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Impressionist Andrea Lopez Performs in the Open Mic Round - Bring The Funny (Open Mic)

– What up? What up? What up? Welcome to the most lit
informational media show out there with the one
and only straight fire host
of all time–me, Chad. Today's show is filled
with drama that you don't want to miss. Speaking of drama, our crew caught up
with Kourtney Kardashian today, to get her thoughts on Scott's
"alleged" new love interest. Roll the tape. – Kourtney, what do you think
about Sofia Vergara posting a picture with Scott? – Scott is trying so hard
to get a reaction out of me. Posting a picture
with Sofia Vergara is childish. Like, I don't care. She's probably
about twice his age… – That is so good!
– Amazing. – And he is still dating
Sofia Richie. Don't double-dip with two women
with the same name. That's just slob kebabs. Like, I'm so done, Scott. [dramatic music] – Spot on. Trust me. [giggling] – Look, our crews stayed busy and got Sofia Vergara's
take on this, as well. Roll that tape. – Sofia, have you seen
Kourtney's comments? – Ay, dios mio. Scott is not even my type,
and we posed for one picture, and we didn't do nothing. We were on the set
of my shampoo commercial, and we posed for picture. And I am not double her age. I am, like, five years older,
so don't go there, okay? Ay, dios mio. – All right, so clearly Scott was just trying
to get a pic with Vergara, because, uh, who wouldn't? Oh, this just in. Kourtney Kardashian,
in live time, just sent
a real reaction video. This is gonna be good. Let's play that tape. – Bible, I am so busy as a mom
and a content creator. Like, I just don't want
this negative energy around me or my family. Like, I just don't have time. Scott, Sofia Richie, and I are the true
"Modern Family," unlike the sitcom
that you're in, Sofia. [applause] – Kourtney definitely made
some hashtag decent points. We'll catch up with you
next week. Chad deuces out. [cheers and applause]

8 thoughts on “Impressionist Andrea Lopez Performs in the Open Mic Round – Bring The Funny (Open Mic)

  1. Was looking in the description to see Andrea’s social. There is a link in the description that takes you to this video again. 😂

  2. If y'all seen the episode, click read more cuz I don't wanna catch the spoiler crybabies XP

    Remember that clip Chrissy recorded and posted on Instagram when it was suppose to be private? XD

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