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Is DEADPOOL 2 a Two-Hour “LOGAN” Joke? – Wisecrack Quick Take

Hey everyone, some assh*le who needs a haircut,
here. We just got back from Deadpool 2 and wanted
to share some thoughts. Is it funny? Yes. Is it the same thing as Deadpool 1 except
replace romance with family? Also yes. But there’s one particular scene we wanted
to talk about. It’s a spoiler for Logan, but Deadpool 2
spoils Logan pretty immediately, so… Consider yourself warned? At the beginning of the film, Deadpool holds
a music box of Wolverine from the end of Logan. It depicts him impaled upon a tree after defeating
X-24. He laments that Logan has stolen his fire,
so to make it right: Deadpool will also die. Deadpool’s Hugh Jackman obsession is well-documented,
but in Deadpool 2, it takes on a new layer of relevance: one can view the entire film
as a giant joke at Logan’s expense. Welcome to this Wisecrack Quicktake on Deadpool
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get started. Thanks to Wix again. Now back to violence, cynicism, and fourth
wall breaks. So first, a quick recap: Deadpool 2 follows
the Merc with a Mouth going through a bit of an emo phase. His plans to start a family with Vanessa go
to sh*t when she gets murdered by some bad guys. After trying to kill himself, he’s brought
on as an X-Men trainee, where he encounters a rotund, young fire-starter named Russell. Tired of being abused by his boarding school
staff, Russell starts lashing out. Deadpool decides to dish out some vigilante
justice on his abusers, so he, along with Russell, end up in mutant prison with power-inhibiting
collars. Deadpool breaks free when the time-traveling
Cable infiltrates the prison to assassinate Russell. Why? Because he grows up to be a pretty big dick
who kills Cable’s wife and child. After playing some cat and mouse, Russell
forsakes Deadpool to join up with the Juggernaut and kill his schoolmaster, causing Deadpool
and Cable to team up. As part of their deal, Deadpool gets to try
to stop Russell from killing his schoolmaster, thus breaking the chain of events that turns
him into Kiwi Voldemort. If not, Cable gets to kill him. When you put the two films side by side, Deadpool
2 is A LOT like Logan. Besides the healing factor, both films follow
two mutants trying to help younger mutants being hunted down by bad guys. It’s also worth noting that both of these
bad guys have robo-arms-slash-hands. Both films also have an adult-child relationship,
where the child is a kind of mirror for the protagonist: Wade Wilson had a crappy family
life, which makes him empathetic to the orphaned Russell, whose only father-figure conducts
cruel experiments on him. As a result, he realizes Russell’s sh*ttiness
is beyond the child’s choice, and thus, he deserves a chance. Similarly, Logan sympathizes with Laura because
she, like him, was engineered as a killing machine. Both our heroes die (sorta) to save said child. So here’s the thing: in Logan, his sacrifice
has a particular meaning – one that we’ve covered before. Logan cannot set aside his violent past, no
matter how hard he tries. He tries to spare Laura the violent life he
had – but can only do so by reluctantly becoming, one last time, the animal-like Wolverine. Logan, and his Wolverine persona, die, so
that Laura may live. This may sound a lot like Vanessa’s line
– “Kids give us a chance to be better than we used to be.” — about how children give people the opportunity
to make better versions of themselves. And on the surface, this is kind of happening,
at least in a Deadpoolian way. Deadpool, who has a violent past like Wolverine,
does not want Russell to get that initial taste of murder, because it will set him down
a dark path. Now, does Deadpool want Russell want him to
avoid being a jaded hitman for hire? Well, not exactly. He has to make sure Russell doesn’t kill
his schoolmaster, but he seems to have no problem doing the killing himself. I mean, this is Deadpool, after all. At the end of the film, we think Deadpool
has turned a new leaf and decided to spare the schoolmaster, and perhaps take Colossus’s
words to heart from early in the film: That he’s not judge, jury, and executioner. And with Deadpool’s sparing of him – hey
– it’s progress! But it was all a stall-tactic so Dophinder
could make like Daisy Buchanan and commit some light, vehicular manslaughter. Just like the end of Deadpool 1, Wade is still
not Colossus’s image of heroics. But perhaps this comparison works on another
level. If Logan is about sparing a younger generation
the violence of their elders, then Deadpool 2 may be about sparing a younger generation
the cynicism of their elders. The idea that Deadpool is cynical is pretty
captain obvious. He inhabits all the tropes of a superhero
while mocking them. He shamelessly advertises, but does so in
a self-deprecating style that makes it palatable. In one instance, tequila ads were poorly plastered
Deadpool faces on them that were an actual partnership. He also, above all else, refuses to take anything
seriously, including his own torture. If Deadpool the character is so cynical, so
willing to trivialize everything, perhaps it’s because he’s never really had a family. This negative part of his character manifests
itself, and heightens the conflict, when he belittles Russell within earshot and claims
not to care about him. And if this ill-fitting role model has also
abandoned Russell, why should Russell think anyone could love him? At the end of the film, Deadpool approaches
Russell and embraces him to try to stop his pyromania spree. But Russell doesn’t buy it, And why should
he? All the adults in his life have been assholes. The implication is: because Russell doesn’t
trust anyone, because he’s never had a family, he is without hope. But when Cable tries to shoot him, Deadpool
takes the bullet, proving to Russell that someone cares. Not only does this mean he doesn’t have
to grow up and kill tons of people, but that he should allow himself to trust others. Logan died so that Laura could give up violence
and have a good life with her new X-family, Deadpool died so Russell could give up cynicism,
and embrace HIS new X-family. Logan will never not be violent, and Deadpool
will never not be cynical, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to help the children. But again, this movie is a kind of extended
joke on Logan: although Deadpool has healed the cynicism of Russell, the film still takes
the opposite approach. Rather than a sad, heartfelt ending, Deadpool
doesn’t actually die. And the bait-and-switch with Deadpool sparing
the schoolmaster as a ruse to let Dophinder kill him is just proof of this cynicism. So, where we expect progress, we find none. And if we had any doubts, the after-credits
scenes shows Deadpool making the entire first act irrelevant and also shooting the old Deadpool
in the head. So, although Deadpool may have saved Russel
from the cynical belief in not being able to trust anyone, the franchise itself is still
as cynical as ever. And I’m sure commercials like this and this
will never go away. But what do I know? I’m just some assh*le with a YouTube channel. Seriously. Go read a book. Or hey- MAKE A WEBSITE with your own thoughts
by clicking here. Also, we’re going to talking about Deadpool
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100 thoughts on “Is DEADPOOL 2 a Two-Hour “LOGAN” Joke? – Wisecrack Quick Take

