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Ojas: Are we ready for this orgasmic cinema meets comedy? Oh Yes Keep my towel handy Okay Let’s do this So we are going to begin with something known as Improvised Comedy But improvised comedy is on the spot comedy. This is something that we have not rehearsed, we have not tried So it is completely unprepared, it is unscripted We will take into account your suggestions and create a scene on the spot The first round that we are going to play is known as the Director’s Round So for this scene, I will be the Director We have three amazing artists So we are going to begin this act, I am going to create a film I need some suggestions from all of you First give me an iconic scene An iconic scene from any film DDLJ Train…DDLJ Train Then? Can we have the spotlight on him? Which scene? The thing hanging under the cow? What? Dude you might have watched something different by mistake That wasn’t DDLJ It wasn’t ‘Dil Wale Dhodh Ke Chale Jayenge’ Any, any iconic scene come on Huh? Sholay, okay Sholay which scene from Sholay? Basant… Basanti in kutto ke aage mat naachna Okay So an iconic scene Gabbar Dharmendra and Hema Ji Do you all remember this scene? Have you seen this? Hello, you? You know this, right? And we need two genres Two genres of You keep shut! Two different genres of movies Huh? Horror Okay we will take horror So we have horror one… Any youngsters in the audience or all elders? Huh? Romance Romance So we will take romance, we will take horror Now emotions, we need two emotions Anger? Okay we will take anger We have romance, we have horror, we have anger Lust is not an emotion! It is a part of the character.
Dude, you should meet him later Hasya? Okay Hasya, we will take hasya rasa So yeah, we are going to perform this scene Are we ready? Okay, let’s do this Oh God! I have to make a make a movie And I have called three artists for that Who are they, let me see Yes! Oh, Hello! Welcome Janki: Hi Ojas: Both of you can leave Oh sorry… We have to make a movie Okay? And see, I’m making a remake Hemang: Do I have a role in it?
Ojas: Joondaal Ke Sholay! Lights Camera Action! Hemang: Basanti! I am just saying the dialogue Jayesh: Yeah, please do Hemang: Don’t worry! My hands are tied Jayesh: Come on Hemang: Basanti, in kutto ke saamne mat naachna Jayesh: Stand right here! Once more Ojas: Cut! Cut! Jayesh: He said dogs… Ojas: We are making Sholay, not Godzilla Hemang: Is he Gabbar or what? Ojas: Sorry sorry, he is a senior artist…
Janki: Fast fast come on Ojas: Let us do one thing Let us perform the entire scene in Anger I want to see anger Okay? Hemnag: I already was angry Ojas: Yeah, that is good but a bit more Action! Hemang: Basanti Ojas: Yes Hemang: In kutto ke saamne mat naachna Janki: Mai naachungi! Jayesh: Okay start Ojas: No Cut! Cut cut… What was that? What are you doing? Even Anger is not working out for you Hasya Ras Let us create a very bubbly and cheerful environment Hemang: yes yes that is great!
Ojas: that would work right? So, Hasya Rasa, laugh everyone Lights Camera Action! Hemang: Basanti, in kutto ke saamne mat naachna… Janki: Mai naachungi Jayesh: Arey waah Badi gatheeli nachaniya ho! Janki: Hatt! Jayesh: Zara humko bhi to dikhao do.. Where is she running away! Look at her man! Jayesh: She is going out of the frame
Ojas: Oh my God! Cut! Cut!!! Janki: But why is he doing this? Ojas: Me entire scene…
Hemang: Sir, I was good right? Ojas: You were awesome Hemang: Thank you Ojas: I will give you an Oscar worth five rupees. Let us do one last thing okay? Hemang: Yeah Ojas: This is the… Actually wait, let us do two things I’ll give you variations Romance! Sir, Romantic. Anything else you want to know? Jayesh: No I am done, come on ready? Hemang: I am ready Ojas: It’s me who has to say that! Jayesh: Oh I am sorry Ojas: Lights Action! Hemang: Basanti… In kutto ke saamne mat naachna Ojas: Romance romance Janki: Mai naachungi
Ojas: Beautiful! Mai naachungi
Hemang: Go to hell. Mai naachungi Hemang: Go dance! Jayesh: Jab tak iski saans chalegi Teri saanse chalengi… Ojas: Shut up Cut! Cut cut! Jayesh: It was romantic… Ojas: How can Gabbar be a transgender?! Jayesh: But this was romance Janki: Sir Ojas: What kind of Gabbar are you? Jayesh: I was just… Ojas: That guy put in so much effort, with the pink lights and everything Romantic Jayesh: But this is how I do romance Ojas: Without extra payment This is not how you do romance! Oh my goodness! Jayesh: Okay come on now… Ojas: One last time guys, one last time We are done here then Nothing after this, just give me one final shot Horror Ojas: Try this scene out in Horror Basanti in kutto ke saamne mat naachna… one last time, okay? Jayesh: Yeah done Hemang: Horror horror… Jayesh: Like this?
Ojas: Later later… Ojas: You have to enter from here. Don’t come before time Lights Cam… Hello Madam? Kindly pay attention here Janki: Yeah sorry sorry… Ojas: Lights Camera Action Hemang: Basanti… In kutto ke saamne mat naachna Janki: Mai naachungi Janki: Mai naachungi
Ojas: Continue continue Ojas: It doesn’t have to be this horrific Jayesh: Please let her dance a bit, it would be fun! Come on, ready Ojas: Nooo Cut!!! I do not want to make this movie anymore Janki: Even I don’t want to do this All shouting: Let’s go we don’t want to be a part of this Hemang: Oh what the hell, let us leave Thank you ladies and gentlemen Once again, give it up for Janki, Hemang and Jayesh More So that was the Director’s round Now coming up next is the second round, the PG-PG Combination Ladies and gentlemen please call upon stage Prem Gadhvi and Pratik Gandhi Ojas: Thank you thank you, guys please Ojas: So, Prem Gadhvi and Pratik Gandhi are going to play the second round which is known as the Dialogue Round ladies and gentlemen For this, we made the people at the registering counter write fun statements in the chits And these chits are taglines, they are dialogues, they are ad commercial lines And I have all those chits with here with me Prem and Pratik have not seen what is written in them So Prem, these are four for you And Pratik, these are four for you Okay So give me a scene, where there are two characters, having a conflict It doesn’t have to be a film scene, it can be a normal regular scene between husband and wife Yeah, which scene? Husband Wife.
Oh okay what are they fighting over? Daal jal gayi??? Overcooked daal… The husband is cheating on you Neighbour The husband is cheating on his wife with the neighbor, and the Daal got burnt So, we have the burnt daal situation and a lovey dovey thing going on with the neighbor Okay? Are we ready? Ladies and gentlemen, Prem Gadhvi, Pratik Gandhi Prem: Why are you late today? Why? Don’t give me those looks! Answer me Come on, speak up! Say something at least, anything! Pratik: I’ll be a pain in your ass! Who wrote this one? Prem: I’ve been waiting for that to happen, but you are unable to live up to the expectations! Stay away! Pratik: Do you want me to use Wifi? You don’t know how to cook Daal Prem: I asked for Qutub Minar, but you got a wiper instead What am I supposed to do in this? You made a fool out of yourself in front of everyone… What happens here should stay here na! Whatever it is, just tell me Why are you late today? Pratik: The daal you cooked today Prem: What? Pratik: For lunch It was overcooked Prem: The fault in your stars… Pratik: My stars depend on your cooking abilities? Prem: It is called hot! Get it? You never really understood what hotness is Overcooked! huh! Pratik: If this is called ‘being hot’, I don’t care! And then expect Qutub Minar Your dad had warned me about this… Prem: Warned about what? Pratik: Of course he lied to me Prem: What though? Pratik: Ke isko laga daala to life jhingalala… Prem: You know what your mom warned me about? Pratik: What? Prem: Pehle istemaal karo, phir vishwaas karo Prem: That is where I went wrong! Pratik: Here, look at me… Pratik: Every time you overcook the Daal- Prem: Ahh.. You finally touched me… I felt something Dhak dhak karne laga Pratik: I felt something too… Prem: I don’t feel so! Pratik: That’s because I don’t let you feel so… Prem: Then do it! One should make his wife feel so! Pratik: One doesn’t have to go and clean every gutter in town! That’s why the last time- Oye! Pratik: Why are you meddling in our personal matter?
Prem: Why did you come right now? Go home Pratik: He’s the guy in Padosi right? He is the Padosi right? Prem: You were saying… Pratik: Wait man! I am saying- Prem: Woman! Pratik: Oh right, you are a woman! Prem: Don’t change my gender! Pratik: Your masculinity confuses me… I want to tell you something today! Prem: Which is? Pratik: Close your eyes and keep your hands at the back… Prem: Behind whom? Pratik: You Ojas: And here ladies and gentlemen… Prem: Wait, we have one more chit My husband is home and you want to come now… Pratik: You keep your eyes shut… Prem: Yeah Pratik: I really want to tell you something… Aao kabhi haveli pe Prem: Ahaaaa He is using both of us? Ojas?! Ojas: Thanks here ladies and gentlemen Please give it up for Pratik Gandhi and Prem Gadhvi Like. Share. Subscribe.

