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Is He Lying to You? 7 Steps to Spotting a Liar

Hey there, Adam LoDolce from
where I help the 21st century woman create a love life that she absolutely loves. And
in this video right now I’m going to be answering the question is he lying to you, and showing
you the 7 steps to spotting a liar. Keep watching. So let’s say you’re in a situation where you’re
not really sure if the guy that you’re with is actually lying to you. Well, I’m going
to be walking you through a series of steps that are outlined in this video to help you
decipher whether or not he’s actually lying. 1. So step number one is to self evaluate.
Do you have ongoing trust issues? Listen, I get it. You’ve been burned in the
past. You’ve dated a guy in the past who has lied to you and was super sketchy. But you
know what? If you’re with a new guy and he hasn’t done anything to break that trust and
he’s actually been earning your trust over time, then you know what? You’ve got to give him that trust. Lose the
baggage and give him that leeway and that trust to know that he’s not lying to you. 2. Now, let’s say you’ve decided that it’s
not because of old baggage and you still think he might be lying to you. Step number two
is to ask him. You know, as part of the Sexy Confidence community,
I get hundreds of questions every single day and for most of those questions that I get
asked, I usually just want to say the best person to get an answer of that question is
with the guy that you’re in a relationship with. Usually if you can just sit down, have
an honest, open conversation with someone and ask someone, then usually you’ll get a
good answer. 3. Now, step number three is when you do ask
him it’s time to also read his body language. If someone wants to lie to you, they might
be able to lie to you with the words that they’re saying but their body language is
a little tougher to be able to lie. So, for example, if he starts blushing, maybe he has
a lot of anxiety. Anxiety can sometimes cause someone to blush. If he can’t make eye contact
with you and he’s looking everywhere else, then, you know what? He might be lying. Really
look at the cues and how he’s expressing himself rather than focusing on the words that are
coming out of his mouth. 4. Step number four, read his reaction. If he’s immediately getting so furious that
you’re asking about the situation and it’s the first time you’ve actually asked him if
he was lying about something and he reacts like, “What the f***?!” then his defense mechanism
is definitely kicking in. But just a little caveat to this, if you keep
asking the same question over and over and over, even a guy who’s innocent might get
annoyed because you’re not trusting him. 5. Step number five is think about is his
answer actually logical? Why was your phone off yesterday? Well, first
I had to bring my mom to the doctors, then afterwards she wasn’t feeling good so we decided
to go to the movies so, of course, I shut it off. Why was your phone off yesterday? Well, it’s
a funny story. You see, I was walking down the street and suddenly a giraffe starts fighting
the monkey and they’re battling for the phone and the monkey kills the giraffe and then
runs away with the phone. 6. Step number six, is his answer uncharacteristic
of his normal behavior? 7. And finally, step number seven. You want
to ask yourself, how difficult is the question you’re actually asking him? If it’s a simple answer, such as who did you
hang out with last night? If it’s that easy of a question, he should
be able to look at you with eye contact and confidence. However, if it’s a deep and very complex question
such as what is your greatest fear in life, then he’s probably going look a little bit
sketchy because that’s a really intense question. So let me ask you, have you ever thought a
guy was lying to you? I want hear your story right there below. If you want more tips like this that are going
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Bye bye.

100 thoughts on “Is He Lying to You? 7 Steps to Spotting a Liar

  1. i like listening & watching you. i know hes is in the wrong, a girl just told me both r in the wrong, but thay love me lol. he dont know i talked to her like it was him. now what should i say to him? we have been together for 15 yrs i would hate for us to split up, so how do i talk to him, i have tryed talking to him mos ago about this girl. now i know something is going on she said it would stop. how do i talk to him ?

  2. #5 and saying I was charging and saying he will call me but he has been forgetting too much I am so sensitive he doesn’t communicate with me enough and I can’t handle a day without talking to him

  3. What do you do if you find out 8 months in he's been Lieing not cheating but Lieing about stupid things or not communicating through the whole relationship promised he would stop and there was nothing else after that he went through my phone so a couple weeks after that I went through his and lied about having relations with someone (before me) brought this person up-to me all the time twisting stories about them leaving out the reason was because they were seeing each other /convinced me they were friends only/ making me feel bad for her using him for money etc etc and waits the same amount of time to admit that he compulsively lies I am stuck please help!