  1. Just saw the movie and it was all I had wanted and a little bit more. I love jumping into a goofy freeform action cosmic mortality horror/comedy I was just sad when it was over and the end scenes were great! I mean I think Vanessa deserved more of a comeback but there will be more

  2. I didn't see it as a parody, instead it just seemed like the movie trying to insert Deadpool into a more serious, emotionally-charged storyline, and fumbling it.

  3. When Russell began to befriend with the one who later turned out to be Juggernaut, I first hoped it would be Wolverine.

  4. What was this a summary? I really shouldve read something instead of wasting my time on this channel again.

  5. Guys, i love you, but wix is shit. If you are a pro, you look like a shit if you use wix. Period. I am not judging you but wix. That's all. Stay aweome, cuz you are.

  6. Thought: The movie's about not letting cynicism consume you. [Do we really need a spoiler warning here?]

    Stopping Russell from killing the headmaster wasn't about killing for justice or revenge, but because of what it meant and why he was going to do it. For Russell it was going to be something that he felt justified the shittiness in his life and he had no plans beyond that, and he was going to use that as a foundation for being violent and homicidal for the rest of his life. When Deadpool went after Francis, he wasn't letting his life be defined by the revenge but instead the goal to be somebody he thought Vanessa wanted. Russell will probably kill somebody in the future, and probably for revenge, but thanks to Deadpool he won't let that define his life. By letting Dopinder kill him in a hilarious fashion, it showed Russell that assholes will eventually get what's coming to them in the end and that they shouldn't be let go when you can do something about it.

