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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Sal Plays Bride and Seek | truTV

You can just go
right through there. -Hey. How are you?
-Hi. [ Laughter ] She looked like
she hated me. Did you do something to her? It looks like our families
have been feuding for centuries. The Hatfields
and Vulcanos? Sal, as soon as
the bride walks in, hit her with a “I’m so
[bleep] excited for you.” [ Chuckles ] [ Laughter ] -Oh! So nice.
-Thank you. Got the full-length here. I’m so [bleep] excited
for you. [ Laughter ] Did you book
your money-poon yet? ♪♪ [ Laughter ] Where are you guys headed on your, uh… ♪♪ [ Laughter ] Where are you guys headed
on your money-poon? -The honeymoon?
-Yeah, the money-poon. [ Laughter ] -Bora Bora.
-Oh, wow. Oh, that’s —
that’s really nice. Yeah,
my best friend went… -Yeah, I’m excited.
-…for his money-poon. [ Laughter ] Hm? You keep saying that. [ Laughter ] It’s, uh, dyslexia. [ Laughter ] Joe: Okay, Sal, ready? Let’s play a little
hide-and-seek. Q: Hide-and-seek! Gonna play a little
hide-and-seek. Plenty of places
to hide in here. Why don’t you go hide
behind some dresses? Right back there
in your little hidey-hole. Murr: It’s your
little hiding spot. Yeah,
get in your hidey-hole. It’s bride-and-go-seek. -Oh! -Hey, all right! -Nice, man! -I came to play! -Don’t — don’t encourage him.
-[ Laughs ] Fun-tastic. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] Yeah, buddy. Get on in there. [ Laughter ] -Yeah! -Perfect. -There she is.
-I don’t even think I can have it any looser,
because it’s gonna fall. I’ll bring the seamstress out
and see if she can take a look, -okay?
-Okay. All right. Thank you. Be right back. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] ♪♪ Everything fitting okay? Oh, my God. You scared me. [ Laughter ] Why are you…? Um… “Have you seen my pants?” Have you seen a pair of pants? No. I, uh… I got to get my pants. Okay. [ Laughter ]

100 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Sal Plays Bride and Seek | truTV

  1. After Sal says hes exceeded for her you can see her start to smirk before they change to a different angle of her with a stone face. 100% edited. Gotta wonder how much of this show is edited.

  2. I'm Australian and I'm sorry impractical Jokers but you got your facts wrong, Forty Forty is a completely different game to Hide N' Seek.

  3. 0:31 was actually cut from 1:05 so they made it look like she never smiled and pissed the whole time.

  4. in the trutv tips, thing we still have hide and go seek in australia, 44 homes is a little different where there is another objective..

  5. I wish they just showed us true human emotions instead of cutting reactions to make it seem different. 0:29 the girls reaction is to laugh but they instead cut to her upset. Just give us real human reactions.

  6. Buying your wedding dress is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of your life and you act like that? What a bitter woman lol.

  7. 1:25 In Australia, 'Hide and Go Seek' is called 'Hide and Seek'. '44 Home' (not 'Homes') is similar, but you win by touching a certain object where the seeker counts. For example, the seeker might start at a dog house and everybody else hides. The seeker counts to 44, then has to find and tag everyone else before they have a chance to touch the dog house. When you (a hider) touches the house, you have to call "44 Home" and you're safe.

    But different, but way fun. Many childhood memories.

  8. 1:26 in England we have the same game as 44 homes but we call it 44 in and each hider must reach a certain point that the seeker has to defend and when the hiders reach the point you have to say 44 in but if you get caught the seeker say 44 out and you join the seeking team

  9. Pl r here bashing the first lady for cold behaviour ….. May b she was not in good mood at that time …. or she doesn't mingle too much with strangers…. y ppl r so quick to judge

  10. Firstly Hide and go seek is a completely different game than 44 Home base*, 44 home base is when the seeker has to guard something, eg a tree or light pole and the hiders have to touch it… and when we touch the pole/tree then we say forty, forty home base not I see you🤦‍♂️

  11. Oh gosh!! When that woman said hi I started laughing 😂😂 I know that had to be real because I've met people who are just like that. I like to think she's not a bad person, I mean she could've just been tired and stressed from all the wedding planning. You guys have to remember women are more easily stressed than men because they do all the work when it comes to weddings

  12. I’m Australian and I’ve never even heard off “44 homes” I’ve always called it hide and seek 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. As a proud Australian, I’d like to say that hide and seek and 40 40 are very distinct games and I find it rather insulting that the two have even been compared in such a way

  14. geniuses here believing everything on TV!
    The first girl is not actually the way they portray it with the edits, you can clearly see her smiling at 0:30 but they've cut it and put probably another scene right after it to make it look like she's angry all the time!

    Stop believing everything on Tv kiddos!

  15. BTW i live in Australia and WE DO NOT USE 44 HOMES or whatever you said in that text box, we call it Hide and go seek too. and when we find the person it's normally something to the affect of" I found you"….FYI lol i have never heard the term 44 homes before after 33 years in Australia and neither has anyone i know. Love the show though boys, you are HYSTERICAL!!

  16. Those poor men that feel they have to marry them cows when the milk is free !!!! These ladies are already ugly on the inside, time will do the rest.

  17. That first girl was so rude, Stuck up, self important and ignorant! Pity the fool that's marrying that!… He'll be dipping elsewhere before long!

  18. Lol it made it much better when sal hid and the assistant left 😂 idk if she knew but it made it funnier that way

  19. For me it is called 44 homes the rules I forgot but hide and seek is normal called tag or something like that

  20. ……….stop sticking these post its on the screen every 2 seconds. It's fine if you really have something to say…

  21. first chick has a sexy vibe her husband is a lucky man especially on the moneypoon he gets to shag her every night now wow ok

  22. Umm 44 Holmes is a bit different.
    the spotter has to stay in one place, the home. And the hider has to make there way back without being seen. The hider gets out when the seeker sees them, then they say 44 I see you. And then the hider is out. You win by getting back home without being spotted.
    We also play hide and seek. Two different games both fun. But 44 Holmes is easier to play in a school yard

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