  4. Get this one guys….. I asked my boy-friend (just dating) why he don't invite me over? He says "because I have a sick aunt that I'm taking care of that won't allow me to have company. And mind you I'm a strong but loving, kind and sensitive women. I almost spit my food in his face with laughter when he gave me that one! And no I don't talk to him anymore. I didn't even give him an explanation because I wanted him to think about that lie he told. Signed: Number changed! Plz respond….

  5. He get really mad and gets that UGHH wy do you always ask that ?? You always assume that. Nd than says wat now..

  6. My man lies about stupid shit so I know he lies about big shit 🤷🏻‍♀️luckily I don't care enough to probe the situation

  7. I dated and lived with a guy once that always lied about everything. So i wanted to find out about some number in his phone that called him at 2am! He told me its was his guy friend of course. So days later i looked at his phone when he was not looking… Ops.
    I wrote the number down.
    Called it on *67 It was a woman… I Also found the name of her. 😱so then i confronted him about this girl. He swore on our CHILDREN.
    He didn't know anything about this number… So he gives me his phone and say look at my phone. Wow wrong move. I found more woman! Him taking selfies of himself. Much more! I gave him his phone back… My heart hurt so bad. I acted like i didn't find nothing! …. I have be stocking him witch is super unhealthy. I have finally came to my senses. Divorce time. 😰 3years gone.

  8. this is not a good informal video. LOOKING AWAY DOES NOT MEAN HE IS LYING. INFACT WHEN PEOPLE LIE THEY STARE HARDER INTO UR EYES BECAUSE OF THE STUPID BELIEFE OF PEOPLE LIKE U WHO THINK LOOKING AWAY MEANS DECEPTION. WOW… PLEASE STOP TEACHING MYTHS LIKE THESE. I took forensic psychology and let me tell ya.. what I learned .. VERY TRUE. we have done studies and so on.. u shouldn't just say these things on ur video. there are young people here who now will start accusing their spouse for looking away… and ur examples were so not in depth. no idea what the fuck u were trying to teach. but I got nothing out of this video

  9. When he disapiers and tells you nothing when you ask where he's been and ask he says he doesn't remember I know that seems clear seems like anything I would want to know the answer to he doesn't know or he doesn't remember mostly he can't remember

  10. My cousin ask a normal question, to her man, He likes betting, he has the money! She asked What if you couldn't bet,? In a fun way! She Kept asking, he started to get angry, moody and told her to leave it, he told her to shut up now, he wouldn't answer!! Just a silly question, what if? Thats not normal him getting like that!! And why!!?

  11. My guy lied to me about cheating on me with a women from his job. I caught her texting and I asked him he lied
    Short story I punched him aftee he was yelling in my face and he threw me in jail
    Charges got dropped . He said it was just work related and I started to believe him but something g in my gut told me differently. He recently admitted to talking to her in that way but said he never slept with her .
    Well during all the commotion while it was fresh she text one of my friends saying she fucked him and he must have wanted it. It did seem as though someone else was writting this…idk I'm having a hard time putting this all past me. Top it off before that he lied about. His ex acting like she was a friend from high school and fought me tooth and nail cause he has friends too.. turns out she was a ex who was his first love.. he left me and I saw him talking to her on messenger. Yet he class nothing happen.. Im not believing him

  12. Hey my name is Lakeisha. Just less than 24 hours ago. My friend and I. Have a conversation. About getting back together. We were talking. So I asked him a question and I never asked before. And when I asked the crushed and he got very expensive.

  13. actually am a college student I meet man he is in degree and it my first year the man says he loves me but actually am still stress up am not really sure of him but his actions words shows he loves me but what should I do?? so that to be sure his not a cheater

  14. I hate when u ask a man ooh what u going to see another how an they says realy that’s how u feel ? What they mean by that like that’s how u feel

  15. Yes.Theone I am with now.And he still lies.Always says he feels on trial.Well, don't lie.I knew he lied because I knew the truth to a question I asked him, before I asked him.

