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Interview Scene | Deadpool 2 (2018) Funny Scene

Supposedly she’s Terrific meets bedlam cool named superpowers I can distort electrical fields Including the one inside your brain causing anxiety confusion pain So basically you’re Dave Matthews we can use him I Was aight guys Cool. I like you say you have the power to put your finger on the pulse of society No, no, I Spit a city Bowman. Oh You want me to demonstrate? No, well, thank you. Yeah, listen, we’ve all eaten at Arby’s. Okay. This is the Vanisher But Vanisher, haha Nice, right He’s not here. Is he he may be running late My name’s rusty but I go by shatter star that’s good. Yeah Russkies taffy terrible So where you from the planet mojo world, so your let me you’re an alien, I guess. How does that help us? I’m basically better than you at everything Just once I’m gonna find a plan of the people that are worse than me at everything Whole budget functional idiots, I’m gonna go there I’m gonna be there Superman isn’t that Canada? You shut your goddamn trash mouth meet Domino, what’s your stick? I’m lucky. That’s not a superpower. Yeah, it is. No it isn’t. Yes it is. No it is Yeah, it is. No it isn’t today. No, it isn’t. Yeah it really is it? No. It isn’t. Yes it is My head I’m not in your head I’m in an 11 year olds bedroom Wow, if you’re so lucky then what are you doing here with us? No, I don’t know yet. What’s that supposed to mean? there’s a reason why I’m here and I’ll know when I know everything usually just kind of works out for me like 2008 Ryan Reynolds, I Don’t know who that is. You’re hired what cool I like and last but not least Peter Why you catfished here or Any powers you want to tell us about any uh, no, I don’t have one Um, I just saw the ad no superpowers at all. Uh, I have both type 1 & 2 diabetes. Ow Oh, that’s all the diabetes, right? Yeah. You got them all if you find a type 3 let us know Yeah You’re in yeah It’s fulfilling work Feast on makes people soft. I Was born into war Bred into it, okay What’s the most pain you’ve ever felt? These restraints are pretty people think they understand. Hey, there’s no concept of it being their own worst experience Five years old That’s what a bee sting Yeah twenty years old shrapnel 40 years old disease Maybe the Comanche war machine and me Getting raw. It’s not for sissies. That’s what my god. Jenny is doing a list We’re gonna work down Together Number one I’m gonna bend something Something that was not meant to bend Yeah, I’m gonna stop you right there cuz I’m not gonna make it to two I won’t even make it to one I don’t do well with pain, you know, I stub my toe. I’m I’m done for the day. I cried when they cancelled felicity Yeah, well I get really scared. I get nervous erections. I have one right now. Don’t look at it only make it worse I don’t want you to hurt me and I’ll tell you anything anything you want to know Except for where they are Russell’s in a convoy heading southbound on Jerry Duggan Parkway the monsters with them I wouldn’t fuck with him Intercept the convoy grab the boy not inappropriately. You know what I wouldn’t fuck with Deadpool either because he’s built a team He’s unstoppable. Yes, Ben. He’ll stab you with it. Watch out for this guy cables. He’s very short 511 not like in the comics and if we succeed we all go home early so you go after them cable I warn you There’s a wind advisory in effect You

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  1. All the characters from D2:
    Deadpool – can heal quicker than average and can regenerate entire body from a single cell
    Bedlam – distorts and manipulates electrical fields, including those in the brain and nervous system
    Zeitgeist – vomits highly corrosive acid at will
    Vanisher – can turn himself and anything he touches completely invisible
    Shatterstar – stronger, faster, more agile, higher stamina and quicker reflexes than that of a peak human
    Domino – psionically manipulates quantum fields to increase or lower the probability of certain events
    Cable – super strong, highly advanced cyborg from the future
    Colossus – can transform his skin into organic steel
    Negasonic – builds up highly potent energy fields for propulsion and explosions
    Yukio – can generate and manipulate electrical energy
    Peter – is God

  2. I’m pretty sure EVERYONE over looked this but when the pictures being posted, the ones that are posted with a knife are going to die. While Domino was posted with a tac, symbolizing that she is gonna live on after the plane jump.

  3. “I’m not in your head. I’m in an 11 year olds bedroom”

    “Wow, if you’re so lucky what are you doing here with us?”


  4. "I'm Zeitgeist"
    "What's your power?"
    "I can become the manifestation of your worst fear before I eat you. Also I can turn into a clown."
    "Dude, you're in the wrong movie."

  5. I don't do well with pain, you know, I stub my toe. I'm– I'm done for the day. I cried when they cancelled felicity.
    Yeah well I get really scared. I get nervous erections, I have one right now, don't look at it only makes it worse.
    I don't want you to hurt me I'll tell you anything– anything you want to know.. Except for where they are.
    Cable: hhnng–

  6. 2:34 One good detail here: Deadpool uses a knife on each character to put them on the wall apart from Domino, Deadpool uses a pin. This shows that all of these characters except Domino dies.

  7. It was both one of the best things and worst about the film, with the whole team dying. I was like "woo Xforce, this is awesome" and also "oh my god this is awful, no xforce" and also "omg that hilariously unexpected"

  8. Domino: "Everything just kinda work out for me."
    Deadpool: "Like 2008 Ryan Reynolds."
    Domino: "I don't who that is."
    Deadpool: "You're hired."
    This must be the best self-roast I've ever seen. It had me on the floor. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. All I can say is it was an excellent movie. Top 10 for me and that goes right back to Holy Grail.(1975?). high emotional response.

  10. It would've been SUCH a good 4th wall break to have Bill Skarsgard come dressed as pennywise and Deadpool being all like, uh uh no sir you go back to your sewer honey, we're a non-baby-eating team here

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