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‘Is This a Joke to You?’ | Bar Rescue S6 Sneak Peek

So, here’s my recon team.Two nice, young, college girls.If I could have 50
of those girls
in that bar,
the place would be packed. – Right?
– Oh, yeah. What can I get
for y’all? Can I do the Daiquiri?
The classic one. Okay, yeah. – I got ya, baby.
– Thank you. ( laughs )So my recon orders
two standard drinks.
Where are the Daiquiri
and Cosmo buttons?Not only can she
not make the cocktails,
she can’t even ring ’em in.Okay, this is their thing. Uh-huh. I’ll let you take
their payment. So I’m not in your way.
Okay? Here’s your daiquiri. Give me one second. Is there supposed to be like
little flakes of gold in here? – Oh, no.
– Something’s not clean.There’s something in the drink
that they sent back
that just means
that their glasses
weren’t washed out properly. Jon:Let’s see
what your cook’s doing.
Now he’s going out
into the room.
So, he delivers his own food.So they have him come out
into the room
looking like that.
– Ashley:No.It’s even scarier
that, like, nobody is
doing anything about that. Jon:
So what do you think that is?
You think that that’s a
vinaigrette on his shirt, Vic? You get free sweat vinaigrette
with everything you order here. This bar can’t get a drink out
and the kitchen is gross. And these two idiotscan’t seem to do anything.Whoo!
Do not go in there. Whoo, boy! Now when they order the food
I wanna time this, okay? Brussels sprouts
are really good. Okay. And Chris makes
everything with love. So, everything
he makes is great. Jon:
It’s made with what?
He’s still sweating, too.
Still wiping his head.
– He’s got no rag now.
– ( gags )Okay, so now it’s been
about four minutes.
There are tickets sitting there
and nothing is cooking.
So he hasn’t even started yet.Here we go.Does he do the wipe first?Let’s see.Oh!Okay, so, he’s reaching
with that right hand.
Put the raw burgers
on the cutting board.Touches them with both hands.There’s the smoke coming
up from the dirty grill,and there goes the burger.The layer of soot
on that grill.The grill is not supposed
to smoke when you pour oil.
Look at that. Jon:
Here he goes, here he goes.
Oh! Vic:
I think it’s a discharge. That’s what
I think it is. Jon:Now he goes
to the Brussels sprouts.
If he touches those now– – Ashley:Yup.
– Jon:He just did.He’s touching every one. Crispy Brussels sprouts with goat’s cheese
and Balsamic reduction.Every one of those
Brussels sprouts
is completely covered
in sweat.Have you seen an owner come
into this kitchen?
No. If anything was wrong,
Miles did it. Aww. Did you see a manager come
in this kitchen? Who the hell
is running this place? I wanna find out.The food from this kitchen
could literally kill somebody.
I have to go in
and shut this down
and figure out
who the hell is responsible.
Hey, Henry.
Jon Taffer. – Jon.
– Nice to meet you. – Jon: Let’s go in the kitchen.
– Henry: All right. Jon, I like the coat. This is the sweat rag. Show ’em how many times
you wipe sweat off his head, puts it down, picks up food,
throws it on the grill, and your food is covered
in sweat. Now you’re laughing.
Is this fun for you? You should put gloves on
for that. When I bring the health
department in here, and shut your ass down,
is that gonna be funny? – That would be ( bleep ) sucky.
– It really would, ’cause I’m gonna freakin’ do it. I’m gonna shut you guys down. Shut the grill off! Turn it off! – How long have you been here?
– Uh, I’ve been here two years. I’ve been managing
for a little bit over a month. Do you know about him? I just hired him as kitchen
manager not too long ago– Kitchen manager? Are you ( bleep ) nuts? I mean,
it’s what I had to do. Do you know that this guy’s
gonna kill somebody? I’m not doing this. I’m out. What? I’m not in charge
of the kitchen, first of all. So, to yell at me
about the kitchen– I mean, he’s yelling
at the wrong person. He should yell at Miles
and Henry about that. Jon:Is this gonna
be a joke for you?
– No.
– ‘Cause I’ll walk the ( bleep ) out of here. How much money do you have
on the line? You’re right– How much? – How much money?
– Lot of money. How much? We have over 200 grand
on the line. Henry,
shut the ( bleep ) up. Is there any chance that you’re gonna make
your money back like this? Not like this, no. It seems like a joke to him. You know, I don’t–
I don’t understand why he is taking this so lightly,
because this is
very serious to me. Is this what you wanna
freakin’ be? It’s the best
we could do right now. So you’re a loser? – I’m a loser.
– Are you? No. I’ll do it for you. I don’t wanna do it
for him, ’cause he’s a cocky
son of a ( bleep ), who thinks this is a joke
and it’s not. I can do it, for sure, man. I don’t wanna shake your hand. I want you to look me
in the face and do it. Either you will come on board and ( bleep ) do this
or I walk out. ( laughs )