    And with the time travel at the end-credits scene, Deadpool probably still put together X-Force to try and save Russell along with following as close to the original timeline as possible to save Russell. Sure, it's some lazy writing, but it works.

  7. Yeah, they are a lot alike, but do you know what the major difference is?


  8. I can't help but feel annoyed at the fact that everybody keeps the Fountain references out of the topic.
    I even hate The Fountain, I've never seen the whole of it, I hate Aronofsky's films, but even I knew it was an obvious reference to "another Hugh Jackman movie".
    And yet I was the only one to laugh at the cinema when it came on.
    I hate people, why do I go to see Deadpool at the cinema. DP and DP2 are the only movies I've felt like I could totally bond with and actually have a real friendship with. Ryan Reynolds' sense of humor is THE sense of humor and I hate it anytime somebody misses one of his jokes to laugh at the more generic stuff.
    God… I sound like a fuckin hipster , I even said "Basic Instinct" out loud in the theatre parallel to Reynolds saying it in the movie …

  9. Hahahaha spare the younger generations the cynicism of the older ones, hahahaha. Dude we are already massively cynical.

  10. The embedded man eating pb sounds like a little rascal’s (1994) reference. If so, 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  11. 6:33 Pause it there and look at his right nostril (the left one from your perspective), he's got a booger chilling like a fat man at the beach with a beer.

  12. 1:36 "…or a guy who just makes videos on the internet"
    Excuse me, do only guys make videos on the internet? I'm a cat, and I'm offended by this! Do you have any idea how hard it is to use a mouse with these tiny fluffy paws? Do you not understand how time consuming and how much of an effort in terms of self-control it is not to chase that mouse cursor on the screen when we're edditing? I thought you were inclusive, Wisecrack! Shame on you!

  13. I'm actually getting really tired of seeing characters with a robot arm, it got old after the first time. Marvel just keeps doing it over and over and over… Then again it's not the only thing they have on a loop.

  14. Such a ham-fisted theory… And, just to point it out, Deadpool 2 is a super fun movie, but Logan is a masterpiece, a movie that will be remembered decades from now.

  15. Yes finally someone saw what I caught on in this movie. Damn wisecrack been a long time fan can’t tell you I’m so glad I found you guys, don’t have any friends who love cinema like I do but when I hear your guys podcast or videos feels like you guys speak what I’m thinking.

  16. I know it doesn't mean much, but: I like Wisecrack videos, but the embedded commercials/plugs/sponsorships (all over youtube, not just here) are becoming really annoying. At least put them at the end of the video so people can skip them.

  17. I still don't understand how Logan's death spared Laura from anything. Yeah, he saved her from one group of bad guys, but she already killed people, and she will kill people again when her family is inevitably threatened again. Hell – she actually kills people alongside Logan in the final fight, and she kills Logan's killer too.
    It seems to me like Logan just saved Laura's life one last time, before sending her out to live the same life he lived. I don't see how his death changed anything, really.

  18. ok i think logan was a movie inside deadpool, and not an actual fourth wall break.In the deadpool reality, we can see that logan is playing in different theaters, and there is also a variety of toys and merchandise available for logan. The reason why this is important is that it shows that somebody in the DP reality is actually making and producing toys, and its not just something that deadpool can use his fourth wall breaking powers to see. Another main block of evidence that supports this is that in logan the year is stated as 2032, and that no mutants were born in the last 25 years, apart from the lab ones. In the xmen movies, there is evidence the mutants were born in that timeframe, meaning that this could have happened in the same reality as the xmen movies.

  19. That was a perfect way to tie in your sponsor for the video. It was a minute and a half before it hit me that it's been over a minute and the topic of the video hasn't really started yet. Good job, and that comes from the most impatient person lol

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