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ISRO, Spelling Bee ani Limbu Chamcha | Sarang Sathaye | Marathi Stand-Up | #JagatBhari #Bhadipa

What’s up Dadar? Make some noise! Thank you for your ‘encouragement’. That’s what I like. Indians are quite prompt in encouraging. Sometimes you get a forceful patting when you don’t even ask for it. We saw it recently at ISRO, remember? Was anyone watching the moon landing live? I was confused about what made Mr.Sivan teary eyed. Was it because the unfortunate hard landing or was it because of the hard patting he got from the PM? It’s fine if ModiJi does it, he’s our PM after all. He is allowed to forcefully encourage. But what was up with our Pune-Mumbai boys? Seriously, who all saw the Chandryaan landing live. Make some noise. What an important moment for us. I was watching it live as well You could see it on the map. First orbit complete, second orbit complete. My Pune friends were wondering.. Why has a chewing gum company sponsored a space programme ? I was like… oh boy. That’s beyond your orbit Let’s sit over it one day. So all the orbits were over. Then the lander got propelled. Chandryaan entered the final stage. Just when it was 2kms away from the moon suddenly it disappeared from the map. Remember? Everyone skipped an heart beat. By the time it skipped a beat.. Indian boys had updated their Facebook status Don’t worry ISRO, we are still with you #IBeliveInYou That’s sweet but who the f#*K are you? And even if you don’t believe in them, how will it matter? Why are you trying to steal the limelight? We believe in you? You failed at making paper planes at school. They are launching actual rockets in the space. Who are you to tell them? One uncle tweeted. Don’t worry. You will get it next time. It’s not rocket science It’s exactly that. Next morning people are writing letters to ISRO That too on whatsapp. Who does that? Dear ISRO Don’t look at the 2 KMs of failure. Look at 346000 kM of success? WTF? Whom are you telling this? It’s ISRO. They have sent a rover on the moon. I am sure they are aware. It’s not your neighbour who has sent his kid for an egg and spoon race, But the kid dropped the egg right at the finish line. Those little kids in the egg and spoon races never get encouragement We recently had an egg and spoon race for children’s day A little kid dropped his egg right at the end. His mom went ‘ You shat on my dreams on children’s day’ The poor kid was so shattered Indian parents are terribly competitive. Aren’t they? It’s terrible. Has anyone ever watched a ‘Spelling Bee’? Do you guys know what that is? First of all, why make your kids learn such a useless thing? They make you spell difficult words like ‘Miscellaneous ‘ It might not be tough for you, but I am dumb so it’s tough, Period. Basically you hear Shashi Tharoor-level words. Then you compete to spell those words. Back in the day South Indian kids dominated these competitions. But know Chinese kids have jumped in. Our ranks went down. Their parents are worse. Our poor little kids aren’t at fault here. Most of them are South Indian kids They spend half their life remembering how to spell their own name. *Complicated gibberish Sounds* Chinese kids have easy simple names. Xi, Bi, etc Eewww… Etc

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  1. पुढच्या वेळेस होईल it's not rocket science, अरे तेच आहे ते

  2. Here responsible is current Gov. They have created emotional factors to spread in every citizen to feel deshbhakti if not done so then ur deshdrohi 🤣

  3. या भाडीपाच्या चुतिया, तुझ तोंड आणि गांड दोन्ही बंद कर

  4. आणि तुमची तुलना चुकून पण पु.ल शी करू नका. एका एपिसोड मध्ये ऐकलं मी की तुम्ही बोललात की पु ल. नंतर तुम्ही स्टँड up सुरू केलंत वगैरे. तर तुमचा हा चुतीयापा बंद करा लवकर कारण पु ल नि कधी चुतीयापा नाही केला. सो change u r page name from bhadipa to chutiyapa

  5. आज पहिल्यांदा स्वतः पंच बनून आलेला कॉमेडियन पहिला… पारणंच फिटलं डोळ्याचं.

  6. सारंग ह्यांचा पुणेरी accent हरवलाय कुठेतरी. कृपया तो सापडल्यास त्वरित संपर्क साधावा.
    – ISRO 2019

  7. अरे दादा मी तुला कालच बघितले घो मला असला हवा ग बाई मध्ये

  8. सारंग भाऊ तुम्ही दर आठवड्याला एखादा तरी कॉमेडी व्हिडिओ टाकत जा….मन प्रसन्न होते #Fan_request

  9. Great , avadla aplyale marathi madhle stand up , bahuda tari tujhya peksha chan asel ajun koni pan till then this is a benchmark for marathi stand up

  10. Hi Sarang, creativity is getting reduced… Comments from common people, is the major part this play… All the best … I am sure you are gonna come up with a better & greater version …

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  12. तो फुटेज खातो ना
    मग तू स्टँड अप साठी ISRO cha footage नाही घेतला का😂😂😂

  13. Please show some respect for our ISRO chief… It's very easy to taunt, keep in mind that likes of Mr. Kalam sir have preceded that post, so it shows what stature and Calibre Mr. Sivan sir has… There are so many other issues and topics to do stand up comedy…

  14. Isro prynt pohochl nhi tri pratyekachya bhavana astat… Tya lokani vyakta kelya posts mdhna. Pratyek bharatiya sathi khup abhimanachi goshta hoti ti
    Modi na ka mdhe aanla tehi kalala nhi, ky zala tyani path thopatli tr?

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