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Is it BAD to CRACK my own neck? – The Source Sessions

To understand this question is to understand the physiology of why you
feel like you have to do it in the first place. You have seven cervical vertebra in your
neck and over time if you have increased stress or tension areas of the spine can
literally become stuck and when it’s not moving properly it’s sending
signals to the brain which say “hey I would really like that to move” so you
provide some type of crack or pop or self adjustment which gaps that joint
and it feels amazing! Because you release chemicals in that area called oxytocin
neurotensin and cortisol which decrease stress, decreases inflammation and feel
great but I also know that you feel like you have to do it again a couple hours later. So why is that? Because usually what is
happening when you crack your own neck is the vertebra above or below the
stuck one is what ends up actually moving, so our job as chiropractors
is to find out the one that is actually giving you the sensation of needing to
do that in the first place, finding the one that is stuck providing specific
adjustments to that, restore proper biomechanics of that joint and then you
won’t feel like you have to do it hours later. Is it bad if you continue to
do this over and over again? and the answer is YES, over time if you
have areas of the spine that aren’t moving at all it’s going to lead down
that degenerative process, arthritic process of wear and tear which over time
takes effect on the spine. likewise if you have too much motion if
you have hypermobility within the spine its going to have those same detrimental
effects, so if you keep doing that, repetitively cracking your own neck your
the vertebra above or below the stuck one are going to have increased motion
which is just as bad as too little motion. so next time you feel like you
have to crack your neck ask yourself “do I want instant
gratification or long-term spinal health?” We encourage you to check out this cervical
range of motion routine video and schedule a consultation with a Chiropractor near you

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