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  1. jorrdaar bhai ava ne ava video plzzzzzzzzzzz upload karata rehajo. plzzz bhura…🀣😁😎😎

  2. Bakwas comedy. Ultimately gujrati natak na ganda j che. Khali pretentious naam aapi didhu che. You guys are just bunch of wannabes.

  3. U guys…. Su Vat karu yaar….
    I never miss any video from The comedy factory. Every time you present something new.. Baki mara Jay shri Krishna

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  5. Superb bhai , baki jalso padi didho

  6. thnx for such amazing superb comedy show .. actually bcoz of u .bc guys.. its rid my migrain pain.. eni maani khabar nai padti k kem kari ne thnx bolu.. ama to boli j lidhu chhe pan salu tame same hot ne to bau badhi galo boli ne thnx bolvu hatu

    sorry hmm its just fun like u

    but really tamara aa videos joine dimag no stress kyay bhagi jaay chhe

    even mane chhella 4 mahina thi migraine oain rahe chhe
    ane mane dava levani adat j nathi

    etle migraine vakrelu hatu hamna thi

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    migrain ni maa no… b…. thai gyo
    aaje first day chhe migraine pain vagar no

    thank you guys

    love u and bless u all

    keep working ahead

    and i hope

    badha comedy show ni maa.. c.. nakho

    ek survey mujab

    survey to na kehvay

    pan hakikaht e j chhe k

    gujaratio ne lidhe j india aagal chhe

    pan film industry ne haju vadhu takat aapvaani jarur chhe

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    bhagvan to chhe

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    take care all

    ek jut raho

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    jai hind

    jai bharat

    jai shree krishna

  7. Could have done it better. Rather than copying AIB, try benchmarking them. You could have produced combined continuous show rather than small segments. Director's segment was stereotypical like the school level drama. Roast was good but other segments were just wasting the actors you guys got.

  8. PG and PG was good considering it was a difficult situation..where you dont know what lines are there on chits

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