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Improv Comedy Techniques : Improv Comedy Techniques & Tips

LES MCGEHEE: Hi, we’re back. It’s Les McGehee,
the guy who wrote the Les McGehee Plays Well With Others. It’s not just a coincidence that
my name’s on it. I’m here with Joe Parsons, my funny friend who is helping me to teach
some simple improv lessons from my book, Les McGehee Plays Well With Others available at and at bookstore near you, also at your library and your university probably.
Alright, well we played a lot of fun games. Joe was very funny. He made us and the producers
laugh a whole bunch of times and we think we made some good points to you. I want to
remind you what those points were. In improvisation, it’s very important that you listen carefully
and all of your energy is right there and then where you are in that room with those
people seeing, hearing and thinking about things that are going on right there with
you guys. That’s a concentration that you’ll need, to be there and not thinking about a
bunch of distracting things like what you’re going to do afterwards. Then, when you start
working with ideas or one of the improvisers, you want to use this skill of proactive agreement
that we call “yes and”. “Yes and”. That means, you’re going to take the idea the way it’s
offered and help it to go the direction it’s trying to go and while you’re learning how
to do that well, it’s good to use the word “yes and” every time that you want. I think
that’s very strong, isn’t it? JOE PARSONS: Yes, and it’s one of my favorites. LES MCGEHEE:
Yes and, it will never fail you. So if the silence hits you when you’re working with
somebody or with an idea, use those words “yes and” and you’ll see that the next set
of words is already to come out of your mouth, ready to go. You just need that momentum of
the “yes and” to power that. Also, listen very carefully. All the ideas that are being
brought up in your group while you’re creating something are the right ideas and if you listen
carefully, they will all map themselves out for you and send you in a great direction
where you will discover things that are very funny fun and you and your friends can have
a big laugh or an introspective time over what you improvised on or both at the same
time or play with pop [PH] reference, but you’re going to find all those opportunities
by listening to each other really well and believing in the opportunities when they come
up and stepping forward. The other thing is once you’re building something with somebody
like doing a scene or playing a game, don’t drop out. Stay with it, focus on that game
and stay with it all the way to the end. We’re excited, we want to see who wins, it’s a battle
of wits and creativity and we want you stay in that game all the way to the end. Bless
you, Joe. And this way, you’ll have more fun with your friends and family playing those
improv games and it’s good for you. Those of you in work and business, improvisation
belongs in the workplace too and if you guys played well with each other, you wouldn’t
do so many creepy things that are bad for the ethics of this world. Ethics and fair
play comes with the bargain when you’re playing well with others and improvising with agreement
and not judgement. You have a good time. It will make you feel more like you. We’ll be
back at Expert Village and Joe will have a tissue then. JOE PARSONS: I think I’m allergic
to summary. LES MCGEHEE: He’s holding one of his hands away from his body and I’m scared
to look in it, but in the meantime, we’ll be back to do an Improv 201 and carry the
improv lesson a little bit further for you. Here at Expert Village, Les McGehee and his
friend Joe Parson signing off. JOE PARSONS: Thanks a lot. LES MCGEHEE: Plays Well With

27 thoughts on “Improv Comedy Techniques : Improv Comedy Techniques & Tips

  1. hey this is some pretty good techniques.

    my channel does some improve stuff to if you could check that out that would be great – thanks

  2. Here are some self marketing techniques – if you plug your website and you have an impossible name to spell, add your website address at the bottom of the screen for people to have burned into their brain. Also, don't have flashing lights right behind your head, it's distracting for many people and hard to un-notice. Also, put your arm around somebody once per video. Doing it at the beginning and end of the video is really creepy.


    Lucky he went into comedy with a name like that, haha!
    He could just say his name to be funny, oh wait, he did!

  4. let me know what you think of my comedy monologues. looking for unbiased opinions. thanks!!! just type in billiejolene1

  5. improvisation techniques. prepraration going on here thus not true improvisation. by my meaning of the word concept which is probably not technically correct.

  6. i improved with a lady i knew ……she said euch and such was hiring  and i said "oh yeah?"  then i started making up names of places that dont even exist and said they were hiring and she not only agreed but also she already knew that.

    i guess it was a good response as far as improv goes  i know you arent supposed to say "no" in improv or it all falls flat. 
    but for some reason i never wanted to speak 2 words to her again

  7. If you look at this like they're professionals playing characters that are meant to come across exactly how they're coming across, then this becomes fucking hilarious! Think 'The Office'.

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