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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Warm Fish Salad | truTV

[ Laughter ] Hey, guys. Welcome. Got it. Changing $500. Start pushing him
on the warm fish specials that they’re
serving upstairs. Uh, have you guys eaten here yet
or no? Did you try the buffet?
-Yeah, we’ve been here all week. Oh, you’ve been here
all week? Did you try the buffet?
They got a warm fish special. It’s honestly one of the best
warm fish salads in all of Connecticut. See if the pit boss
will get you some warm fish
down there. Could we get
some warm fish salad down here for my friends? [ Laughter ] Call up to —
Call up to Javier. Ask him if we can get
a warm fish salad? -Are you serious?
-Thank you. You know, if I could have it
my way, I’d have Javier
shoveling warm fish salad right into my mouth hole. [ Laughter ] My wife makes
a warm fish salad. It’ll blow your balls off. [ Laughter ] Here’s how she does it. She takes
some warm fish. [ Laughs ] She mixes it
with some salad! [ Laughs ] This is how she does it.
She takes a nice warm fish. She mixes it up
into a salad. Boom, balls right off! [ Laughter ] Joe, say nothing else now
except “warm fish.” It’s basically like
we’re just gonna beat this to death
then, right? [ Laughter ] Warm fish. Now, I should stay,
right? 11. Warm fish salad. Okay. Sal’s on the floor
at this point. [ Squeals ] [ Laughter ] 19, 18, 12. It’s a two!
It’s a deuce! Is that a deuce?! Joey, tell him you got
to go drop the deuce of farts in the bathroom
and then just walk away. Speaking of that, I got to go
drop a deuce of farts in the bathroom. I’ll just [Claps] [ Laughter ] What just happened? [ Laughter ] Murr: Go back in like
nothing happened. Can I interest you
in some warm fish salad? [ Laughter ] Excuse me one second. [ Laughter ] Okay, yeah. [ Laughter continues ] But, yeah, you like 50.
There you go — warm fish salad! [ Ding! ]

73 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Warm Fish Salad | truTV

  1. 1:02 ironic considering Joe has beaten every single joke he has ever made to death. Always goes too far with it, never knows when to stop, thinks he's hilarious

  2. I really want them to be even more famous than they already are but just outside of US because if they get recognized all the time they will have to put way too much effort for an episode and in the end they might stop it AND I DON'T WANT THAT!

  3. I’m here because I want to laugh. I just listened to the red dead redemption 2 song “that’s the way it is” and I need to get it out of my head so I can stop crying

  4. I am literally Sal at 1:15 🤣🤣 LMAO
    Joe: points at table "Warm fish"
    Guy: "Now, I should stay, right?"
    Joe: points at table "Warm fish salad."
    Guy: "Ok."
    Sal dies of laughter
    Murr: "Sal's on the floor at this point."

  5. Joe: Warm Fish…
    Guy: Now I Should Stay Rite??
    Joe: Warm Fish Salad…
    Guy: Ok?!?!


  6. That’s cool joe was able to keep his laughter in check and still deal cards… wonder if he plays a lot or has some kind of dealing background

  7. "Can we get some warm fish salad for my friends here? Call up to Javier! Ask him if he can get some warm fish salad here, thanks!"

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