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Inglourious Basterds (5/9) Movie CLIP – Go Out Speaking the King’s (2009) HD

Well if this is it old boy I hope you don’t mind if I go out speaking the kings. By all means Captain. There’s a special rung in hell sir, for people who waste good scotch seeing as I may be rapping on the door momentarily. I must say damn good stuff sir. Now, about this pickle we find ourselves in it would appear there’s only one thing left for you to do. And what would that be? Stiglitz. Say ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to your Nazi balls.

100 thoughts on “Inglourious Basterds (5/9) Movie CLIP – Go Out Speaking the King’s (2009) HD

  1. Archie was in this film for less than an hour and proved himself to be one of the coolest motherfuckers in cinema history. This whole scene is a cinematic masterpiece. The tension is insane. Tarantino really outdid himself.

  2. I remember barely being able to breathe in the theater because of how intense this scene was! And that's just from reading subtitles!

  3. My French teacher told the class about this when we were learning how to count. She said “ He spoke beautiful German, but he gave himself away when he started counting he did it the western way. In Europe, you count starting with your thumb.”

  4. Love the scene but SS major could just leave and get back with reinforcements instead of getting shot.

  5. This was so well-done! The first time I saw this, I thought they had just been tricked into drinking something that wasn’t German and that this was why they were caught. Somehow, the three-finger signal didn’t register, but it was clearly there to get our full attention. I also like how the soldier takes kind of a deep breath before they have their drinks cause he knows he’s about to likely send them all on their path to a destructive end. I’ve also been a big Michael Fassbender fan ever since I saw this movie, but everyone was brilliant 👍

  6. I used to hate this scene, and the whole movie in general, because I wanted a more violent film like Django Unchained. I was upset that the basic formula for the film was fifteen minutes of talking and about thirty seconds of violence. But when I rewatched the film, I appreciated it a lot more because I knew what to expect from it.

  7. Why was the way Fassbender's character ordered the drinks not German enough by the way? Can any German speakers help with this?

  8. Bad move Herr Lensherr. I could have bought that Pitts character Raine who's an american would have effed up like that, but someone from europé who fail to start counting with his thumb.

  9. Another scenario would be to order the Germans on the other table to leave the bar instead. But I doubt the Major would allow that to happen. They could try to get the Major to issue the command, but that would make the soldiers more suspicious. Wonder if things went differently or would the outcome be the same.

  10. A masterful scene. Great direction coupled with a great cast result in such stellar performances that immerse me fully into the scene.

  11. Now, this pickle we find ourselves in… hahaha, what a belter. Michael Fassbender is an excellent actor.

  12. What the major should have done was while he was talking about scotch shoot him. Just mid sentence while the guy's attention is not on pulling the struggler he should have shot him and stood up, still probably would have died but it would have given him a better chance

  13. Props to Wicki. He shrugged off a shot to the chest and took out four of the people in the room. I really like the editing of the actual shootout. In real life, things happen FAST, and you don't really have time to stop and look around at what's happening. Plus, if you're as drunk as the poor Oberfeldwebel, picking up your submachine gun and just kinda spraying is probably the best thing you could really hope for.

  14. I always wondered if the real Germans in WW 2 were really as cunning and smart as the Germans depicted in a lot of these kinds of movies because if they were the allied powers had their work cut out for them

  15. Earlier in the scene the Englishman is the only one to answer the tenth question in the guessing game. In the German version you’re not supposed to do that. He also (as pointed out later) used the wrong fingers to indicate “3”. The Germans use their thumb, pointer, and middle.

  16. Ernst Rohm (leader pf the SA before Himmler) was a raging homosexual and was rumoured to have sexually abused young soldiers

  17. He purposely opted out from scotch, knowing that lady won't have it , so it'll leave 3 glasses to be ordered.

  18. i understand when Michael Fassbender means "speaking the Kings" he means english. but can someone explain the reference to me?

  19. Since the last couple x-men movies show that no one ages in 30 years, this could have a been a magneto seeking revenge kevin bacon. And being the only survivor

  20. I'm sad to see Micheal Fassbender die, but extremely proud of how gangster he was before he went. He didn't even panic, he just accepted his fate in the most gracious way. What an amazing actor.

  21. If that bartender had just shot Wilhem instead of Stiglitz, he and his daughter may have just survived this ordeal, not to mention Stiglitz and Wicki

  22. I wa as just thinking dude to his left really shot him in the balls instead of putting a quick one in his head and turning and firing at the rest hahaha

  23. Master level acting and cinematography. The tension between the two was outstanding and the explosive violence and abrupt end felt real. Bravo.

  24. I watched this movie in the cinema i was like 13 probable now that i watch it again 10 years later i Say mayself how did they Even let me to watch this horrible and violent thing. This is just terrible

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