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Installing Unity 3D Pro 3.5.B6 Developer Preview Final Including Patch/Crack [ FULL HD ]

First Download Unity 3D Pro 3.5 b6 Dev Preview. Now Open It! Next Agree Next Install Fast Forward 1000X Back To Normal Speed Finish! Quit Now Open The Patch File included inside the Downloaded Files Open my Computer & Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor Open the Patch Patch it Already! 🙂 It is now Sccessfully Patched, YAY! 😉 Now open Unity Register Manual Activation Read License… Now Copy Unity’s Destination Folder (Ctrl + C) And Paste it in the “Open” Window (Ctrl + V) Select the License file generated by the Patch Finish And Finally, Now You can now Open Unity Pro and are Good to GO! See, Read the Version for yourself!!! Now, I will prove to you that it works Just Fine! The included Licenses for this Copy are: Web Player! PC & Mac Standalone! Android!=D Flash Player! iOS is UnFortunately not supported; it is only available on the Mac Version of Unity, therefore the Patch Cannot Activate it! :'( Xbox 360 is also not available :(( PS3 is Also Not Available :(( Wii is Also Not Available :((

87 thoughts on “Installing Unity 3D Pro 3.5.B6 Developer Preview Final Including Patch/Crack [ FULL HD ]

  1. @TheSpidermycron When you click on patch, it extracts the license file to the Editor folder inside the Unity3d installation directory.

  2. @petert0513 hmm… Well Try to turn off your Anti-Virus, if you have one, you can do so by opening your it and depending on which AntiVirus you've got, go to settings and turn off the antivirus. Tell me how it goes! 😀 hope that helps solve your problem

  3. @bluelinkftw All Anti-Viruses consider Cracks/Patches/Keygens as Virus, but that is a false alarm, this is because of their behaviors only (Producing Random keys for Applications to work etc!). And you should know that whatever you do is at your own risk, I am not to blame over your actions, This is for Educational Purposes only!

  4. @mamv16 All Anti-Viruses consider Cracks/Patches/Keygens as Virus, but that is a false alarm, this is because of their behaviors only (Producing Random keys for Applications to work etc!). And you should know that whatever you do is at your own risk, I am not to blame over your actions, This is for Educational Purposes only!

  5. @TheSpidermycron & @TheTupa1 Your Welcome, I only do this to help the community, and this is meant for Educational purposes only, and please consider supporting the Unity Company after trying their Products.

  6. @ispazzyi i'm starting new team for game creation, wish you help me to have members people who can work in team to share and make games

  7. some people are saying this isn't working, i'd like to know for sure? For educational reasons of course.

  8. Virus detected !!! But,I disabled my kaspersky protection and patched !!! Then again enabled protection !!! And it works !!! Thank you it really helped me!!! Thank you again !!!

  9. Well I didn't exactly used this crack, I downloaded directly from CGPersia, and use the new Unity v3.5 .0f5 and the patch worked, as soon as I patched, manual register with the license and opened, it turn black as pro and when I look at the about it says Pro, Team and Android Pro. I did sing for free basic before April 18, but some things were missing and I decide to test this patch, and did work 🙂 Thanks for the video.

  10. @ScrollLocks666 it also works with the v. 3.5.0f5, at least when I use the patch with it, it did turned black and the about says pro, team and android pro. Compared to the Unity Basic v3.5 (until April 18), which is only basic Unity, IOS and Android, which is limited somewhat but the ios and android basic licenses are free until April 18.

  11. Is this really necessary?

    Unity is giving their indie version out for free and it's super powerful already.
    The biggest plus with Unity Pro is rendering video to a texture and better water.

    The rest is, really, PROfessional stuff that you need when you work with a PROfessional Team where the price for the license won't be a problem.

    I just saw they also have an awesome offer; basic Android and iOS version for free until april 8th.

    Why fuck the developers when they're being so nice to you?

