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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Uncle Murr Asks for Advice  | truTV

Okay. Excuse me, miss. What
do you think is better
for a little kid… Joe: Okay, Liv, start Irish step dancing. …Going to the Statue of Liberty or the
Empire State Building? I don’t know what’s better
for her, you know? [ Laughter ] You think that’s better
for a little kid? Stop dancing, and just lay down
on the floor. [ Laughter ] But imagine if you’re at the top
of the Empire State Building, right, and you’re just
looking up at the whole sky. [ Laughter ] You don’t go
to the top? Come on,
Uncle James. Come on,
Uncle James. Let’s go make it rain
on Cinnamon down at the club. Let’s make it go rain on Cinnamon at the club. [ Laughter ] I told her that if we make it
to New York, I’ll take her to the nicest nudie bar. You can only drink
if you’re over 21, but they allow
any age in. No,
I’m serious. I have identification… I have identification… …That says I’m 21. …That says I’m 21. Oh. Uncle James
bought it for me… Uncle James
bought it for me… Q:
…On Canal Street. …On Canal Street. Yes. [ Laughter ] She’s a smart one. Thanks for the help,
Hottie Patottie. Thanks for the help,
Hottie Patottie. Oh. [ Laughter ] Thank you for the help,
Hottie Patottie. [ Chuckles nervously ] [ Laughter ]

27 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Uncle Murr Asks for Advice | truTV

  1. Cancel that Talk Show The Game Show garbage and Adam Cucks Everything and bring back Impractical Jokers After Party. #FatoneLivesMatter

  2. someone awnser my question. whats the difference from impractical jokers and impractical jokers inside jokes????
    please reply

  3. I can't believe the american peoples are so calm.They do not intrested to see what happened around them.But in my country peoples get enjoy or help the people if they are in trouble.And one thing in ur country everybody speaks dirty words but in my country these type of activity are not allowed . In my country If someone moking the person then moked person become more agressive that u can't imagine. so I love one thing about your country is that " everybody busy and calm and they get freedom to do this.I love this jokers and their performances .I love murr,Q ,sal and joe.keep it up guys.And do not break your friendship………I love u……

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