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Inside the Bears’ Hilarious Prank War (Simms & Lefkoe: The Show)

– The best Box ‘Em Up story
happened to Brian Urlacher. – I can’t believe you got him.
– The best. The greatest one. We created this game
that was called Box ‘Em Up because everybody got,
like, Nike and Reebok shoes and different things
and clothes and then you’d have the boxes,
the cardboard boxes left over. So people would be walkin’, and
if they’re not payin’ attention you just run up behind ’em
and slam a box over their head and say, “Box ’em up!” So everybody had to have their head on a swivel
in the locker room. So Brian was really good at getting other people, too,
cuz he’s sneaky. Like, he’d get you comin’ out of
your meeting room or something and, boom, you got a box
slammed over your head. He would get so many people
that, yeah everybody kinda
had it out for him. – Everybody turned on him.
He was the box bully. – Yeah. It only took me once.
You get boxed on once—— – You got the head
on a swivel. – Like, literally,
around the locker room you got your back to the wall.
– [Laughing] – I’m keepin’ everybody
in front of me. I think the D-line
brainstormed on, like “What would be the best way
to try to get him?” And, I mean, it was brilliant. – I’m imagining the D-line
doing, like, a space shuttle launch. – Yeah, they probably had,
like protractors and
all kind of stuff. You know, it’s Urlacher,
so you gotta get him. – Yes, right.
– I don’t know how they got this box, but
it was like a six-foot box. And in our locker room, there’s
stairs to go to the second floor where all the cardio stuff is and there’s a platform,
so you can’t see who’s up there. So he comes out, and so right when he walks out from
under the platform somebody drops that six-foot box
right on his head. He had his arms down.
It dropped, like,
straight over him. He’s like, “Ahhh! Ahhh!
I’m stuck in the box!” And he’s, like, trying
to get it off of him. Everybody’s like,
“Box ’em up!” All you saw was
two little feet, like kickin’ out of the box
and stuff. – [Laughing]
– That’s awesome. This is a special moment for me.

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