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Is This Free? (Short Comedy Film)

And a latte for the lovely lady! Thank you! Hey! Oh, do I know you…? You do now. OK… Is this free? – ‘Is this free?’
– ‘Yes, of course!’ Standard question, standard response. So standard, we forget to think. Well I like to challenge standards. Catch people off-guard. Make them think. Is this free? No, it’s two pounds. Oh, I’m sorry, are you waiting for someone? Well, not exactly.
The last guy only had a pound on him. He went looking for the other 50p. But if you’ve got two pounds on you now —
it’s yours! But you only asked him only one-fifty! Inflation!
Oh, there he is! I’m taking it! Excuse me, so sorry, is this free? Fuck-off. Look old chap,
I just asked for the seat! I know. And I only asked you to fuck-off. Well, I say, Fuck-off yourself then! Excuse me! Is this free? Just a minute! Are you gay? No. Are you Muslim? No! Are you black? No!!! – But any of these are a problem to you?
– No, no, no, no – – Is this free?
– Yes, of course. But… I wouldn’t advise you to sit there. They’re watching this spot very carefully. – Is this free?
– Of course! But could you help me with a quick survey I’m conducting? – Sure!
– Thank you! – What’s your name?
– Rosie. Rosie. Lovely name.
And your age? 22 Are you married? No, I’m single. Lovely. What’s your profession? I’m a hairdresser. I bet you’re very good at it too! Can I just take a quick photo? – Really?
– Smile! – Like this?
– Perfect! Oh, you have a lovely smile! What’s this for? It’s an anthropological research
for the S&D. – Strictly confidential, of course.
– I see… What newspaper do you read? The Sun Very popular What’s your mobile number? 07 700 900 352 – And bra size?
– 34 C Lovely Do you vote Labour? No. – Lib Dem?
– No… – Conservative?..
– No! Have you ever been or are you now
involved in espionage or sabotage, or in terrorist activity, or genocide,
or between 1933 and 1945 were you involved in any way
with persecutions associated with Nazi Germany or its allies? Erm, no?! Is this free? – I’m sorry?
– Is this seat free? Is there a problem if I sit there? Yes! I mean… maybe? I don’t know… You could… Sorry, who are you talking…
who are you talking to? Er, Trevor. – Sorry, what’s your name?
– Alice. Alice: this is Trevor.
Trevor: this is Alice. This is awkward… I think, yes, I think I better go – No, no, please! I’m sorry, have my seat!
I insist! So, oh yeah… Do you have a My Space account? No. Do you drive or drive a Hummer? I wish, err, no! Do you consider yourself to have
any kind of mental illness? No! – Drug addiction?
– No! – Lactose intolerance?
– No! – Communication disorder?
– No! Are you male? NO!.. WAIT! – well, you get the idea! Of course, please – Can I help you? Very good! Is this free?

100 thoughts on “Is This Free? (Short Comedy Film)

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  2. Ok, it started out not funny. However, about the third or fourth one in and then the Red head in the park were funny. I want to know, just how many good looking 22 year old hairdressers want to sit in vacant seats. In all my life, not once has that happened. It could be that I am downright ugly, who knows. However, I have never had anyone of either (or any) sex ask to sit at a table of mine. I wonder if they find my ankle monitor or table manners offensive? Maybe it is all of my prison tats? I wish I knew.

  3. This guy and his sense of humour is simply brilliant. Why don't people just get it 😀 and continue to humor him or just leave without letting him pull their leg

  4. What is that reason to be add here Muslim well now fuck this video for you what the fuck did you make uh money you jerk

  5. "Are you black?"

    Btw for clarification, "Is this free" is a question asked to know if a chair by someone is being used by someone who's away about to come back to it, like "Is anyone sitting here?".

  6. Interesting idea, but I can tell this is not in the United States. The idea of sitting at a small table with a stranger seems unusual, to say the least. But I enjoyed the film very much. Beautiful photography and interesting characters.

  7. I think this sketch means to highlight the way people usually take advantage of the question "Is this free?" When people ask that, they expect the other person to say yes and that's it. It's the norm. But when the main character in this sketch starts asking/saying random things to people when they ask him "Is this free?", they're taken aback. And this is the intention of the sketch. People are so used to getting an affirmative response to the question and nothing more. The entire interaction is done without thinking. So I think this sketch just shows how people react when they're thrown off guard by his "strange" responses to their question. It shows that they're really not thinking – they're just doing what society has ingrained into them, almost habituated to it.

    This is MY understanding of what the sketch means.

  8. Bad premise
    Bad execution
    This video is a very bad idea
    I enjoyed it however, the same way I enjoyed watching the room.

  9. Do I know you? You do now! Because, you know, we said hi. The creator of this masterpiece must have really shallow relationships…

  10. Imagine you just want to sit down and enjoy your coffee, and you get that prat playing silly mind games in response to a polite question. Is everything HE says to be taken literally?

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  12. This video is gold !!! Sarcastic intellectualism at its finest……

    Why don’t a lot of you posters get it?

  13. disgusting, hard, heartless end time statistical behaviour and attitude displayed, NOT FUNNY AT ALL, particularly swearing at the older man at the park wanting to share the bench. DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I get the joke….I just don't like how it was gone about. Some parts were okay such as where he nearly convinced the lady to pay 2 pounds. Others like telling the old man to f off…..not so much.

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