100 thoughts on “‘Is This a Joke to You?’ | Bar Rescue S6 Sneak Peek

  1. I hate when someone laughs in your face when your being serious about something man that burns me up

  2. i notice that the guy wearing the backwards hat is the only one taking seriously and the 2 other guys wernt
    that must be sucky for him

  3. Still dont believe this show. I do watch it, because its entertaining, but I think its scripted for viewership. Fun to watch though, I admit. (:

  4. I seen this episode and let me tell you, the cook was a walking health hazard. So many disgusting practices in the kitchen but he was put in the kitchen with no experience and the owners are at fault for that as well as the manager. And a bartender that did not know how to make any basic cocktails was ridiculous! Definitely the fault of the management and both owners.

  5. This guy screams constantly……incorrect way to approach ANYTHING. If you scream constantly, people will change the channel on you. Yelling can be effective but like anything it needs to be used VERY sparingly, and for really critical items.
    This guy is unprofessional in his approach….I get that it's "TV"…..nonetheless.

  6. If Jon is explaining important stuff – and your laughing?….Jon is only going to get angry… then kick your ass!

  7. I'm surprised that cook hasn't had a heart attack while cooking. He looks like he's ready to pass out on the grill.

  8. You can't have a cook that fat! That's someone who doesn't eat anything but McDonald's burgers…"made with love" idk what that fat dude kind of love is

  9. Does that chick have a dragon tattoo wrapped around her shoulders and going down the middle of her chest ???🙄🙄🙄

  10. I spotted the sorta dumb hot girl that the owner hired as a bartender so he could work his way into her panties….seems normal for a bar

  11. "Hi, I am the general manager!
    Oh, there are complaints about the kitchen you say?
    Well the kitchen is not my responsibility, I'm only here to hear 2 words: FINE BOSS."

  12. At 2:25 how would you like to have a cook like that preparing your food ? A drink with a dirty glass !!!!!

  13. That cook is enormous!!!! I’ve worked with a few big chefs but my god that guy looks like he needs his own NASA rover!

  14. I work in the business professionally for 20+ years and that's one thing I find disgusting myself is a dirty amateur cook. If that was my place that cook and manager would be fired from the get go. I wouldn't hire a cook without a certified food handlers license at all plus I can't stand a dirty kitchen. That's why you wouldn't see my place on this show or Gordon Ramsay's show, we keep our place tops and up to code.

  15. Honestly disgusting, I probably would’ve vomited in my mouth if I witnessed that in person.
    I worked fast food back in HS and I always made sure my hands were washed and clean at all times, not even because customers expect me to or because I had to, it’s just the idea of touching random shit in the building and touching food with those same hands (I wore a glove but still)

  16. 4:25 wtf is that guy's problem. He HIRED the Kitchen Manager and he walks away saying it's not his problem!! and better yet he is the General Manager! He is supposed to oversee EVERY part of the establishment, aside from the owners, he has complete control and responsibility on what happens.

  17. What does it say about the world we live in that a young man of that size is considered "fat". Poor guy needs to lose 400lbs to be considered "fat". Hope he does something before it's to late

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