  12. temporarily disable your anti-virus then put it back on when successfully cracked. No Virus!!! it is because it is a crack(that is why it is detected virus)

  13. there is a problem with part 3. When i tried to extract it says "File cant be extracted, File has been damaged"

  14. Well, that are definitely not the ones who pirate their editor.

    If you want to earn your bucks with a game (= professional), you have to put your name, bank account etc somewhere. You do illegal stuff-> they know how to get you.

    A professional game studio – let it even be the smallest one man indie game studio which does not have the money for a pro license right now – would rather bring out a game on a (free/legal) Unity basic version than a pirated pro version.

  15. So I'm not saying "You bad, bad pirates" – I am not really in the position to say that 😉

    I am just saying that it does not really make sense to pirate Unity Pro.

    If you are in a professional team, the money for a pro editor is the money for a needed tool; no boss would deny it to his workers.

    If you are not, you won't find yourself having 20 teammates so one of them can do lightmapping

  16. it works, i needed pro so i could burn my games to xbox and wii, and to import videos so i could do easy AI and it allows me to do that, but i don't see the pro assets.

  17. open it with winrar and open the files from winrar, if doesn't work extract it there, if still don't work re download

  18. if you want to publish them you need a real licernse…cracks are only okay for learning purposes…but never for selling products made with the will get in trouble if you try this..

    also support the companies that made this product.

    there is a free android version (you can also publish these games)

    look on the homepage for more really dont need a crack fpor this

  19. ???
    And what for? Boosting your self-esteem? (ö)/

    Come on, being able to get a cracked version of something is no special ability anymore.
    If you used the tool with your skills to create something nice, then you can be proud of that.

    But prior to that you will first have to amount these skills, and you will spend a lot time on that before even noticing the borders of the indie version. I started 2 years ago and only needed pro once for a physical installation with AR markers(->.dll library).

  20. Also, with all that positive talking about Unity from me,
    I think I have to notice that I have no.. whatchacallit affiliations or whatever with Unity.

    I just used it because I needed a virtual world in a web application and started to like the documentation, the StackOverflow-like Q/A system (UnityAnswers), the workflow of the editor and the uhm…'richness'(?) of the community (Its big, people are very helpful, no matter if pro or indie).

  21. Hmmm well let's say I can understand your reasoning more when 'Personal uses' are concrete things you can not do with indie, like you really need audio filters for your project or whatever.

    However your project seems nice, you put some energy into it – but you really gotta have some good ideas to make it not minecraft. I tried a block thingie once with the special feature that you could build logic curcuits, with AND and OR blocks etc, but didn't know of the package to handle bazillion objects.

  22. I do not see how they are fucking the developers when they would not have bought the engine in the first place, besides most people doing this either have no way to afford it or plan on investing in unity pro after they have money built up. This allows them to work with the features they would get in pro throughout the project and not have to adapt it later for anything they did not have initial access to.

  23. EITHER you do this for work, with several professionals (designers, coders, modellers etc) on a team, then it will be paid by the team, so the price doesn't bother you at all.
    OR you are just 1 or 2 guys who try it as a hobby, then indie is enough.

    I have the feeling most guys here are like "Oohoo, the pro version, it has more features than indie" – without actually needing anything they do not get in the latter.

    That's my point.

    I'm not against cracks, I just deem this one unnecessary.

  24. there are features in pro I for one need, I would have to do quite a bit and skip out on many things until I can afford it. That is why I would get it this way so that I can work on it over time and once I save that money up move right on over and not have huge issues… It allows me to still work on it while I save the money I DO plan on using to buy the full engine. first off nav mesh generating, need dynamic shadows, and much more (just off the top of my head.) do have reason for those 4 ex

  25. could you help me here? so your saying that the free version is exactly the same as the pro version except the pro version has better water details and what do you mean rendering video to a texture, do you mean like a cutscene or something?

  26. Dude.. The Pro version has more options plus the better textures, graphics, etc… That's why the PRO version is necesary for us.. sorry If I bother you.. It was no my intention… Just don't criticize this dude, please.. He didn't bother you or do you anything :/…

  27. when you make a real good game and publish it will unity find out that you downloaded it illegal?
    so is it save to use four a good real game or for personal purpose only?

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