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Injustice 2 – The Funniest Interaction/Intro Dialogues

Batman says you’re comin’ with me! You dare mock me, child? “YoU DaRe MoCk Me ChiLd?” Aw, nuts! I forgot my spray bottle! Hilarious, Ollie… I know. Are you, uh… you know? Ugh. Single? Yes and happily so. I was gonna say Kryptonian. Doctor… Captain… Just need a priest and we can walk into a bar. Wanna hear a joke? Ah, gee. This oughta be somethin’. Harley Quinn vs. Superman. I’m no fan of hitting girls. You’ll be lucky to tickle me. Yup. I kinda would be. I’m growing tomatoes; any tips? Choke on them. No salsa for you. You stole my look. I’ll steal everything of yours. Enjoy my arrest warrants. I understand you have a family. Stay away from them, you son of a bitch. Oh, so you’ve met my mother. You actually talk to plants? Don’t you talk to fish? I command them! Here to yell at me, Dinah? Damn right I am. Ring, gimme earplugs, stat! Mercenaries are the hounds of duty. English, please? You are disposable. I’m the fastest man alive! I’ve heard better lines at the Ace o’ Clubs. Couldn’t you be intimidated? Just this once?! Boop beep dap boop boop. What are you doin’? That’s robot for “you’re dead!” You ain’t so tough, Superman. What gives you that idea? Alfred knocked yer freakin’ ass out! So, has Bruce ever sat you down for, the talk? How young do you think I am? Not THAT talk, Firestorm! Sorry, Miss Ivy. I have to fight you. Thought we get to know each other. I know, but it’s like… Batman’s orders. I met your mother once. No woman could surpass her. That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend. What now, pretty bird? You haven’t been a good boy. My safe word’s “arrowcave.” Come here, Black Canary. Want me to sing for you? I want to crush your neck! Ten bucks says the whip won’t touch me. Make it twenty. You’re on, Selina! Oh captain, my captain… Whitman? Seriously? A little culture wouldn’t kill you. Done with the clown obsession? Once you go clown, you never… eh… I can see why he dumped you. Let’s play a game, Quinn. Nah! No fun playin’ with cheat-ahs! Hee hee! I’ll silence your puns. Nice outfit. Yours is just… alright. Take that back! Move, Arrow, and I’ll blast ya. Why’s it gotta be a cold gun? Captain Tropical doesn’t roll off the tongue. One of the musical mop-tops from Liverpool. Might as well be speaking Greek, brah. Ugh. Never trust anyone under thirty.

100 thoughts on “Injustice 2 – The Funniest Interaction/Intro Dialogues

  1. Harley batman says you coming with me
    Black Adam you dare mock me child
    Harley YoU DaRe MoCk Me ChiLD

  2. Green arrow:I'm growing tomatoes any tips?
    Poison ivy: choke on them
    Green arrow: no salsa for you

  3. Catwomen: you stole my look
    2catwomen: I'll steal everything of yours
    Catwomen: enjoy my arrest warrants
    Me: you just got burned by yourslef

  4. Quoting Whitman, promoting culture, not afraid to use robot jokes with Cyborg, knowledgable in old pop-culture, sophisticated as hell; WHY is JOKER the most agreeable one here?!😂

  5. Catwoman: “I meet your mother once.”
    Robin: “No woman can surpass her.”
    Catwoman: “That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend.”

    This sounds like something that would come up in therapy 😭😭😭

  6. Poisen ivy: Done with the clown obsection?

    Harley Quinn: Once you go clown you go….. Uh

    Poisen ivy: I can see why he dumped you.


  7. At 22 I put in injustice 2 and played as power girl and fought green lantern and … are you uh you know uh single yes and happily so I was gonna say kryptonian

  8. You would think that in super girl's intro, that she would crush her glasses since she's got like super strength

  9. Green Arrow: so, has bruce ever sat you down from, the talk?
    Firestorm: how old do you think I am?
    Green Arrow: NOT THAT TALK😂😂😂

  10. Joker : I understand you have a family.
    Green Arrow : Stay away from them you son of a bitch
    Joker : Oh, so you've met my mother

  11. I know I’m very late for this game but I just wanted to say how does Superman break handcuffs with kryptonite

  12. If l was in a fight

    Me: Wanna play
    enemy: what do u wanna play
    Me: Duck duck die
    Enemy: your the one who's gonna die

  13. Joker: I understand you have a family
    Green arrow: you stay away from them you son of a bitch!
    Joker: oh so you met my mother

  14. Ollie- So has Bruce ever sat you down for the talk?

    Firestorm- How young do you think i am
    Ollie- Not that talk Firestorm

    Johnson- Are you uh… you know?

    Power girl- Ugh. Single? Yes and happily so

    Johnson- I was gonna say Kryptonian

  15. 0:03
    Harley: Batman Says "YOUR COMING WITH ME''
    Black Adam: You Dare Mock Me Child?
    Harley: YoU DaRe MoCk Me ChIlD?

    Joker: Boop Beep Dap Boop Boop
    Cyborg: What r u Doing
    Joker: Thats Robot For Your Dead

  16. 3:08 – I met your mother once
    – No woman could surpass her
    – That's why you don't have a girlfriend!
    👑 🔥

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