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Instant Pot Crack Chicken

– Hey guys, I’m Jennifer Banz and I’m back today with
another Instant Pot recipe. I’m gonna make my Instant
Pot Crack Chicken, don’t hate the name, love the recipe, hate the name, that’s
what I wanted to say. Everybody hates the name but I’m sorry, that’s what people search for on Google, so that’s what I call it. What we’re gonna do is put some chicken and a bunch of seasonings and it’s gonna be a
delicious chicken recipe for any day of the week. Kids love it, husbands
love it, let’s get going. (mellow music) Okay, let’s get started
with our crack chicken. I’ve got some chicken breasts and I’m just using chicken
breast and chicken thighs because that’s what I have. The recipe calls for just chicken breast but this is gonna work, I promise. So I’m just putting
these in the Instant Pot, no need for a trivet or anything. And then we are gonna
add some chicken broth ’cause you have to have liquid if you’re gonna cook in your Instant Pot. Now we’re gonna add in our seasonings. So I’ve got some salt and pepper here. And the recipe is for
this, the whole recipe you can find that in the
bottom, in the description or you can go, if you want to print it, you can go to my website, There’s also a link down there but I hope that you guys
like that I’ve been putting the recipes in the description, you don’t have to go to my
website if you wanna make it straight from YouTube. So I’ve got some garlic powder here, this stuff is sticky. And this is onion powder. And a lot of these recipes
that I’ve found online use the ranch packet and
who knows what ingredients is in that ranch packet. Whenever, it’s so easy to make yourself the seasonings that you need
that are in the ranch packet. So we’ve got some dried dill here and I love dill, it’s
so good in this recipe. And then we’ve got some dried parsley and some dried chives
and that’s all you need to make your own ranch. So, we are going to place our lid and we’re gonna cook this on
high pressure for 10 minutes, actually no, fresh chicken, eight minutes, if you have frozen chicken
it would be 10 minutes. (pot beeping) And that’s it. Okay, we have all of our chicken, we cooked it in the Instant
Pot and we pulled it out onto this cutting board. And now I’m just gonna cut
it up into smaller pieces, you can also shred it if you want. It shreds pretty easily. I’m just gonna cut this all up
and put it in the bowl here. Okay, we’ve got this all shredded up and I tasted the chicken, it
needed a little bit of salt, so I put some salt in there. Now I’m gonna take some of this
liquid from our Instant Pot and I’m going to put some in here, kind of make the cream cheese
mix in a little bit easier. So we’re adding cream
cheese to the chicken. Just gonna mix up, and this is almost ready. Okay, our last ingredient
is some bacon that I cooked, reserve a little bit
so it’s pretty on top. Mix that in. So what can you do with crack chicken? You can make some 90 second
bread and have a sandwich. What else can you do with crack chicken? Okay, let’s serve some of this up in this cute bowl here. And we’ll put the rest
of our bacon on top, it’s gonna look so pretty. Like I said before, my
husband loves this recipe, of course, how could you not, it’s chicken and cream cheese and bacon. (chuckling) Okay, let’s put some of
our bacon crumbles on top and how good does that look. Let’s get a taste. Oh, I’m not gonna put my fork in there. (laughing) That is delicious. Some other ways you could
eat this, like I said, the 90 second bread, or you
could make some zucchini noodles and put it on top of
your zucchini noodles. Anyway, yeah, it’s delicious. And, like I said before,
down in the description is the full recipe or
you can click the link and it will take you to my website and you can print it off there. So I hope you love this recipe and I will see you guys next time, bye.

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  1. Looks great! Is there a way to turn and show us the buttons on instant pot when you set it to ? I could taste your dish. Yum! Thank you.

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