  16. Caught husband at a motel and he still denies he cheated said he wanted to know how it feels like to be alone 😑

  17. Wen im with my bro n me n husband n he talk to wife that going to Jackson casino n bro telling her truth n she call me I hang up

  18. It’s almost always the female. A disgusting creature who’s life depends on deception to land a mate. I personally believe they should be euthanized once the fertility years are gone, say 35-40.

  19. Okay I have one for you how do you make your boyfriend admit cheat cheated you when you show him the evidence and he knows that he cheated and I not he cheated but he won't admit to it or he'll just say yeah I did but he won't say yeah I cheated on you I'm sorry or have no regret he did it why doesn't he have regret but it feels bad

  20. How do you make a guy in mid for his mistakes because every time we're in argument he makes me admit for my mistakes and when I ask him something and tell him to admit it kill switch the conversation and put it back on me so he'll answer a question with a question or he'll just throw my past that hurts me instead of just admitting it why

  21. I'm 7 months pregnant and the baby daddy lied to me he told me he went back home when he actually was in the town that we were living in together sleeping with two other woman now he tells me he shouldn't have lied to me and all and he wants to be with me and babygirl but I really don't trust what he says… this morning he told me that he broke his phone so he will have to get a new one and I get on a app that me and him have called Hangouts and it said he was active 1hr ago if his phone is broke how can he get on it…I'm done I can't take it anymore….I'm tired of being lied too and hurt

  22. my guy send me ex is lying to me caught him red-handed more than once and I Gage his reaction already knowing the truth because I'm curious how is life to me so many times so easily. and from what I found he almost always gets angry or defensive or the flex something he might have done in the past on to you detour the conversation. question I want to know is why men was perfectly good women and good relationships have a obsession with getting online and talking to and looking at these probably fake women on these sites. I've gotten angry I threatened to leave I have left I poured my heart out to him told him how sad it made me I've cried Nothing Stops. you says he knows it hurts me and he's completely sorry and he knows that it will be our better end but he can't stop.

  23. Tx for the video I have a boyfriend who always try to pick up fights and only shows interest on me when he need to sleep over ,he comes at night leaves early hours barely spent time with me after all his phones r off till he decides to call me again is this the sign of lying or treating me as his one night stand or second options?

  24. We've been married for 33 years. Suddenly he is doing different things than ever before. Will say be right back going to a "Joe's". 7 hours later and wouldn't answer his phone. When comes home says every time oh I didn't know was gone that long. When asked what they did. He says things like ahh I don't remember let me think, Or we'll talk about it tomorrow. Sometimes I over heard him talking to friends and will talk about yesterday or mention other names. Saying something about yesterday. But not who told me he was with. And the biggest thing is that I found a text between him and a gril younger than our daughter the (gril was around 30). This was a very telling conversation with the two speaking sexy. And the gril mentioned something about not going to do like he did 4 years ago. But he says was the only time had talked to her and never before. Claimed he didn't read that part said he was just "joking around". Nothing adds up money?????? It's been disappearing $300.00-500.00 monthly for at least 6 or 8 months. He tries to blame me for all and everything somehow. But knows there's no way I had any part in it. I am left home alone all the time weeks ago by with me never leaving the house not even to the store 3 miles from home. What is for me to do? We've always had a very faithful and happy marriage. Our 2 children are grown now. I wonder if I was so involved mom and worked full time. WAS I not seeing these things from being busy and has it always been going on? Or is it new maybe even a mid life. Cricesis. I don't know what to think or do. I thought we were in for the long haul. We always talked about our time when kids were grown up. We hiour children young and are still young enough to have a good time together. But have only lonelyness for me and he has a life I'M not included in.

  25. My BF hates talking period. He shuts down and don't wanna speak about the lies. He always says live in the present not the past but something always ends up happening that week he told the lie. Smh I'm so confused we both have trust issues.

  26. I simply can't find enough words to thank hackermarcus4real at g m after I was ripped off twice, I got his contact from a colleague and he works like a magician. Got my fiancée phone hacked and I had access to all his lies. You can also call him on +1 646 349 3524

  27. Asked my man who is “Cowboy” that replied back to his text he went off on me saying, “What?! You’re tracking my texts too?! and “There you go again being jealous!” All I asked was who is Cowboy?

