Laughter is the Best Medicine

[Nicole squeals] – Paul: You ready, son? – Paddy: You ready to smell it, man? [all start making panicked noises and screaming] Fuck that shit! [panicked wailing and screaming] [retching noises] – Paul: We have to eat ’em. [can hissing upon releasing air] [gagging] [gagging and coughing] – Oisín: How does it smell? – Laura: My God, it smells so [beep] bad. – Davey: It smells like nothing, but death, like rancid death. -Nicole: Feces and rotting fish, multiplied by a million. – Donal: Smells gray. Is that possible? It smells gray, Oisín. [Laura imitating crying sounds] Laura: I love fish. I love fish so much. You’ve ruined fish for me! – Davey: Like this is banned on airplanes, you can bring guns on some airplanes. – Paddy: How do I even do this? – Paul: It still has, like its fins on. They’d stab you, man! – Shannon: [nervous laughter] No, why am I laughing? – Davey: Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God… – Donal: Eh, looks — looks like dead fish. Honestly, if I could be perfectly honest, it looks like dead fish. – Laura: Do fish- [bleep] …have [bleep]s, like, is this what a fish [bleep] is? – Paddy: I’m gonna — [gagging] – Nicole: Why? Why Sweden? Why would you do this? – Donal: Alright. – Paul: Just have to swallow it, isn’t it? [metal fork clinks] – Nicole: As you’re bringing it closer to your face, the smell is getting… Stronger. – Shannon: No, okay come on. [slap] Oh shit, sorry. Okay. Sorry okay? – Paul: I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do it. – Shannon: Yeah. Women can do what a man could do. Okay, right. [fork tines clink] Oh my God, oh my God, no. Is that a scale? Is there bone in this? Okay. – Nicole: I have — – Shannon: Oh, my god. It tastes like mashed potato now. Why? I don’t know. – Paul: [coughing] What was that? [laughs] – Donal: Just eat it like a gangsta. That’s what I am, a gangsta. [harsh coughing and retching] – Paul: I’m out, I’m out, I’m out. – Nicole: Okay, we got vomit. – Donal: The trick is to forget that you’re living. They would’ve laughed at me, they said, “Oh, You’ll be the first to get sick, hahaha.” I’ll get sick later, actually. – Shannon: That actually tasted like mashed potato there for a moment. And I don’t know why. – Nicole: Okay. I ate it. I vomited, but I ate it. – Davey: It’s just nothing but — tastes like shite and salt. – Shannon: Like you could taste the scales like breaking into little pieces and everything and all the flesh just, like, separating and going into like real mushy — Oh, no. – Nicole: No, that actually didn’t taste as bad as it smells. – Paddy: That — how do they — how do they eat that? as a — as a — as a like — – Donal: Alright, last piece. Can I have some more? I’m actually alright. Please don’t, please, please don’t give me any more. OG Gangster. I must have, like, Swedish heritage or something. I really like IKEA.

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