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Inspirational Quotes on Change. Motivational Quote. John Pullum

Hi I’m John Pullum and I’m here at Bulman
Elementary school in Redford Township, my home town. This is where I went to elementary school. For over 60 years literally hundreds or thousands
of children walked through these doors of Bulman Elementary. Over 60 years many things have changed for
this school and for the world. This are the exact same swings I played on
when I was little and still had a full head of here. Some people called this the kissing corner,
but not me. This is a porch where I would play on when
I was in kinder garden and it’s connected to the playground. Nido Qubein once said “change brings opportunity”. In June of 2011 that was the last time students
will be going to this school because pretty soon there going to be tearing it down. The people of this community realized it was
time for a change saying goodbye to an old friend like Bulman Elementary is’t easy
on anybody. You can’t move forward life if your always
looking back. In a week or so Bulman elementary will be
demolished its walls are come tumbling down to make way for a new school, someday. The memories for me will live on only in my
heart. Change can be difficult at times, really really
difficult. But since change bring opportunity like Mr.
Qubein said, What walls or obstacles are in your way of reaching your goals? What can you do to get pass those obstacles
on your life to be successful . If you like this video please subscribe to my youtube
channel by clicking here ,here or even right here. I’m John Pullum thanks for watching.

7 thoughts on “Inspirational Quotes on Change. Motivational Quote. John Pullum

  1. @sharonkstevens LOL! It got me a little dizzy too. I wanted to get some 360 shots of the school for others that went to the school. Many can't make it back to to MI to see it one last time before it is demolished. We even had one last open house for Bulman back in June. People that went there ages ago, retired teachers, etc. all showed up. A lot of laughs, smiles and also a lot of tears that day.

  2. Hey John, Greg from the PEA here. I like your video, but as a Miniere's disease recipient, it made me just a little dizzy, too. Folks in the PEA were talking about amusement park rides a few days ago, so of course, I sent them a link from your "Thrill Rides" program.

    Too, I thought you might like to know that Robin DeWitt (Kardor) died yesterday. He had been hospitalized for several months with pulmonary issues.

    If you still have my number, give me shout sometime.

  3. my name is jessica sonnenberg that was the best school iv been too alot of memories and my best friends were sara zawaski and carl chemiti and alysse amerman and fav teacher mrs west and mrs a

  4. Wow, I loved this school!!! As the youngest of 4 children, I couldn't wait to go to school. Once I realized what school was about and leaving my mommy, I wasn't so sure, but Bullman was great!!! I lived on Lexington around the block from Bullman, my mom walk us kids to school. Those were the good ole days' we had a wonderful home with a pool in the backyard, 4 kids running around, and the best parents in the world!!! I really miss those days!!! I remember my mom taking me to the kindergarten hallway during the summer for arts and crafts, the hallway echoed forever…. I also remember cheerleading in the gym during summer!!! Best days ever!!! Going home for lunch just doesn't happen these days!!

  5. This was my elementary school back in the 80's.  I JUST YESTERDAY took my oldest to see where I went to elementary school and pulled onto Delaware and literally became speechless.  I had moved away many years ago and just recently returned.  I was so saddened to see my old school gone.  I am heartbroken.  I literally stood in the middle of what would have been the school and cried.

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