Laughter is the Best Medicine

IndyTV: RSO Spotlight: Comedy Club

Hello, I’m Avery Martinez for the IndyTV and
I’m sitting here with Allie Wolfe at Durango’s Underground Comedy Club. And we’re getting ready for the Comedy Club
tonight, Allie, so can you tell us a little bit about the Comedy Club here in Durango? Allie: Yeah, so we have the show going on
tonight, that is our monthly “Laugh Therapy” Underground show. And basically, anyone can come sign up, anyone
can do it. Avery: So do you think this has a lot of outreach
to campus for Fort Lewis College? Allie: Oh yeah! For sure, for sure! I think that it’s leadership experience too. To be able to stand up in front of a crowd
and be able to talk like that? Like, public speaking is a BIG thing. And THIS is the way to get over it! Avery: How did you get interested… how did
you get started doing comedy here in Durango? Allie: So, actually I started doing it because
I have an anxiety disorder. And, I was very afraid of failure, and I figured
that the best way to appropriate failure and make it not as scary was to start doing standup. Because failure is an everyday part of it,
for sure. Avery: Avery Martinez here with Allie Wolfe
on the IndyTV, stay tuned to the IndyTV for up to the minute coverage of campus news.

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