  28. I ask hem is he talking to anther female or sleep with anther female when he is at his family home or out with friends he gets piss off at me very fast all I what to know so I can get the kids and go he yell at me when I ask hem

  29. The problem that I am having with my boyfriend is that he is scared to go to jail cuz some weard person came up to his house at 11:00pm at night and like ask of his name age and my age and said I could not date him or I should not be dating him but dose have a pic of me and him just being together, which I think is stupid if someone is going to say that and it just doesn't make since , if you can help me and tell me what to do in this problem I will be more relived and more calm.

  30. I asked my boyfriend if he got fired from his job because hes been off alot and not telling me y and I think he might be lieing to me

  31. Did not learn anything here. I have been married to a liar for 48 years. You ask where have you been he says nowhere. He acts supper nice to get me to thinks he’s so good. I ask why are you so nice to me. He will say he is always nice but no he is note. Everyone tells me he is a really nice guy and lucky to have. That because he paints a picture to everyone so they all think he is super. When I figure it out then I’m always to forgive and forget. Then I’m the bad person.

  32. Just now actually it was 8 something in the morning and he asked me a question then I answered it and I said something else then hesaid he gtg eat like whatttt who eats at 8 in the morning ik he just didn't want to text so I just said bye and he lefted me on read it's now almost 11 still no text

  33. Hey. I really am in need of a professional advice with my relationship. I cant tell between his truths or lies anymore. I am really concerned and i don't know what to do anymore.

  34. Just guys?
    And women don’t lie?
    My ex continued to lie to me and I gave her every chance but continue to lie to me until the end.

  35. my husband divorce me when I was six months pregnant with my second child. We had been arguing and quarreling nonstop since the day our first child was conceived, no love nor trust from him anymore so he divorced me. And all these whiles, I have been trying all different means to get him back, I also tried some different spell casters here in the United States, but none of them could bring Richard back to me. It was only Dr. sharaja sid who guaranteed me an urgent 48 hours spell casting, and he assure me that my husband will be with me again. I am writing to offer my thanks and deep gratitude to you for keeping your promises, and for using your gifted and great powers to bring him back home. I was thrilled to know that you are specialized in reuniting Lovers. Thank you Sir, for helping me through the worst times of my life, for being such a great spell caster, and for giving me a love spell that has brought me so much joy in my marriage. My husband is back and promise never to leave me again. If you doubt his ability, trust me. You should take a chance. It pays off in ways you could never even imagine. If you are there right now and you need a powerful and urgent love spell to bring back your ex kindly contact [email protected] or+(234)9066-376197

  36. I hate the people who lie in their relationship….. and demanding in relationship..he is lying and doing everything wrong and be like a good person and act like Ur doing wrong and start demanding in Ur life 😑😔😌😥

  37. Yep. He had lied to me before. He lied again and caught him in the lie. When I confronted him he denied it and when I showed him the proof – all he could say was "okay"

  38. Oh please I suppose to believe that he suddenly into me. Yeah right so don't believe it.

    Narrastic men lie of everything. Narrastic men never change.
    Narrastic men cheat with million of women sketchy lies.
    The player changes but his cheesy games remain the same.

    The right man would never rush women, the right man don't play games. And the right guy wouldn't be rude or manipulate either.

  39. my crush always says he does not like me, well he blushes when he gets nervous and obviously I could tell he was lying because he was blushing

  40. Could use advice.. my gf is always on her phone, like it takes precedence over everything. Cant even have a conversation or watch a movie with her is so bad. Any time i bring up how shes on it so much or that shes ignoring me so she can use her phone, she gets super defensive almost mad at me for asking. Says like "what does it matter to you" or "why do you care" and all i can say is i want to spend time with YOU but youre always looking down at your phone. She looks for random shit to get mad at me for then hides in the bedroom, you guessed it, on her phone for hours..i dunno what to do

    Is she hiding something? She messages other guys but says they are friends from high school ( we mid 20s) ..

