicuous (NOT)

  12. This show should have it's own YouTube channel so I could subscribe to it without seeing the rest of true tv's awful programming in my feed. Adam really does ruin everything.

  13. These guys were great sports they never got mad and it's great how they said they gave them a game afterwards they deserved that since they got the first game just for laughter

  14. Whats funny about two men massaging eachother?
    Eventually they will make love and one will get pregnant.
    Obviously but pregnancy isn't funny.

  15. The Appletinis line is underrated so I thought it deserved a design.

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