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Injustice 2 – Funniest Clash Interactions/Quotes

You’d make a darn cute plushie! What …is a plushie? Can’t tell which of us is evil. I know, we’ve both got beards. Could ya make me a snowcone? Try asking Mr. Freeze. Could ya make me a snowcone? Did Snart tell you to ask me that? Look! Sinestro’s behind you! Not falling for that one. Still trying to tickle me? Hehhehheh… Yeah… Gonna shove my fist up your– Humans are obsessed with scatology! Ha! Bet you sonic boom when you fart! Definitely not how the Speed Force works. Meet that other lightning guy? With the bamboo hat? Yes. Damian despises you. You can have him. You’d be delicious battered and fried. Enough with the fish metaphors! You’re worse than Zod. Wow. Need a diaper change? You kiss like a fish too? Only Mera knows. You got no sense of humor. Hello? Boxing glove arrow? You familiar with the laws of physics? I’ve broken ’em all, so… yeah! Gonna shove my fist up your– It could use a polish. Who put a hit on me? Anyone who’s ever met you. Say good night, Harley. Good night, Harley. I can see why Bruce likes you. He does? He really does?! How ’bout a monkey hug? If you wish to be crushed! Order shall prevail! You really need to get laid. Eyes up here, kid. Focus, Jaime. What do you think you’re doing? Thrashing two of you at once. Green means go! My fist means stop! I can go all night. Promise? How’s this gonna end? I’m a doctor, not a fortune teller. You’re definitely a headache. #GrumpyBat. Just wanna rub my face on that belly! Not that kind of cat. Crashing… just like your father! Forget scared, I’m angry! Make like a tree and leaf! I hate that joke, Quinn. You must have swallowed the red pill. Completely different matrix. Time for the grand finale! Hey! That’s my line, Harley. Learn to fight playing video games? Do not insult me. I’ll spit on your grave. It could use a polish.

100 thoughts on “Injustice 2 – Funniest Clash Interactions/Quotes

  1. I just cant help but wonder, but how the heck is Harley able to hold off Atrocitous or Gorilla Grodd?!

  2. Joker : meet that other lightning guy ?
    Black Adam : with a bamboo hat ? Yes
    Raiden : i don't know this man in my life
    Thor : i thought im popular

  3. Omg, Blue Beetle is the best XD

    “Still trying to tickle me?”


    “I can see why Bruce likes you”
    “He does? He really does?!”

    “My eyes are up here!”
    “Focus Jaime? (I don’t remember his name)”

  4. 2:12 – 2:18

    Robin: How this gonna end?
    Harley Quinn: I'm a doctor not a fortune teller

    Fortune Teller version of Harley Quinn confirmed in Injustice 3

  5. 2:42.
    You must've swallowed the red pill!
    Completely different matrix!
    Me: Gasp of course thats where he gets his powers

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