Laughter is the Best Medicine

It Ends in Laughter! | Highlight!

okay so it's always a self-belief it's always a self attack when you find yourself attacking a person that's always a self attack there's no one out there yes it's a projection and the frustration is also a gift and then it falls away and then you say for a while okay so it'll keep on coming up back up again until you can laugh with it okay because the whole thing the whole thing that is holding up upholding this illusion is that there was a guilty thought and we forgot to laugh so it's going to end in laughter it's going to end and laughter and it's gonna keep on coming up until it ends in laughter that's all and then there won't be any more frustration or anything you probably won't even notice it again and if you do it's just some more laughter so it doesn't matter and then you don't really have a question about it anyway okay as long as you have a question about it you're not laughing than that fun your guidance is coming from within you the person that you perceive is projected from your own mind so you there's no need to put it over onto them you know it you could be moved to go from one teacher to the other from one teacher to the other doesn't matter that's all what needs to occur let's say for for your for your learning let's say that it's not something – it's not something to judge yourself for and when you're feeling as if they've got it wrong and this is anyone this is any one teacher or not anyone if you feel as if they got it wrong remember you are projecting that and you will still be moved to move away and toward different people all the time whether or not you recognize that you're projecting it it's always gonna be for your best interest so I you know I like how you said you seem to believe it protects me because then you can see them as being as having something wrong as having a blind spot or something like that when you can see that then you will you will be moved but you know what it's like any blind spot that you see any thought blank that's the spot that you perceive it's not really there you're not actually seeing them as they are we're not seeing each other as as we are we're just seeing a perception the

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