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Is It Okay To Crack Your Knuckles?

(knuckles cracking) – [Voiceover] If you're like most folks, someone in your life has probably told you at one point, cracking your knuckles
will mess up your hands… forever. How can something that
feels so right be wrong? Is cracking your knuckles
actually bad for your health? When you crack your knuckles, you're not actually cracking anything. Between your joints, there's an egg white-like substance called synovial fluid. Gross, I know. One of the things it does is help reduce friction when your joints move by acting as a lubricant. Scientists used to think that the cracking sound was the result of bubbles popping in the synovial fluid. But this year, doctors
were able to record this video of a knuckle cracking
for the first time. They found that the crack you hear is actually the sound of a cavity forming. Nothing is being broken or damaged except maybe your loved
one's tolerance for you. A study published in
2011 tracked 215 adults ages 59-80 for five years and found no link between
cracking your knuckles and the onset of arthritis. And this guy over here, Dr. Donald Unger, took it upon himself to crack the knuckles only in his left hand for 60 years. He found that the knuckle cracking hasn't made any significant
difference between his hands. We can all learn something from Dr. Unger, something called dedication. So fear not intrepid youths! Based on the science, cracking your knuckles is probably fine. Ooh, ooh yeah! Ooh, that's the stuff! (electronic chiming)

41 thoughts on “Is It Okay To Crack Your Knuckles?

  1. Me: don't crack your bones

    My bones: We know ya want to

    Few mins later:CRAAACCKKKK

    I hate doing it but also luv it!! My sister hates the sound tho…


    One I accidentally crack..I can't stop

  2. Guys this is my tecnique

    Wait 2 hour for the most satisfying pop ever


    Wait 20 for the less satisfying sound ever

  3. I can crack nearly every bone on my body.Gladly now I have proof to show my dad that nothing is gonna happen to my hand when I grow older

  4. I haven’t cracked my knuckles for 3 days, my mom wants me to stop, she says it’s bad BUT I’m gonna send her this, and maybe I’ll just…
    * cracks knuckles for ASMR *

  5. Man if this was not buzz feed i would be commenting on how this channel is needed today in such a bias world we have today… But it is buzzfeed and are one of the most bais.

  6. If any of yall from my school watching this TOLD YOU u don’t get arthritis from cracking your knuckles I know so many people who have done it for years but guess what they didn’t get arthritis!!!

  7. I hate when people crack there fingers. It’s because of my fricken phobia and I hate it cause literally EVERYONE POPS THEM.

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