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iSMART Gangavva | My Village Show Comedy

Bro, can you arrange some toddy today? There is no toddy. It’s being stolen… And it has become a great trouble for us We are searching a lot but unable to find it This is a tough time for the ones who sell toddy What happened? Why the gateway hasn’t been cleaned? It has been left without even sweeping the trash The gateway has neither been cleaned nor been watered Isn’t your mother at home? Mom didn’t go anywhere. She is at home itself. Have you ever seen the cow dung anywhere from 4 days? Someone is stealing it. Don’t you see? Don’t you know? You people have 10 cows right? Someone is stealing the cow dung at night If I caught him, I will teach him a lesson… I will… She is going without listening to the total matter No one has respect for a man So much dung… Small cover! Big bag! In this big bag… I’ll take the whole dung, produce gobar gas and… Earn a lot of money. Go! Why you made me sit here? I have meetings. I have to go. Don’t play with me. I’m saying I will file a case in the police station. On whom will you file a case, you thief? Me thief? Me thief? I’m a respected person in the community I’ll file defamation claim on you Where is the proof that I’m the thief? Where did you bring the dung from? It’s mine. How is it yours? It’s our buffaloes’ dung Whose bag is that? I don’t know To catch a thief like you… I placed that type of bags at all the cowsheds As that bag is with you, you are the thief. Beat him! Gangavva! I won’t leave you. Truth is like a fire. No one can stop it And it cannot be hidden from Gangavva Gangavva! My daughter-in-law is scolding me a lot She is saying that I’m stealing all the things in the house She is saying to me to not to stay in her house And to get out of her house What has been stolen in your house? Why is your daughter-in-law is scolding you? 2Kg of coconut oil bottle has been stolen Because of that, she is scolding me a lot Oil bottle? When did you buy it and where you lost it? I bought it at Parushuram’s shop I bought 2 Kg of oil It was there only for 2 days Okay, let’s check your house. Sooravva! Does the bottle which you bought have the sticker or logo of the company? There is nothing like that I brought it in the water bottle Why did you buy the oil which doesn’t have a sticker? It’s loose oil If we use loose oil, our health gets spoiled Even the government has banned it Even if you find the oil it’s waste Leave it Don’t say like that Gangavva The thief has to be caught My family members are blaming me Hey Mr.Goud! The day before yesterday you were saying something to your friend. What was it? Nothing is fine these days Toddy is being stolen in the village No one is thinking about it Everyone is coming to drink but no one is thinking about what is happening I don’t understand what to do No one is thinking about it What to do? Wait! Wait! Why are we beating them? These people are roaming in toddy fields at midnight What work do they have here? (Indistinct voices) If you want to drink toddy, every day buy a pot of it and drink But why did you steal? Beat! This is not the way to beat Everyone wait! Wait! Wait! They are roaming in the toddy fields. What do you know? I’ll know the matter Ask! Ask them! At night… What work do you have here? My stomach was upset so I came to attend nature calls What did I do? Why are you beating? Why did you come here? I came here to meet my girlfriend These people caught me and beating Stop it! His girlfriend comes to meet him in this toddy field… And this man comes to attend nature calls in the toddy fields… (satirically) Hey, beat us. We are the thieves! Hey, man! just wait! Let me solve the issue Why did you bring this? If anyone attacks us, to beat them hard I brought this What about you? I don’t know anything They are simply beating me. At least you help me. He will say like that only Take the sticks and beat us very hard We are the thieves You just stop it. Stop! What happened? Chandu is the thief! He is the one who eats peas with rock salt over it I found the same peas under that tree And the same peas are found here also Leave the other two people and beat Chandu Sister-in-law! Any work with me? Why are you not sitting properly? I have piles problem Why don’t you consult a doctor and take treatment for it? I’ll go tomorrow Okay but I’m very much thirsty. Give me some water. Pure water. Sister-in-law! Are you an outsider? Take it from the pot Some sounds are heard from inside. Go and take a look. When did you buy this coconut oil? This bottle! I bought it 3 days before Why are you lying? Sooravva! In this village who eats half a papad and throws another half? This man! He is the thief! What are you saying? If I call ten people… And bring you to the Panchayat to discuss this matter You lose your respect in the village I plead you. Don’t say this to anyone. Gangavva! This oil doesn’t smell like ours You have taken the loose oil By now 2 to 3 weeks have been completed Other than foul smell will it give fragrance? Take your money from him You innocent woman, go and take the money. Gangavva! I won’t leave you Truth is like a fire. No one can stop it And it cannot be hidden from Gangavva! Hanumakka! It’s been 4 to 5 days… There is no issue in the village regarding anything I’m feeling happy Grandma! Grandma! There are no cooking vessels at home No cooking vessels… Trying to play with me I’ll see there end This scientist idea won’t work here Only I… I can handle this issue Hey! Come! Let’s solve this face to face You scoundrel… Rascal… Idiot… Filthy fellow… Come outside and face me Whatever may happen… I’ll finish it off today You bastard… Whatever things you have taken should be returned by today night Otherwise, I’ll see your end I’m saying this to you very strictly If we send a lady like her to the department, no need for a third-degree… If sent to Kargil, no wars are needed She is destroying the whole globe with her swear words. The idea of scolding worked It’s not easy to handle Gangavva!

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  1. Gangavva……….Okkasari gaa pakistan pradhaanini, aa theevravaadulni tittaradey, nee bhuthulu tattukoleka mana meeda dhadi chesudu manestaru…

  2. నిజం నిప్పు లెక్క ఎవ్వరు ఆపిన ఆగదు ఈ గంగవ్వ దగ్గర దాగదు

  3. No words …..Superb …comedy comes horror I really like to watching this video …all the best guys 👌👌👌👌👌👌🤣

  4. Hii andi nenu meeku oka video topic cheputhanu entante meeru Village PUBG video teesaaru kadha alage "village garena free fire "video kuuda shoot cheyana meeru playstore lo ki velli garena free fire ani search cheyandi 500mb maathame plz ee video shhot cheyandi

  5. వామ్మొ కేక కెకస్యా కేకోభ్యహా 😆👏🙏😅😝🤩😝

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