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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – You Can’t Say That | truTV

Geez. ♪♪ -Hey, all right.
-There you go. -That’s a good Samaritan.
-I had to beg my guy. Sal: You’re half. Ethnicity, put, um… put “half.” Okay. Half what? Just the word “Half”? Just half. All right, a man who beats to his own drum. [ Laughs ] If you could be
an animal… If I could be animal,
what would I be? -“A horse.”
-A horse. -“Noble…”
-Noble… -“Majestic…”
-Majestic. “Hung…” What is the best
smell in — I’m not done with
the horse question. [ Laughter ] Oh, okay. It’s just — It’s just one question. [ Laughs ]
He’s still going. Okay. Noble, majestic, hung. -You know…
-Okay. [ Laughter ] “The breath of
a very tall woman.” [ Chuckles ] I-I mean, it’s got to be the breath of… [ Laughter ] It’s got to be the breath
of a very tall woman. Okay. [ Laughter ] “I once bull[bleep]ed my way
out of a hit and run.” Joe: Oh, my God. I once, um… -Yeah, you can’t say that.
-I want him to say it so badly. I once bull[bleep]ed my way
out of a hit and run. [ Laughs ] Okay, I don’t — Do you really want me
to write that? [ Laughs ] Okay. Oh, good question. “I met a stripper
a few years back, and I always wondered
what would’ve happened if I gave her that 500 bucks
to go to the back room.” [ Sal laughs ] You know what? Oh, my God.
he’s over us. A few years back… James, you need to be
concise for me. Yes! [ Laughs ] -I’m sorry.
-So I can write this. -Be concise.
-You know what? I’ll fill out the rest myself. I appreciate it. [ Laughter ] [ Buzzer ]

59 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – You Can’t Say That | truTV

  1. Who else’s favorite is Sal? How he always loses the laughing challenges, is so neurotic but still lovable. One of my all time favorite punishments was in the elevator. I swear these guys cure depression.

  2. To everyone hating on the guy, he was being generous by helping out Murr, then Murr asks him to write down these long, non-serious answers. He probably just felt like Murr was wasting his time.

  3. You know the drill
    3. Sal
    4. Murr
    5. Kaci (the producer)
    6. Benjamin the cat
    7. Sloppy Joe
    8. The Mime
    9. Murrs Blanket
    0. Your Choice
    Incase you don’t know the drill the last number of like of yours is who you are. Let me start it out I’m Joe.
    If you don’t like your punishment is to watch Murrs movie Damned. And trust me that’s something you don’t want to do. 😲😲😲

  4. So we're all just gonna pretend and not to notice and comment on this random guy's left arm string arrow tattoo?

  5. that guy should learn how to enjoy his life and not taking everything seriously, life is short, it is a good time to reflect

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