  41. Love my boyfriend every time I ask him why he don't answer my phone calls or answer my text he uses the excuse the phone was in the car I know he's lying and I told him he can tell me the truth this is causing me to lose trust in him and I'm starting to think you might even be cheating

  42. just a few days ago i found 2 text in his phone that some one sent him and he sent to them he told me his ex boy friend was trying to get back with him but i know it was another girl he loves women i know he does not like men and it hurts me that hes lieing about it and i need help to find an answer cause he dose not want to talk to me any more about it

  43. i saw my ex yesterday and he claimed he was going fishing with his fishing sponsors with Autism kids i talked 2 his Grandma and she said he went with his Father and then he said he wanted to move out of state and his Grandma said he won't go anywhere he will stay right where he is so do i basically ignore what he says or listen even though i know he is lieing?

  44. Yes ik I'm in 5th grade but I'm mature for my age. Anyway rumors are getting spreader around about I'm a snitch it's a long story. All my friends were saying my boyfriend called me a snitch even tho he told me I he snitched and he denied it but everybody saying he told them

  45. I asked him, he told me why he lied, calmly and honestly. Then I realised one thing worse than lying is that, he even does not think it is a problem. I don't feel disappointed, but speechless, just simply disconnect.

  46. I always maintain going with your gut feeling. If something feels off then it probably is. Don't ever underestimate the gut brain connection. It's like a inbuilt bullshit detector..

  47. The guy I'm getting to know seems to be really genuine but his facts don't seem to add up. This is sad… I wanna ask him but don't know how to do it in a way that won't offend him in case he's really telling the truth. Help!

  48. My ex lied to me he lied to me he said he actually promised me he would never leave me n marry me n he end up leaving me n in the middle of al that he took the most precious thing my bby n even my mom n my me trusted in him n he backstab us his name is suriel medel hopefully he will pay for everything he did !

  49. My guy said he did my answer my 11 am text until 5 pm because he was asleep till 3 pm… he is 50 yrs old … we cannot sleep all day like that… I think he had another woman over his house and did not want to reply… so do I just say I don't believe you? Not sure how to confront a suspected lie?

  50. How did I marry a guy that played the "Honeymoon" game (you know does/says all the right things) UNTIL we married a 18 months later, and now he won't wear his wedding ring(well, he says that he could get HURT mowing the lawn????). Has to leave the house every day at 12-1 pm…..gone (claims going to the bar every day.) Never takes me anywhere and never walks beside me in the WalMart closest to our home????
    Tells me lies such as "Wow….the garbage guy said he really appreciates me putting the garbage can in the same EXACT spot every week…and I am the only person on his route that pays EVERY MONTH on TIME!!!"
    Bedroom activity…..0%….lied to me about his ED.(classic complainer about his EX who was having AFFAIRS???) Refuses to have any bills in his name, although he has perfect credit (and it is TRUE his credit is 720)
    Last one…..He lied to me early on about having children. Come to find out when his mom died, all the grandkids were accounted for but the TWO he claimed he has?
    I guess you're going to tell me to dump him right? I think I've answered my own question…..but hope you got a laugh out of this….and It's all true.
    BTW….my 1st DH was every woman's dream…..sent me flowers each month through our entire 18 yr marriage, told me I was beautiful after coming home from the hospital after having a baby and being 20 pounds over-weight. I could go on, but you get the picture???
    So, I did I screw up with DH no#2????? Can you answer that? (thanks)

  51. My man is a narc and had abused me for over ten years. He now seems somewhat to be trying harder to make things work. Like he’ll now go out of his way to buy me any happiness he can afford, but he’s still not there emotionally and won’t offer me an adult discussion or emotional support if he’s still the subject of discussion, or something he’s done. Like he is the reason I lost my teeth. But now he has a new job, and claims if we get married we can all get dental coverage, which will help afford dental implants. And I can’t tell if he’s genuinely honest or if he’s just trying to trick me into marriage with him. In the past he was beyond sadisticly abusive, and from time to time it still shows through. Like when I’m sad, he’s not there for me. And he still enjoys hurting me during sex. And he still thinks I’m out of control for “feeling” the way I do about him, and only ever wants me to remember the “good” he’s done, like it voids all the bad. Idk. And then there’s the fact that he keeps trying to find excuses to quite his job with the good benefits. Claiming he hates being away from us, his family.. four days a week. But then when he returns home, goes almost straight to playing his xbox. Or he claims the job may not be worth it because of having to travel 3-6 hours each time there and back, yet he’s gone from making $300 a week to making $800 a week. He’s already tried coming up with excuses 4x times to quite. When I honestly think the main reason is because he simply misses being able to be home each night, playing Tanks on his xbox, smoking weed. Which is all he used to do, forcing me to join him in smoking weed. He doesn’t like it because he promised me my dental implants with this new job, so I tell him if he quits his job, I’m done with him. So he hasn’t quit yet. I have a feeling he’s going to toy with me, have me marry him, claiming he’ll follow through with the dental implants. But that once we’re married, he’ll quit his job and fuck me out of my implants. Idk. What do you guys think? Do you think he’ll follow through? Or do you think he’s playing me to make it even harder for me to leave him?

