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Is It Southern or Hipster? – wellRED Comedy

(people murmuring) – It’s so confusing
that hipsters have started co-opting
southern culture. I feel like we’re in a
Cracker Barrel cosplay party. – Drew, don’t say
co-opt too loud. They’re gonna think we wanna
start a beet farm coalition. I really need some
fried okra, man, so can we please
just make this work? – Corey, everyone
in here’s dressed like a barista at Talladega. – Are you ready to order? – Yes, ma’am, I’ll– – We don’t use gendered
pronouns in this restaurant. – Okay, well I heard that y’all have the best fried chicken, so I’ll take a two piece, dark, with some mashed
potatoes and gravy. – Okay, we don’t have gravy
and we only serve white meat. – That’s why it’s all
white people in here. – Excuse me?
– ‘Cause of the blandness– – White is fine, and I’ll just take the cheese grits instead. – Okay, would you
like regular or vegan? – Regular? What? Vegan grits? That’s just dry ass corn. Who would wanna eat that? – People dressed
like an Americana album about soybean subsidies. – (chuckles) Yeah. Track one, white meat got
me dryer than white men. Am I right? – Hilarious. Is that one SoundCloud? – This is ridiculous. You guys have vegan
options all over the menu. There’s a deer head on the wall. – His name is William. We’re honoring him. – I like your trucker hat. What do you haul? – Apparently
cognitive dissonance. – This is just an outfit. – (laughs) Look, Drew! Your dad’s an outfit. – And you can wear it to your
next hillbilly hoedown party! I hope y’all are diggin’
the reclaimed barn wood, ’cause there’s poop in barns! We’re eating in a poop lodge. – That’s not true. There’s no poo in here. – That lady has a mullet. – Whoa, whoa, hey, hold on! What the hell’s
going on out here? I’m up in my ass in
grease that’s hotter than a randy bobcat’s
butt hole back there. What’s the deal? – These customers are upset. They think that light
meat chicken is dry. – Is that right?
– Mm-hmm. – I’ll take care of this. We got a chicken problem? – And, uh, the Earnhardt
poster’s crooked. – Well, by god! Livin’, breathin’ Yelp
review comin’ in here, pitchin’ a fit before he’s
even had a bite to eat yet. I swear to Conway Twitty
you make me want (sighs). When you’re hotter than
grease, say yes to peace. When you’re hotter than grease– – Buddy, where are you from? – Boone, North Cackalacky. – Boone, North Carolina? You mean your parents
had a vacation house outside of
Asheville, right? – No, I mean like
my uncle’s still on the run from breeding
illegal reptiles. – You’re from Boone, North
Carolina and you made this menu? – Yes. – What year did Doc Watson die? – What? – What percentage
Cherokee are you? – 1/16th on my mama’s side. 1/8th on my daddy’s side. – Vinegar or
ketchup-based barbecue? – Both. – When greeting a
fellow southerner– – Scoot, scoot, goddamn! – How much sugar
goes in sweet tea? – Til it’s sweet enough. – Dolly Parton or–
– Dolly! You know, unless the
preacher’s comin’ over. Then we gotta pretend like
it’s Jesus for a minute, but. – All right. When you were punished as a kid, where would you parents hit you? – Home, school, church. Anywhere with sticks, really. – That’s a phenomenal answer.
– Mm-hmm. Just a few more questions. – Willie gets all the credit
because he started it, but Waylon’s the best outlaw. Skynyrd’s plane went down
in Gillsburg, Mississippi. You can fry anything if
the grease is hot enough. And Doc Watson died
on May 29th, 2012. Smart ass. – Dude, why are you
making vegan grits? – ‘Cause they sell. And they ain’t that bad! And doctor told me I
got the prediabetes, so. – [Both] Oh! – Hell, man. Why didn’t you say something? – I’ll have the catfish. Tell your mama and
them I said hey. – Okay then. That’s a sweet mullet. Somebody fix Dale. – I like this place.

100 thoughts on “Is It Southern or Hipster? – wellRED Comedy

  1. My great grandmother was Cherokee. Not sure what that means other than I have pitch black hair and can get an incredible tan.

  2. Wow, that's really cool how these millennial meatheads have no idea what's real and what's a comedy skit so they'll just totally absorb this s*** as if it's goddamn gospel.

    People that assimilate to any bullshit clicue suck Hitler juice.

  3. Vinegar or tomato barbecue sauce, he probably should say tomato because eastern North Carolina is vinegar barbecue sauce and western NC is tomato based.

  4. I’m Korean , spent my childhood in TN and then moved to NYC and then abroad

    But watching these videos really make me think about my childhood in the South !!
    Keep up the good work haha

  5. Accurate. Meade County Kentucky born n raised. Raise Hell Praise Dale. Even tho I was always a Mark Martin myself. Course that was Valvoline number 6 before he went to drivin the Viagra car.

  6. I don’t see any hipsters Lynching black people or making a game out beating the shit out of their wives, so I think Southern culture is safe.

  7. this is probably the funniest thing CC put out in 10 years outside of south park

    it was spot on for one and i didnt feel condescended on for a second so thats fresh

  8. If I ever went to a resturant and heard " we don't use gender pronouns" I would spit on the floor and leave……

  9. I’m British and the more I hear about the south the more I think it’s like the north of England (poor traditional a lil bit racist etc) and the more I wanna go 😂

    Guy from the north of England ere

  10. Im Northern Cali bred and will never leave my Great State! But im no Hipster and dont know any & for all our differences (Dump Trump, NASCAR is Not a Sport & Real Racing is F1, y? Faster Speeds, Real Tracks that dont Turn Left for 5 HRS or a "Caution Flag" every 2 laps) and OUTLAW Country is the Only Country, Waylon was The Man, u make Real BBQ, better Fish(Mostly), Chicken & Scrimp. But Okara is nasty and Hash Browns are btr than Grits.

  11. As for where my Parents Hit me, my Mom's a Ginger 3rd Gen Scottish broad while my Dad is German/Sicilian but nvr feared him. My Mom would beat my Ass with a Wooden Spoon named "Mr. Quigly" till I broke that SOB on my kbee b4 we moved to frm San Ramon CA to El Dorado Hills CA. I told her Gingers dont have Souls after a SouthPark Episode & she slapped me in the face Good. She was/is the Power, Hell All the Women in my Fam are Stronger than the men. Maybe its cause her side moved frm MISSOURI to CA

  12. As a not-American I feel like I don't really relate to this beyond some outfit trends that have come over all the way to Northern Europe, but it's still highly amusing to learn all these stereotypes on both (American) vegans and southerners. 🙂
    Note: we also have a lot of vegans, but most of them are pretty chill and subtle about it. Not annoying like the stories you hear about them online.

  13. There is a LOT to unpack here. I could write an essay…
    Comedy folks, it ain't a science, but it's darn complicated.

  14. If nothing else, as an Immigrant, I learned most of racial stereotypes from Comedy Central, usually from comedy skits or stand up.

  15. honestly i live in a rodeo town in florida. oldest rodeo east of the mississippi. there's this old pie an coffee joint called wheelers that's been around since the 30s. noticed a lot more vegan pies recently. pander to those with money

  16. I give mad points to the fact whoever wrote the script knew who Doc Watson was. I was lucky enough to see him a few times before he passed. He was an amazing talent.

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