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iPhone 8 DROP TEST!! – ‘Most Durable Glass’ Ever?

So I don’t normally do drop tests on my YouTube
channel, one is because they are super unpredictable. It’s hard to make a drop test scientific unless
you have multiple devices. But, they are still interesting. So when Anker reached out to me and said,
“Hey Jerry, we want to sponsor a drop test. We have a new case coming out called KARAPAX. We want to put it on one of your phones and
see how the iPhone handles a drop.” So today that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to drop test two iPhones. One’s going to have the KARAPAX case from
Anker on it, and one is going to be naked. And we’ll see how durable Apple’s new iPhone
glass really is. Let’s get started. [Intro] So just like with the Essential drop test,
I have both phones over here, plus the case that we’re going to be testing. And then on this side I have this phone recording
in slow motion. This is the Galaxy Note 8 – the clear version
that I made a couple days ago. And then on this side over here I have the
Galaxy S8 Plus – also recording in slow motion. So I’ll do a couple different drop tests. One, sliding it off my knee, seeing how it
handles the concrete. And then from waist height, and then chest
height. I did a poll on Twitter a couple of days ago
actually, asking what the common height distance was for a drop when you guys drop your phones,
and waist height seemed to be the most common. So I’ll probably do a couple different drop
tests at that level to get a good idea if the iPhone 8 will survive a normal drop. So this is the KARAPAX case. It has two layers to it: an outer hard plastic
layer, and an inner rubber layer for impacts and drops. And it looks like it has the dual protection
where it counts, on the corners and the sides. So both of these phones are fully functional
and brand new. Both of them are in very pristine, out of
the box, condition. The gold one’s going to be falling naked,
and the silver one is going to be falling with the KARAPAX case from Anker intact, protecting
it. If you remember from my durability test yesterday,
everything underneath this glass is solid metal, so it gives it a lot of structural
rigidity. But there is a circle right here in the center
for the wireless charging port. And that’s a hollow point where there is no
metal behind the glass. So if, hypothetically, your phone drops on
a rock in this center panel, it has a lot less protection and structure than it would
if the rock hit somewhere up here where there’s a metal backing to it. I know it’s impossible to plan how you drop
your phone in the future, but if you can avoid this circle in the center, that would be ideal. One more thing is that if you look at the
back corner right here along the edge, there’s a plastic ring around the inside of the metal,
and this will give it a little more cushion against drops and impacts. Apple paid a lot of attention to this design. There’s also a little bit of plastic right
here along the edge of the screen, and that will give it some cushion because glass is
really hard and metal is really hard, but plastic has some give to it. So as long as there’s a cushion layer between
the two hard materials, it should last a little bit longer in a drop. But I think we’ve done enough talking and
it’s time to get dropping. Alright, so both cameras are rolling, and
we are just going to stand up. [The sound of dreams being crushed] Take a look at this one first. The screen is fine. The metal is fine. The back glass is fine. Alright, we’re good to go. Looks like the KARAPAX case is fine. Looks like all four corners are good, just
a small little divot in the plastic right here. But the screen is still functioning. Let’s do it a little bit higher up. So now we’re going to do it from waist high
and this is where most people said that they drop their phones from. Probably when they are pulling it out of their
pocket. [The sound of Hearts being broken…] So it looks like the back panel is fine so
far. We have some small dings up here at the top
of the corner, but the screen is still fine, which is good. And the back glass is still fine. With the KARAPAX case, the front is still
fine, obviously. That’s probably the only part that’s not protected. So as long as there are no rocks that penetrate
the glass, I think we’re still good. The corners are still good. Having a case with a hard plastic corner and
the rubber underneath with the two layers of protection is a good thing. Let’s do another waist high drop. [The sound of buying college textbooks] Alright the front is still working. There is a little damage on the corner there. The glass is still good. And on the KARAPAX from Anker, a little damage
on the plastics, but that’s probably normal, you know, concrete and plastic don’t mesh
well together. But it’s still better the plastic of your
case, than the metal of the phone. Let’s go again from waist height. We’ll do it two more times. We’ll drop it directly on the side like this. [The sound of homework on the weekend] [… a holiday weekend] Oh dang it. Right there. Right there on the corner of the screen we
have some damage. The screen still functions though, but it
cracks all the way from the home button over here to the edge of the glass. The metal is a little bit scuffed up on the
side. But the KARAPAX is still fine. The screen is still working and that’s about
what we expected. A case is going to protect a phone against
drops way better than no case. So since this phone is already broken, let’s
do it from the back, face down, and we’ll do it from about chest high. [Watching the 2017 USA Presidential Election] Looks like the KARAPAX, the front screen is
still working. We’ll take the case off really quick and check
out the back cover since it hit really hard on the back. The back is still 100% fine. Let’s check out the gold one. We have a lot more damage on the screen but
that’s probably because the glass was already compromised on the last drop. And then the back – also roasted. I don’t know if this is the most durable glass
ever on a smartphone. It only took a couple drops to destroy the
back and the front glass. I would say treat this like any glass phone
and don’t trust it with any kind of drop at all. Or better, if you’re the type of person who’s
ever dropped your phone before, or might drop it in the future, a case is a fantastic idea. I’ll do a couple more with the case just for
kicks and giggles. Alright we’ll try from head height. [The sound of Glorious protection…] Head height – everything is still good. So I’m about 6 feet tall. I’ll lift it all the way above my head and
drop it from there. That gives us about 8 or 9 feet of height. Woo! [The sound of NOT stepping on a Lego.] So we dropped it from about 9 feet. The back of the case is pretty hashed, but
the point of the case isn’t to have a pretty case, the point of a case is to have a pretty
phone. And the back is still fine and the front is
still fine. Let’s see if it still works. It’s pretty impressive. I give a thumbs up to Anker for sponsoring
this video, as well as having a fantastic case for the the iPhone 8. I’ll put a link in the video description for
this case if you want to get one for yourself. Obviously we’ve seen that is works. It protects the front and the back during
drops from chest and waist height. So Anker did confirm that this supports wireless
charging and you can tell the cutouts are perfect for the camera, the mute switch, the
volume buttons – they still feel pretty clicky. And down here at the charging port as well. I’m sure if there was a headphone jack there
would be a port for that as well on the case, but there’s not. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you

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