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Inspiring Quotes About Patience And Tolerance | Inspirational Quotes

Inspiring Quotes About Patience And Tolerance A boxer derives the greatest advantage from his sparring partner – and my accuser is my sparring partner. He trains me in patience, civility and even temper. Marcus Aurelius It is not for me to judge another man’s life. I must judge, I must choose, I must spurn, purely for myself. For myself, alone. Hermann Hesse Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population. Albert Einstein Other people can’t cause us to be impatient unless we let them do so. In other words, others don’t make us impatient. We make ourselves impatient, through our expectations and demands, fixated attachments and stuckness. Lama Surya Das Learn to see – accustoming the eye to calm, to patience, to letting-things-come-to-it; learning to defer judgment, to encircle and encompass the question on all sides. Friedrich Nietzsche Tolerance can lead to learning something. Jakob Dylan Tolerance is nothing more than patience with boundaries. Shannon L. Alder Most great people have attained their greatest success one step beyond their greatest failure. Napoleon Hill Patience is when you’re supposed to be mad but you choose to understand. Unknown Tolerance, compromise, understanding, acceptance, patience – I want those all to be very sharp tools in my shed. CeeLo Green Trying to understand is like straining through muddy water. Have the patience to wait! Be still and allow the mud to settle. Lao Tzu To understand the true quality of people, you must look into their minds, and examine their pursuits and aversions. Marcus Aurelius The highest result of education is tolerance. Helen Keller Men build too many walls and not enough bridges. Joseph Fort Newton The enemy is the necessary condition for practicing patience. Dalai Lama Tolerance is the oil which takes the friction out of life. Wilbert E. Scheer The funny thing about the heart is a soft heart is a strong heart, and a hard heart is a weak heart. Criss Jami Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the wrong. Sometime in life you will have been all of these. George Washington Carver It’s an universal law – intolerance is the first sign of an inadequate education. An ill-educated person behaves with arrogant impatience, whereas truly profound education breeds humility. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Any person capable of angering you becomes your master. Epictetus In the end we are always rewarded for our good will, our patience, fair-mindedness, and gentleness with what is strange. Friedrich Nietzsche The only thing that isn’t worthless: to live this life out truthfully and rightly. And be patient with those who don’t. Marcus Aurelius Be patient and understanding. Life is too short to be vengeful or malicious. Phillips Brooks There is something hugely civilised about allowing long pauses in a conversation. Very few people can stand that kind of silence. James Robertson The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others. Erik Erikson Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself. Robert Green Ingersoll Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, those are life-altering lessons. Jessica Lange

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