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Interior Designers React to Bad Jokes | Episode 1

we’re gonna start with a few jokes. Jokes? Did I mention that? No. Maybe this will calm you down a little bit, with a couple of jokes. Okay! Real Quick. are you ready for these? Yes! we’re gonna start off with a few jokes. Okay! Okay so I laugh? if you want if you think they’re funny. But they’re probably not because they’re
really bad jokes. so what is Irish and left out on the
lawn all summer? I don’t know. A hammock? Irish and left out on the lawn… Ohhh, I don’t know. Patty O’Furniture Oh clever. Ah! patio furniture. That ones kind of bad. These are all bad. Okay. Alright. What room is useless for a ghost? In a house, what room is useless for a ghost? The Bathroom? Ummmm The Bathroom? A Powder Room! The Bathroom? the living room That ones pretty good. Because it’s not living. What kind of show does a chair put on? What kind of TV
show would a chair put on? Ohh….ummm I have no idea. I don’t know. A Sitcom. That’s pretty funny. That’s a good one. Where do you find these jokes? The Internet. If you want to see your
jokes laughed at by our employees leave them in the comments below and hit our
subscribe button I just said that they were terrible.

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