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Impractical Jokers – “Who’s Laughing Now?” Ep. 807 (Web Chat) | truTV

Well, I don’t care
if they need me on set, I’m in the back of a minivan
doing a web chat. ♪♪ Hi, guys. Joe Gatto here,
your favorite Impractical Joker, back in the minivan talking to
you fans about #AskAJoker. You guys submit questions, we
get to answer them all the time. We do them no matter
where we are — minivans, houses, set. Jail.
Wherever we end up. So thank you so much
for being fans. We love you.
Let’s get into it. JokersFanzz says, “Has anything weird
happened to you in real life that was so strange or unreal that you thought
it was part of the show?” No, but here’s the problem,
I’ll tell you that — I start doing things thinking
I’m always on the show. Like, I’ll just be shopping
in Target with my wife, and then I’ll start, like,
messing with people. And she’ll be like, “You’re not
on the show right now. Can we just pick up
the toilet paper?” You know? But I’m busy, like,
shooting it in people’s carts. -2-1.
-That’s the end of Joe. Sal: Oh, 2-2. 3-2. You got to pay
for all that now. Don’t try to get out of here
for free with them. “If someone told you
as a teenager that one day you’d be traveling
around the world with three Monsignor Farrell
classmates earning a living
making people laugh, would you have believed him?” We’re in London, bitches. [ Laughter ] It’s funny, ’cause I actually — I said that —
You should ask the other guys, ’cause I said that
to the three guys. Freshman year, I said,
“You know what, guys? In 20 years, the three of us are
gonna be traveling the world making people laugh for money, and our lives
are gonna be fabulous.” And they all laughed at me,
and they said, “Ha!” And now who’s laughing now, Sal? Stupid. To be fair, I said that to four
guys — the other guy said no. “What has been your favorite and least favorite location
to shoot?” My least favorite location
to shoot… I’ll tell you guys a story. There was a place that we filmed
in Season 1, when we had our cameras set up,
and we were — We got shook down. We got all
our hidden cameras in, we’re ready to shoot
and everything, and then the owner of the place
came in, and he goes,
“Oh, you can’t do that. You can’t put that there.” And one of our producers said,
“What are you talking about? You saw us do that.” He goes, “Nah, you got to
take it down. You have to give me another
$7,000 for the location fee.” And we were all set up
and ready to go, and we were shooting two things
there that day. The best location is always
a grocery store, because there’s always just food
around you and pastry. Whenever I’m surrounded by food
and pastry — We all collectively love
grocery stores. That’s why you’ll see us
at grocery stores so much because there’s always —
To be surrounded by food is fun. [ Laughs ] I’m gonna give you the milk. I want you to throw it
on the floor and break it. Let the bad boy out that’s in
that bad boy body of yours. [ Laughter ] All: Ohh! “If you got into a fight
with your wife, who would you confide in?” I’m not gonna tell you people,
because then she knows, and then she goes and asks them, and these guys
can’t keep secrets. I don’t trust any of them
with any of my secrets. That’s the problem
with your best friends, because if you tell them
something, you confide that in them,
they use it against you. Look at so many punishments. I’m just gonna dropkick you through a window. I think one of
the two of them deuced. Somebody deuced. Aaaah!
Aaaah, Mommy! They’ve come from a secret that had started
from your best friend. You know, Sal confided in us
that he didn’t like cats. Now look.
He’s surrounded by felines. Oh, my God. [ Crying ] [ Laughter ] That’s it. Well, thank you so much, guys.
We appreciate it. What else can I tell you? You want to come see us on tour,
you can. You can find tickets.
Right here’s a link. Okay? And then right here’s a link
for where — There’s two links on the — This link tells you
where to get tickets, this link tells you about where you can watch clips
of the show, okay? I didn’t even realize you were
here the whole time. [ Laughter ] Oh, I’m so sorry. ♪♪ Should we do it —
Do you want to do it all again? We’ll just do it again.
We’re out of time. They’re telling me
I don’t have time. I told you, I’m in a minivan! I have to get back to set, guys.
I love you so much. Thanks for being fans.
You’re the best in the world. ♪♪

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