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21 thoughts on “*INSTANT RELIEF* Chronic Low Back Pain Fix after FIRST TIME Chiropractic Crack | Dr Tubio

  1. So where are you located at? Got an address? I’ve been trying to get a reply from you for a while now but never got it. I need to book an appointment soon!

  2. Oh look, a youtube chiro that is honest with his patients and doesn't make ridiculous promises. Very refreshing!

  3. I really liked how you showed the X-rays…. You did a thorough job 👍, like your work even more now 😊

  4. This is amazing!! Just shows you’re a true chiropractor that is helping so many people. Love the fact your showing the xrays! One day I’ll get that relief. I’m definitely saving up to come see you!

  5. Man.. I remember those days going to school and carrying the back pack too.. especially trying to be the cool kid doing the one strap 😅

  6. I think the camera man was getting a little to close to the patient doc….always good to see the patients reaction, when they are getting any of your great adjustments…

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