  52. 1. Jauge le passé 2. Lui demande 3. Lire le body langue si il fuit 4. Si il s'énerve trop facilement 5. Ces disquettes sont trop grosses

  53. I have a guy that i use .too. Go out with. And i as him why all the Sutton you use to call "me. Every morning. And texts. He slow down..even doe he have a job! That's a good thing. "I think he seeing some one.

  54. I tell the truth I lie to women so I won't get the nag. the nag is like a torture chamber for men.

  55. For your situation, it is obvious that he is cheating. I was in this situation before but I had to contact a hacker to do the dirty job for me and behold he was a narcissist and I never knew. You can contact the hacker stokehackent @gmail. Com is where we connected.

  56. This man kept lying hiding about his smoking habit. I asked and felt many times, he would chew gums, or blame it to deo smell. When the truth surfaced, he just closed up. He couldn't face me. He went on to consume whisky and smoking, wept that he fell unconscious. Should I forgive this man and stop the relationship? we have been together since 2015, its in late 2018 that I caught him lying when by mistake his friends revealed infront of him. i would like tl mention, i didnt commit any mistake, cheat or lying during the whole time of this relationship. I just cannot trust him. Im even doubtful to marry him. he is a mariner. he has quit smoking but consumes black coffee.

  57. Have I ever THOUGHT a guy was lying to me? Well, let me think……..YES!! Not only, did I think it, but sadly was exactly right. He's a nasty lying cheater. Not once, TWICE and with the same skank!! For the past 3-months he's been drunk posting on FB, good one-post and insulting the very next. Apparently, he's not taking the breakup very well.

  58. I married the man I thght would never hurt lie or starting to hit me ,the only reason y I'm asking him it's the emails we get all fr single dating porno web site n he swears on his mother n son life it's not him now he's a victim of identity theft omg n he swears he gonna kill himself so that way I'll know it wasn't him bcus the emails will not stop , lol I'm the stupid 1 in this life n marriage

  59. I suspected he was lying intuitively but I chalked it up to my previous relationship and that liar and trusted, two months later Im feeling bad energy and feeling sick we argue and he admits he lied! His addicted ass is out of my life!

  60. My boyfriend and I are long distance. I recently told him that I plan on visiting him this weekend. His response? He FREAKED the fuck out and told me whatever I do, dont go to his town and his apartment is messy. Also, he texts the girl he liked before me numerous times .. and he gets mad when I act skeptical. Shouldn't he be happy I want to see him? Also, we video chat alot and he also makes up an excuse as to why I can't see his apartment..that its messy and what not. He's moving back, nd now he's all down bc he regrets it … I am just…ugh !!!

  61. my husbaND always had hes ways of lying to me, so decided to get proof so my friend recommended the best hacker i have ever seen to get me remote access to his laptop and phone after i contacted Jason on +1325 439 6697, just in an hour i got to know he was on 16 dating sites!!!!!!!

  62. Thank you pat!!! am so happy i tried him out tooo!!! Jason handles every job with good skills and professionalism,, if you need any hack job done!! dont esitate to contact jason on +1325 439 6697 hes the best hands down…

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  64. what if someone keeps lying about important plans and just cops out. What if broken promises is a norm. What if their lies keep surfacing and the make astronomical excuses It feels like the rug keeps getting ripped from under me. What i thought was going tohappen is not happening. Like paying bills on time. Did you pay the car, no, why not, you didn't remind me. WTF? Mostly lying about money. What to do?

  65. y’all. am i being crazy and unrealistic for hoping my boyfriend doesn’t look at other girls. he says he doesn’t. part of me believes that. but idk.

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