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Impractical Jokers – Joe and Q Finally Crack

Today we’re getting people’s opinions about New York City but the real people
getting docked is us. While giving the survey, the other guys will be
behind that glass wall that becomes see-through
at the flip of a switch. The goal is not to laugh, but when that glass
becomes see-through — Whoo!
Good luck with that. ♪♪ Sal: Right now, you have
a black T-shirt on with a sports jacket
and long hair and scruff. This is what middle-aged hip looks like, man. I’d like to say
it looks good on you. Eh, you’d like to. I’d like to. [ Laughter ] Murr: Here we go. Fellas. You starting it off? I’m starting it off. All right, Joe. Go give them hell. All right. Name three pros and cons about living in or near New York City. Um, the pros, you know,
entertainment all over. Murr: What is that?
What is that? Public transit,
you know, really… Where I live,
you kind of need a car, but it’s not necessary. I mean, there are buses
and stuff, so… It’s Joe
being born out of an egg. Um… I don’t think it’s really too — And it’s kind of dirty,
but nobody thinks it’s — [ Laughter ] Something back there? No, no. There’s a damn fly that’s
been going around all day. Okay, that’s hysterical. We cracked up.
He did a hard smile. Really? He just smiled. He didn’t break. Damn. Describe your dream apartment. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Well, um, you can get anywhere
quickly by transit. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] Murr: It’s all of
Q’s firemen buddies! [ Laughter ] [ Laughs ] Lots of space, you know? Joe: That’s a laugh. Something like that. Q: Downtown,
they do a lot of that. There is some weird [bleep]
going on in New York City. Got him! Describe Prospect Park. What I like about it most
is that, well, they have
the summer concert in the summer. [ Laughter ] They have the, like,
bands that play there, so I’ve gone there
for that. Joe: This is our good friend Bryan Johnson. He’s from the TV show
“Comic Book Men.” Sal: By the way,
he brought his own shorts. That’s true. The, uh —
what’s the — do you understand
the alternate is to laugh? Joe: Yeah! Murr: Got you! Do you understand the alternate side of the street parking rule at all in New York City? ‘Cause I don’t. I don’t know what’s going on

100 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers – Joe and Q Finally Crack

  1. the moment i hear "the one who laughs most , loses"……i decide the loser that it's surely sal who's gonna be the loser

  2. Omg how did they get Q's firemen buddies to do this?? Lol i thought they were male strippers! Hats off to those gents and to the Jokers! 😂😂😘

  3. I like how Sal is wearing a "The List of Jericho" shirt, meaning he still watches WWE and his favorite superstar is Chris Jericho

  4. This episode was literally just on TV. Though I guess that isn't saying much as TruTV is basically 75% Impractical Jokers 🙂

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