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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Q and Joe Build A City | truTV

Man: Hello. Hi.
How are you? -How is everybody?
-Great. “Anthony”? You weirdo. So, imagine you are starting
a city from scratch. How would you
attract tourists? I would make the travel,
like, all-inclusive. Uh, Joe? I said, “Run advertisements on national TV, claiming we caught
an alien.” Is the alien
alive or…? Hopefully he’s alive. Nobody wants to see
a dead alien. [ Laughter ] Great. Uh, Anthony? Well, I said, uh, “Everybody is legally single when they’re in town
like those ‘Purge’ movies.” -Did you see the “Purge” movies?
-I didn’t. Yeah, the “Purge” movies
are about killing each other. Oh, I didn’t actually
see them. I thought it was like “purging” wives and husbands. No. [ Laughs ] Man: Okay, um,
let’s talk about who the mayor of your city
would be. Anthony? Yeah. Uh…
your mother. [ Sal laughs ] Yeah. Joe, who would you
choose as mayor? Yeah, I’d be, uh — I’m the
mayor because I flex nuts. This is slang for having bullet-hole scars. -“I flex nuts”?
-What? Having bullet-hole scars
I thought would put out
that fear, you know? I flex nuts. [ Laughter ] Moving on, how do you plan
to deal with pollution? I just went off
something existing. I said the Citi Bike program, but with horses. [ Chuckles ]
So there’s just — There’s just horses
lined up, you can just swipe your
credit card and take a horse? Yes. But bikes don’t cause
pollution, so why… Why replace them
with horses? Yeah, that is a good point, I guess. [ Laughter ] You know, and horses — they flex nuts. That’s why I’m on board with it,
but besides that… This is my new favorite
term. I’ve never heard
it before today. All right,
let’s look at how would you deal with a major emergency? Uh, listen, I would have a frank discussion about cannibalism
with the children. Then I’d kill
someone quickly so everyone knows
I mean business.” Murr: What? Where did you guys
come from? [ Laughter ] Man: I think we have a lot
of good stuff here. Write down
the name of the person that you would not take with you
to develop a new city. Who do you think? I think Joe’s
getting kicked out. I think Q gets kicked out. I think Q lost. Uh, so the group voted
the person that is not coming to the new city is Anthony. -Ohh!
-Q loses! Celtic green
takes the day. [ Laughter ]

91 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Q and Joe Build A City | truTV

  1. wow first time seeing this and i found my life more and more in these somewhat extreme views while i joke am not sure what it was but it is impractical jokes? hmm thanks for this episode. got me wondering.

  2. “I would have a frank discussion about cannibalism with the children, then I’d kill someone quickly so everyone knows I mean business.”

  3. does anybody know when season 8 episode 11 is coming out? or is season 8 over? if it’s over it was a really short season

  4. i was unfortunately drinking coke while watching and it shot up my nose from all the laughing… future warning not to drink beverages while watching these clips

  5. This is why it's ON trutv.Alien is over played.Kim Nk caged never would have thought. Hitler gets to do whatever WANTS these days Kim Nk is still disliked as a dictator so I would wonder?

  6. As soon as I heard Joe say he would put aliens in his city I had to scroll down see any Area 51 comments.

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