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** INSANE PRESSURE CRACK **** Whities Lake Simcoe Ice Fishing

Craziest Pressure Crack I’ve encountered to date! Alright, Alright, welcome to my channel. Welcome to Fishing Frames We are on beautiful Lake Simcoe. It’s a gorgeous day today! i’ts, *clear throat* There’s no wind I won’t be fishing with my cover (flip-over hut), at least until or if the wind does pick-up. So, this is why I’m kinda talking quietly because my sound does travel through the ice. (I meant voice carries across the, however it does travel through the ice too…) Anyways, again welcome to my channel. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, be sure you do. And, ahh, I’m hoping it’s going to be a good day out today. Alright let’s get set-up. ** music plays ** Alright, it’s about 10:30am. It’s been fairly slow. I’ve marked a few fish, and I haven’t been able to connect with any. I’m going to take a bit of a snack break. I ended up going to Tim Horton’s (coffe shop) grabbing 2 breakfast sandwiches s for 5 bucks. and..what I’m doing here is I just wrapped one in foil and I’ve got it placed on top of my Mr. Buddy heater. Just to warm it up. I haven’t done any mods, just putting it on top to warm it up. *** Don’t leave your garbage on the ICE** There we go…….Finally! Lot’s of power, Lot’s of power! They’re around (white fish), they’re going to come in and out. Phone:”Yeah exactly. They’re going to come in, hopefully in schools” (In reference to my Sandwhiches in the morning) “have to do this more often…this morning” I’m marking phone:”ok, I’ll let you go!” ..And you spit out the hook….nice! Heading back, it’s about 4 o’clock and buddy can’t get over the pressure crack. He’s trying to cross the same place this morning and ahhh, he ain’t got no spud bar! so i don’t know what he’s thinking. so, we’re going to approach that, that pressure crack and let’s hope it didn’t open up too much. He seems to think that one side just sort of…sunk into the water. Kind of hard to judge if it’s safe to cross where we did this morning, so… Don’t forget to Subscribe! Alright, so I’m in like a foot of water here. My feet are getting soaked. *Using a spud bar, and hammering in front of me. ensuring the ice is thick and can withstand the weight** * made it across and now guiding Mr. no spud bar over. * Nah, it was ok. You got about 6 inches. Maybe 8 inches. Just give a nice big step. There you go.

19 thoughts on “** INSANE PRESSURE CRACK **** Whities Lake Simcoe Ice Fishing

  1. Just caught my first whitefish through the ice yesterday! Only ended up with one but I had them coming through on the camera for hours. Any tips for triggering the bite with finicky whitefish?

  2. Nice Whities!! Like all the Stuff required 2 make this a comfortable fishery!!….You can never have enough…..Stuff!!

  3. I fell through a pressure crack on Saturday while ice fishing on really thick ice. Luckily it was on the shoreline and was only like 6 inches of water. XD anyways I subbed to support a fellow fishing Youtuber 🙂

  4. Stay current with FISHING FRAMES!
    I have a Michigan fishing channel, NORTHERN MIKE. Here is a link to a recent video. I show fish catches in 99% of my videos.

  5. Cool video man, I have still yet to catch a Whitie, Dropped you a subbed feel free to do the same back, stay safe and tight lines.

  6. I’m curious – is there a humane way to kill a fish? Do you typically just let them stay out of the water until they go or do you stun and spike? Not a fisher but I’m just curious what the standard is now.

  7. awesome video, been in situations like that on Simcoe,  crack's  in the 80's many time you did it right by using the spud and testing before walking, Thank You, you just Educated people on what to do in case of, BRAVO, keep up the great clips and good luck fishing buddy

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